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Evidence of Pelosi Putsch

2021-04-19 update. DC Chief Medical Examiner Francisco J. Diaz has just told to WaPo that officer Brian D. Sicknick had no physical injuries, but suffered two strokes and died of natural causes (“acute brainstem and cerebellar infarcts due to acute basilar artery thrombosis“). Notice that the results of autopsy did not exist on March 2, a month after officer’s body was cremated, according to the official version. They said they were awaiting toxicological results.

Curiously, Francisco J. Diaz was appointed Acting Chief Medical Examiner by radical Mayor Muriel Bowser only on January 28, 2021. He was a Deputy CME before that. His LinkedIn profile was scrubbed recently, so it remains in the search results, but is not available on LinkedIn, even for the members.

Shows Diaz LinkedIn profile in the search results Continue reading Evidence of Pelosi Putsch

Legal Precedents for Big Tech

Primrose v. Western Union Telegraph Co., 154 US 1 – Supreme Court 1894

“in accordance with an opinion of Judge Hare, the most important parts of which were as follows: ‘A railway, telegraph, or other company, charged with a duty which concerns the public interest, cannot screen themselves from liability for negligence; but they may prescribe rules calculated to insure safety; and diminish the loss in the event of accident, and declare that, if these are not observed, the injured party shall be considered as in default, and precluded by the doctrine of contributory negligence. The rule must, however, be such as that reason, which is said to be the life of the law, can approve; or, at the least, such as it need not condemn. By no device can a body corporate avoid liability for fraud, for wilful wrong, or for the gross negligence …’

This precedent fully applies to Google (Search & YoutTube), Facebook, and Twitter.  Microsoft software EULA seems to take into account this ruling – Microsoft accepts liability in some cases and limits it to the price of the software. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. refuse to accept any liability, so they cannot limit it.

Living Document

Google still Misinforms Us about COVID-19 Treatment

2021-04-13 update. Google has a special factcheck tool, which it uses to misinform the public, decision makers, and journalists on all kinds of topics, including the use of  Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin against COVID-19.

India has been successfully using HCQ for treatment and prophylaxis of COVID-19 almost from the beginning. This is why it has so low COVID-19 mortality (124 deaths per Million, 14x lower than the US, despite much higher population density in India). But Google found an obscure website there, which correctly states that W.H.O. did not approve HCQ for COVID-19, then it proceeds to deny its effectiveness. Google flatly denies effectiveness of HCQ and IVM against COVID-19, even admitting that their effectiveness was asserted by doctors. This article is the first result in Google’s “Fact Check Explorer”. Continue reading Google still Misinforms Us about COVID-19 Treatment

Misc 2021

2021-03-26: Donald Trump is going to create his own social media network, despite total lack of experience in this area. It is better to be based on Mastodon, an open standard, and interoperable with GAB.

2021-03-25: I stand by my words on the Dominion Voting. I am disappointed that attorney Sidney Powell spread a false story. At one point, she might have fallen to the poisoning the well tactics, frequently used by the Dem supporters on the Internet with the help from Big Tech. But she should have abandoned it when she found no support for it.

Many examples of poisoning the well are described and debunked by Yaakov Apelbaum. The use of this tactics has broadened in the 2020 elections. Poisoning the well has been deployed to protect Hunter Biden and to misdirect attention from real Antifa associates in the January 6 events.

I described an example of poisoning the well tactics, deployed by climate alarmists, in 2017. Continue reading Misc 2021

Big Tech are State Actors

Once again: Big Tech are state actors. They became state actors when FCC Net Neutrality regulations (Obamanet) forced Internet users to pay for delivery of Big Tech content and traffic, without giving anyone a choice.

