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Epidemic Victims are Normally Treated Separately from Regular Patients

The most common mistake made in the COVID-19 response was treating contagious COVID-19 victims in the same hospitals and hospital areas as non-COVID19 patients. This happened both in Wuhan and in New York City.

Stephen McIntyre tweeted yesterday:

western nations completely ignored procedures that Western doctors use in controlling epidemics in Africa and elsewhere. An interesting and experienced doctor said that their FIRST act is to create field hospital exclusively for epidemic patients, keeping regular hospitals safe Continue reading Epidemic Victims are Normally Treated Separately from Regular Patients

Google Virus Spreads Panic

Google and the fake news media supported by it by cash and undisclosed promotional placement continue spreading panic. Note the words in the first thumb image: Chaos at American Airports. This is what enemy propaganda looks like.

Also note that the link on the very top does not point to any location, but proposes to share the original search, i.e. self-propagates like a virus.

Screenshot of Google Search

Obama Administration Left USA Unprepared

The book Three Seconds Until Midnight by Dr. Steven Hatfill, Robert Coullahan, and Dr. John Walsh, published in November 2019, explains that we must be constantly prepared to pandemics caused by RNA viruses, which might be many times more lethal than COVID-19. It also shows the state of (un-)preparedness, in which the US was in 2014-2017.

The name of Dr. Steven Hatfill might be familiar. He was the victim of Mueller’s investigation methods following the 2001 anthrax letters. Dr. Steven Hatfill was cleared in the court, and received compensation. In the following quotes, the emphasis is added. Continue reading Obama Administration Left USA Unprepared

Google Misinforms US on COVID-19

On January 31, President Trump ordered Suspension and Limitation on Entry of travelers from China to prevent transmission of COVID-19 (2019-nCoV). After that, Google manually fixed search results to direct users to the website of UN World Health Organization (WHO) which opposed traffic restrictions at that time:

WHO advises against the application of any restrictions of international traffic based on the information currently available on this event

Facebook did a similar thing. They announced those manipulations as a fight against misinformation. This is more lethal than Google’s old COVFEFE trick. On the other hand, Big Tech has not incited riots, as they did in response to the travel ban three years earlier.

WHO repeated its objections to travel restrictions on January 30 and maintained them until February 11, when it acknowledged that “[travel] measures may have a public health rationale at the beginning of the containment phase of an outbreak.” Silicon Valley and MSM interfered with US government communication and spread the UN misinformation. Continue reading Google Misinforms US on COVID-19

How Obamanet Created “Masters of the Universe”

2020-03-01: annual wireless data costs ($90B) are added to fixed broadband ($60B), yielding $150B, redistributed by Obamanet in favor of MOTU.

Supporters of Big Tech impunity pulled a quick one on us. They say that as conservatives and libertarians, we are against government interference with private businesses, so we should leave Big Tech alone. This argument is disingenuous. As conservatives and libertarians, we tend to be against laws, regulations, and government policies that interfere with private businesses. But the existing laws, regulations, and policies that restrain, constrain, endanger, and otherwise interfere with private businesses must be enforced on Big Tech just as they are enforced on other businesses. If government tells a small bakery owner that he cannot select customers, the government must tell the same to Google, Facebook, and Twitter, just billions of times stronger.

We also support enforcement of valid contracts (rather than fictitious ones, like social media Terms of Service), and prosecution of corporations for fraud and deceptive advertising. This said, Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Netflix) are not real private corporations, but state actors, illegal monopolies, and illegal agents of foreign governments. Continue reading How Obamanet Created “Masters of the Universe”

Social Media GULAG

The business model of Google, Facebook, and Twitter went from technical service providers to GULAG or concentration camp:

  • They treat the users not as customers, but as inmates. They have almost no customer service. Instead, they have content moderators—the equivalent of prison guards. A moderator / prison guard is the most numerous job in these companies.
  • Respectively, instead of providing services they attempt to prevent us from saying or doing forbidden things.
  • They also try to prevent the inmates from escaping. GFT don’t need walls and guard towers – their products are addictive enough to keep many inmates close. But they also take hostages – a man cannot leave Facebook if his friends are held by it.
  • This said, the walls have been erected. Apple & Google banned Gab from their online stores and keep blocking other escape routes. They went as far as to collectively attack Mastodon – an open source software that allows creating decentralized communities competing with Twitter.
  • Facebook and Twitter make money from content created by their inmates without any compensation, literally slave labor.
  • They don’t talk to us, but research us and experiment on us.

Continue reading Social Media GULAG

Imaginary Social Media Component of Imaginary Russian Meddling

2020-02-10 update: Based on media reports from 2014-2015, the IRA might have been used by the military and/or intelligence of the Russian Federation to develop and tests methods of causing physical events in the US through social media. These tests were successful, but not connected to the 2016 elections. Continue reading Imaginary Social Media Component of Imaginary Russian Meddling

Craigslist Sex Trafficking Business

2020-02-14: the attached report is updated with a suspected live case of attempted child trafficking for sex through craigslist

2020-02-07 update: craigslist failed to label Gigs->Talent and “Therapeutic services” categories (where sex-for-sale and cash-for-sex ads were published) with the standard metadata indicating adult content for web filtering software.

Craigslist, Inc. has been in the business of facilitating child sex abuse, sex trafficking, and illegal prostitution since 2008 or even earlier. In 90% of the US, these crimes were craigslist’s only business from November 2008 to July 2013.

