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Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease

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Excerpts from references for a review
Preprint v.1.1.2  June 8-17, 2021

V.1.0 is archived. June 13 correction: added missing important reference to Chen J-M. Live unattenuated vaccines for controlling viral diseases, including COVID-19; JMV, 2021.

Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease

Leo Goldstein [1]

  • COVID-19 vaccines, used in the US and most of EU, provide acceptable immunity against currently prevalent variants of SARS-COV-2 for up to six months. Evidence suggests that many vaccinated persons younger than 50 are likely to experience vaccine associated enhanced disease (VAED), when they encounter SARS-COV-2 later, in the fall or winter this year.
  • The causes are waning antibody immunity and future spread of variants of concern (VoC), resistant to or even escaping vaccine-induced immunity.
  • These two problems are likely to create a “perfect storm” in the fall of 2021. The time to start preparing for it is now.
  • Children and adolescents are negatively affected by COVID-19 vaccines more than adults, because of stronger effect of the COVID-19 vaccines in them, in cross-reaction with the common cold coronaviruses. Additionally, healthy children and adolescents do not need vaccination against COVID-19.
  • Mass vaccination of children and adolescents must stop.
  • The fight against COVID-19 should shift from mass vaccination with the current anti-spike vaccines, which are already obsolete because of the coronavirus evolution, to proven early antiviral treatments and possibly prophylaxis.

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More Evidence against COVID-19 Vaccination of Kids

2021-06-05: New paper Symptomatic Acute Myocarditis in Seven Adolescents
Following Pfizer-BioNTech COVID- 19 Vaccination is published in Pediatrics.

“This report summarizes case histories of 7 healthy male adolescents 14
to 19 years of age who developed acute myocarditis or myopericarditis within 4 days after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, none of whom met criteria for MIS-C.”

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Explanations and  references for The Forced COVID-19 Vaccination of Children: A Crime in Progress, published in the American Thinker on May 28. The victims are denied information that the anti-spike vaccine lacks benefits for children and adolescents, but is likely to cause antibody-developed enhancement (worsening) of COVID-19 when the victims encounter it in the fall or winter 2021-2022. Other long term effects have never been studied.

Children are not at Risk from COVID-19

Only a small fraction of children and adolescents below age 18 has got severe form of COVID-19, and almost all of them had chronic conditions putting them at risk. Per Characteristics and Disease Severity of US Children and Adolescents Diagnosed With COVID-19 [a1], at least 84% of people below 19, hospitalized with severe COVID-19, had chronic conditions. The total number was 756 (March – October 2020), out of almost two million children and adults of the same age, hospitalized or seen in ER in that period. Continue reading ADE, OAS, MISC-C etc.

Big Tech are State Actors

2021-05-18 update: Biden revoked Trump’s executive order, intended to minimize government protections to the online censorship by Big Tech. Now Big Tech are officially state actors for the purpose of the First Amendment.

Once again: Big Tech are state actors. They became state actors when FCC Net Neutrality regulations (Obamanet) forced Internet users to pay for delivery of Big Tech content and traffic, without giving anyone a choice. Continue reading Big Tech are State Actors

Anti-Spike Vaccines


The politicization and censorship of any negative information or research about the COVID-19 vaccines justifies a review by a lay person. The official narrative is quite far from the reality.

Excluding China, the top vaccines for COVID-19 only target the spike protein of the coronavirus SARS-COV-2. They work by injecting into the human body RNA or DNA, coding for the coronavirus spike protein, slightly modified. This leads to the development of antibodies and memory cell immunity, targeting this protein. Unfortunately, Continue reading Anti-Spike Vaccines

Vaccinating Healthy Young People – Risk without Benefit

2021-06-15 update: Medical researchers agree that there is no reason to vaccinate kids against COVID-19, but they are frightened to go against the faux consensus, and have to word their opinion cautiously.

Vaccinating children against SARS-CoV-2. Hard to justify right now for most children in most countries.

Young people have been largely spared from severe covid-19 so far,  and the value of childhood vaccination against respiratory viruses in general remains an open question for three reasons: the limited benefits of protection in age groups that experience only mild disease; the limited effects on transmission because of the range of antigenic types and waning vaccine induced immunity; and the possibility of unintended consequences related to differences in vaccine induced and infection induced immunity.

Lavine J S, Bjornstad O, Antia R. Vaccinating children against SARS-CoV-2. BMJ, May 13 2021 Continue reading Vaccinating Healthy Young People – Risk without Benefit

Healthcare Communication Relay

This is an unsolicited backup of an article by Doctors for COVID Ethics, published on April 30, 2021, and removed by its host Medium a few days later. This reproduction does not imply endorsement.

COVID Vaccines: Necessity, Efficacy and Safety

Doctors for Covid Ethics [links to their new website]

Abstract: COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers have been exempted from legal liability for vaccine-induced harm. It is therefore in the interests of all those authorising, enforcing and administering COVID-19 vaccinations to understand the evidence regarding the risks and benefits of these vaccines, since liability for harm will fall on them.
In short, the available evidence and science indicate that COVID-19 vaccines are unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe.

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COVID-19 No-Treatment Panel

2021-05-05 update is related to Ivermectin, but goes beyond it. Since the Panel purports to speak on behalf of the National Institutes of Health, even when it expresses a neutral stance toward a medication has a negative meaning.

“We must remind the Panel that in the absence of even a weak recommendation, the vast majority of the nation’s health care providers will be unwilling to prescribe ivermectin despite it being far safer than medicines such as aspirin or acetaminophen.” – from FLCCC Alliance Response to the N.I.H. Guideline Committee Recommendation on Ivermectin use in COVID-19, February 11, 2021. Continue reading COVID-19 No-Treatment Panel

Suggestions to India on COVID-19

COVID-19 is a preventable and easily treatable disease. However, we currently find ourselves in this bizarre situation, where the Western medical establishment became confused about COVID-19 treatment and prevention. The powers that be (including W.H.O., CDC, FDA, NIH COVID-19 Treatment Panel, and the European EMA) aggressively protect their senseless orthodoxy of not preventing or treating COVID-19. It is unclear what came first – the unprecedented establishment of this intolerant monopoly on the medical opinion or adopting absurd views as its orthodoxy. Regardless, all these organizations now share the same opinion, and hold to it without listening to the voices of practicing physicians, new research, and failure of their theories. The key element in this phenomenon is probably consumer-facing Big Tech (mainly Google[1] [2], Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft), but this is off-topic here. Many medical journals fell to corruption and political pressures and published junk science undermining effective and inexpensive COVID-19 treatment[3] [4]. Continue reading Suggestions to India on COVID-19

Hodgkinson and FB group Terminate the Republican Party

2021-04-25 update: Facebook deleted the group “COVID19 VACCINE VICTIMS AND FAMILIES,” having more than 120,000 members. Notably, Democrat Senators and Democrat state Attorneys General pushed Facebook to do that. Thus, Facebook has shown itself to be a state actor. end of the update

2021-04-22 update: The FBI classified this attempt at mass murder and overthrow of the government as a suicide by cop, although there were no cops there. The shooter’s intent to murder multiple Republican Senators and Representatives was obvious. The shooting happened when McCabe was acting FBI Director. end of the update

The Left-Wing Terrorist’s Capitol Hill Coup d’Etat, Spectator, June 2017

The article shows that James T. Hodgkinson’s attempt to murder multiple Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice could have flipped the House to Democrats in 2017, and make Senate split 50:50. Not spelled in the article, but even the 52:48 ratio felt as the Democrat majority because of multiple RINO’s and Flakes. Continue reading Hodgkinson and FB group Terminate the Republican Party