After Trump’s FCC passed the Restoring Internet Freedom regulation, which Big Tech fought tooth and nail. Meanwhile California enacted its own bill SB-822, which provides Big Tech with the same level of government privilege and authority that was granted by Obamanet. This bill plainly forbids ISPs from charging Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix any fees for delivering their traffic to users. It is unprecedented for a law to prohibit a carrier from charging huge corporations for delivering their goods, and instead, shift those charges to consumers. Further, the bill prohibits ISPs from only charging each consumer for the goods delivered to that consumer. Instead, ISPs must collect fees from all subscribers and use those fees to pay for the traffic from Big Tech, Big Porn, and Fake News, regardless of whether or not the subscribers want this content. Continue reading Big Tech are State Actors

Google and Twitter services are not First Amendment speech 

Twitter recently filed an arrogant lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, claiming to be a publisher making editorial decisions, as if Twitter’s 70 million US users submitted to Twitter’s policy on all topics discussed on twitter. Before this lawsuit, Twitter had called itself a communication utility or channel. This article does not discuss the legal fallacies and factual errors in the complaint. However, one thing that caught my attention is that Twitter cited the influential case Zhang v. Baidu (Federal District Court for SDNY, 2014), in which the court ruled in favor of Baidu. This decision brings us to a stealthy PR campaign, which Google ran in 2011-2014.  Continue reading Google and Twitter services are not First Amendment speech 

Hodgkinson and FB group Terminate the Republican Party

The Left-Wing Terrorist’s Capitol Hill Coup d’Etat, Spectator, June 2017

The article shows that James T. Hodgkinson’s attempt to murder multiple Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice could have flipped the House to Democrats in 2017, and make Senate split 50:50. Not spelled in the article, but even the 52:48 ratio felt as the Democrat majority because of multiple RINO’s and Flakes. Continue reading Hodgkinson and FB group Terminate the Republican Party

Antifa Tactics at the Capitol on January 6

Former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund testified about “the rioters”:

“These people came specifically with equipment. You’re bringing climbing gear to a demonstration, explosives, chemical spray – you’re coming prepared … The fact that the group attacked our West Front 20 minutes before the event at the Ellipse ended …”

This is at least an hour before Trump fans, listening to the end of his speech, could have arrived. MPD acting chief Robert Contee said “the rioters” used hand signals, radio communication, and chemicals; placed two pipe bombs; and acted in coordination. This is consistent with the tactics of some Antifa groups and other long standing seditious leftist organizations. Read Unmasked by Andy Ngo.

The DC prosecution (including the FBI, the Capitol police, and the Metropolitan Police Department) blame the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys without adequate evidence, and look away from the Dem allies.

DC intimidates witnesses of Jan 6 events

There were only fourteen arrests made inside the Capitol building, on January 6. In the following days, DC authorities started an unprecedented witch-hunt, threatening to arrest hundreds of people. Not only individuals inside of the Capitol building, but people standing outside on the Capitol steps and even on the lawn, have been accused of committing crime (Yahoo News). The unhinged acting DC federal prosecutor, Michael Sherwin, announced that possible charges against members of the public would range from unlawful entry to conspiracy and sedition. Unnecessary to say, that over the last years Democrats encouraged rioting in and around the Capitol building, and their rioters got away with slaps on the wrist. Continue reading DC intimidates witnesses of Jan 6 events

Apple bans of Gab, Parler, and Breitbart make iPhone a defective product

It is bizarre enough when Google, Facebook, and Twitter ban conservative expression. But it is incredible when Apple does the same thing with its products (smartphones and tablets). A service provider, like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, has some latitude in how it provides its services. A product manufacturer however, has no such latitude. It is liable for all defects that impair the product’s function, which used to be unintentional. Third party apps are the main feature of a smartphone. However, Apple uses its App Store to impair iPhone when the consumers want to view conservative information, use social networks that do not discriminate against conservatives (like Parler), and access healthcare information which Apple does not like or which tends to cut into its profits. Even more egregiously, Apple lies to its consumers about these actions. Continue reading Apple bans of Gab, Parler, and Breitbart make iPhone a defective product

Updates on the Democrat Insurrection of Jan 6

2021-04-11 update. More details of the official timeline are published. About 3:45pm, Schumer told somebody: “Tell POTUS to tweet everyone should leave.” Although POTUS does not report to Schumer, Trump tweeted his video 4:17 pm, telling his supporters “… you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. We don’t want anybody hurt. … We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You’re very special. … I know how you feel, but go home, and go home in peace.” (transcript). Twitter deleted this tweet, and blocked Trump from his account! Before that, Trump sent two other tweets, calling to be peaceful:

3:13 pm: I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!