These crimes were craigslist’s main or close second business in the areas where it had other businesses. Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster have been majority owners, directors, and managers of craigslist since its incorporation in 2004. eBay held 28.4% of craigslist equity from 2004 to 2015. Craigslist facilitated child sex abuse, sex trafficking, and illegal prostitution by: Continue reading Craigslist Sex Trafficking Business

Twitter Bans Communication

Twitter made the phrase Kill All Jews Trending in New York on November 2, 2018 – four days before the Congressional elections. The trending topics are created by Twitter itself, not its users. My experience as a software engineer suggests that someone inside Twitter made this a trending topic manually, or tinkered with the software code to make this topic trending in New York, possibly to blame Trump for it. Twitter’s trending topics are not “information provided by another information content provider” for which it might be protected from liability under Section 230 Continue reading Twitter Bans Communication

Notes 2020 Jan

How Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, Primary Sub-source, & Brian Ross knowingly conspired to defraud the Federal Government and criminally defame Sergei Millian, by Monsieur America on December 24, 2019

Can there be a lie more cold, repugnant, and traitorous than that of the intelligence community burning its own CI asset Carter Page to claim him an agent of a hostile foreign power? Continue reading Notes 2020 Jan

Oxford Internet Institute of Junk Science etc.

The UK-based Oxford Internet Institute (OII) claiming to be “dedicated to the social science of the Internet” is actually an ordinary propaganda mill, despite its Oxford brand. Since 2016, it brought its pseudo-scientific research to bear on multiple topics of public debate related to the internet and social media in the US and other countries. 

Oxford Internet Institute produced junk science rejecting actual scientific evidence that Big Tech services harm adolescents’ mental health. This junk science was used in an advertorial published by Facebook in the Telegraph, UK. The Computational Propaganda Project of this “Institute” (ComProp) played a key role in creating the social media component of the Russia Hoax in November 2016.

This post contains supporting material for the article The Russia Hoax Was Aided by NGOs Peddling Junk Science in the American Thinker, December 31, 2019. Continue reading Oxford Internet Institute of Junk Science etc.

Social Media vs Freedom of Speech

Hate speech and misinformation on social media are real issues. However, these issues are caused by the structure and mechanics of the social media platforms, which express the business models and philosophy of companies operating them (Google YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter).

Freedom of speech allows anyone to say anything, but no one is required to listen. Before social media, people usually spoke to specific audiences that had agreed to listen to them. A reporter or radio host spoke to the people who bought the newspaper or tuned in to the radio station. A preacher spoke to people who went to his church or house of worship. Members of a social club chose to speak and listen to each other. People spoke freely in the company of their family, friends, or other important relationships. As an exception, a village idiot could yell on top of his lungs in public, but nobody cared. Continue reading Social Media vs Freedom of Speech

Oxford Internet Institute Lies about Teens Health

In early 2019, the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) produced and published studies, in previously reputable journals, rejecting the association between Big Tech services and a significant decline in adolescents’ mental health: Orben & Przybylski (2019), Orben & Przybylski (2019), Orben, Dienlin, & Przybylski (2019). OII is funded by Big Tech, leftist foundations, and multiple foreign governments.

As stated by Jonathan Haidt and Jean Twenge, these studies share the same defect with an earlier paper by OII. They incorrectly assume a linear association between Big Tech services’ use and the health outcome, when the association is non-linear. Negative health outcomes are associated with heavy or typical Big Tech services use.

Continue reading Oxford Internet Institute Lies about Teens Health

The Comey / Corney Sharade

On Dec 9, the DOJ website published the report from OIG Horowitz, in the form of a PDF file.  On Dec 11, the report has been updated. Former FBI Director James Comey is mentioned more than 164 times in this document. In all but one case, where one sees the name Comey appears, the actual text spells “Corney”. The actual text is what one searches when using the “Find” function in the PDF document, or receives when doing Copy-Paste.  A search for “Corney” returns 163 results while a search for “Comey” returns 0 results. This consistent and intentional misspelling of Comey’s name exists in many files posted on government websites, since at least 2018. There is one misspelling ‘Camey’. Continue reading The Comey / Corney Sharade

Powers of the American Presidency, Lawfare 2016

“The executive Power shall be vested in a

President of the United States of America.”

Article II of the Constitution

Over the last three years, the Democrats – MSM – Lawfare complex have tried to convince us that Lt. Col. Vindman or other Executive branch officers are entitled to adjudicate decisions of President Trump. Of course, they are not. Before the 2016 elections, there were no doubts about it. The quotes below come from Benjamin Wittes, writing in the Lawfare Blog, May-July 2016.  Lawfare is the brain behind the resistance strategy, per sundance. Continue reading Powers of the American Presidency, Lawfare 2016

Not so Deep Roots of “Deep State”

McCarthy, Andrew C. How the Obama Administration has Politicized Justice: Reflections on Politics, Liberty, and the State. (2010)

This very short book shows that Obama administration subverted and politicized the DOJ and the intelligence community from its first days. Obama filled the top ranks of the DOJ with what usually restrained Andrew McCarthy calls al Qaeda Defense Bar, and investigated the CIA, FBI, and DOJ officials who fought the war on terror. The book was released in 2010 based on less than a year of the Obama administration. No doubt, it became worse toward the end. This is what Donald Trump has been facing. (The quotes are from the Kindle edition. Emphasis is added.)

[Eric] Holder reopened an investigation of six-year-old allegations against CIA interrogators – an investigation that had been closed because professional career prosecutors (i.e., not Bush political appointees) had determined that no crimes had been committed. … The CIA officers must endure additional expense and anxiety, while the intelligence community recedes into the ethos of risk aversion that allowed 9/11 to happen. Continue reading Not so Deep Roots of “Deep State”