2:38 pm: Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!

In the same time, Twitter made “Hang Mike Pence trending for hours, probably influencing decisions of the VP on that day. Twitter creates trending phrases unilaterally. Continue reading Updates on the Democrat Insurrection of Jan 6

Bolshevik Coups of Jan 6 – from Lenin to Pelosi

The main event of January 6 was a coup attempt by some Democrat party leaders, elements of the Capitol police, and their accomplices in the Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon etc.), in violation of the Constitution, in order to remove President Trump.

The Capital police forcefully broke up the joint session of Congress, when it was hearing evidence of election fraud and other misconduct. Republican and some Democrat members were then detained, until Republicans were ready to drop their objections to the Biden – Harris certification. Capitol police was not protecting the Congress; instead, it was participating in the Dems’ coup, which relied on armed force and trickery. Continue reading Bolshevik Coups of Jan 6 – from Lenin to Pelosi

Selected Tweets Timeline of Jan 6

Look how the Pelosi police walked the Congressional staff on January 6 – with their hands up (per WaPo, Jan 6):

But this article is related to the timeline of the events inside the Capitol building. At 1:11pm President Trump completed his speech at the Ellipse. Music continues to play. The rally attendees listening until the end of the Trump speech (as one would expect from the most hard-core Trump supporters) would start arriving to the Capitol building at 1:50pm.

Continue reading Selected Tweets Timeline of Jan 6

Pelosi Putsch – Capitol Building, Jan 6

On January 6, a joint session of Congress assembled to hear challenges to electors in six contested states, to count the correct electoral votes, and to certify the results of the Presidential election. It seems that Democrats feared that this constitutional procedure would end up certifying the re-election of President Trump. To prevent this, they launched a putsch attempt, intended to force Congress to certify Joe Biden as the next president.

To accomplish this, democrat leaders used the Trump rally, which was being held on the same day. I was at the rally and I saw no one being aggressive or interpreting Trump’s speech as a call to violence. My eyewitness account matches those of many others, who were also present at the rally and state that the attendees were calm and non-violent. Continue reading Pelosi Putsch – Capitol Building, Jan 6

Post Elections View of the Pandemic

There are many effective treatments & prophylaxis for the Wuhan virus disease; some were known from the beginning of the pandemic (HCQ, convalescent plasma), others appeared later (IVM, monoclonal antibodies, Regeneron cocktail, and more). All of them have been rejected by the self-proclaimed C19 Treatment Guidelines Panel, propped-up by Big Tech and MSM. They even went as far as effectively banning the use of any of these prophylaxis and treatments, intimidating hospitals into not using them, and deplatforming practicing doctors, who were using and advocating for such therapies.

Big Tech, MSM and Democrat leaders delayed the approval of the vaccine. By September 2020, Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine had been successfully tested on thousands of volunteers, manufactured in mass quantities, and was ready for wide-spread use. Pfizer was even forced to delay announcing their successful Phase 3 trials, until after the election day. Continue reading Post Elections View of the Pandemic

#TechDemic: Big Tech & Big Dem Worsened COVID-19 to Seize Power

In hindsight, most of the COVID-19 pandemic was man-made, created by Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Apple) and the Democrat Party leadership – making this a TechDemic. They weaponized the Wuhan coronavirus and used it in an attempt to seize power, which is still ongoing. Remember Tom Steyer, a Presidential candidate in the 2020 Democrat primaries, who wanted a nuclear war to remove Trump? He meant what he said. It just proved easier to wage a biological war. Continue reading #TechDemic: Big Tech & Big Dem Worsened COVID-19 to Seize Power