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Bad Anti-HCQ Studies

(2020, updated in August 2021) Physician reports on hundreds of successfully treated, high-risk patients are not anecdotal evidence, even if they are not published in peer reviewed papers. Treating such reports as scientific evidence is long overdue. When researchers publish on this topic, failure to properly cite these reports is bad scientific conduct. If issues or questions arise, researchers can contact the practicing physicians directly and ask for any additional information needed. Researchers may choose to dismiss these reports and explain their reasons for doing so, but they cannot simply ignore them. Stating that such reports do not exist is scientific fraud. Continue reading Bad Anti-HCQ Studies

The Burden of Proof for Pandemic Treatment

This article was first published in TrialSiteNews behind a paywall.

We hear time and time again that one inexpensive COVID-19 treatment or another should not be used because there is not enough evidence for it. In hindsight, these arguments did not deserve serious consideration. For those who demand “evidence” behind a working treatment for a pandemic disease, no evidence would ever be enough.

Medical practice is like engineering in that both use science. I could make an analogy between the COVID-19 early antiviral treatment and airplanes 100 years ago. Opponents to airplanes would have had many more arguments against them than the opponents of ivermectin today. They would have made a long list of deadly airplane accidents, something that opponents of ivermectin for COVID-19 cannot do. They would have argued that the combustion engine is for cars, not for planes. Continue reading The Burden of Proof for Pandemic Treatment

Fraud and Mistakes in Reviews of IVM and HCQ for C19

Cochrane, once respected organization producing systematic reviews of peer-reviewed medical literature, issued a cherry-picked and biased review of Ivermectin for COVID-19, claiming not enough evidence. It is debunked by C19___ as Outdated very biased cherry-picking retrospective meta analysis …

That reminds the Cochrane’s HCQ review, published on Feb. 12, 2021. It was a similar piece of junk science and scientific fraud. This said, it contains three non-obvious methodological mistakes behind such non-positive reviews of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin treatments for COVID-19, which some people might make unintentionally. Continue reading Fraud and Mistakes in Reviews of IVM and HCQ for C19

Guided Evolution of the Coronavirus

it is the vaccination that is creating the variants(Montagnier 2021)
Virologist Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, 2008

Leo Goldstein, preprint,  v. 2021-06-30


SARS-COV-2 has surprised experts by its fast evolution and ability to evade vaccine-induced immunity while simultaneously increasing its infectivity. The explanation might lie in the extremely unlucky selection of S-protein (the spike) as the vaccine antigen. S-protein has a ridiculously small (~200 amino-acids) immunodominant region RBD, with epitopes mostly attracted to two sites of it. Further, the epitopes of the monomer S-protein from vaccines and trimer S-protein in the real coronavirus slightly differ.

The huge number of infected people and failure to treat patients with effective antivirals are also responsible for the fast the viral evolution. Vaccination with very narrow acting vaccines allows the coronavirus variants to escape vaccine elicited immunity. The use of vaccines and protocols that do not prevent infection and virus shedding contribute to the coronavirus escape from vaccine-elicited immunity. This process is self-accelerating – partially resistant variants infect vaccinated people in larger titers and shed for longer time, with a strong selection toward mutations toward escape from vaccine immunity. Continue reading Guided Evolution of the Coronavirus

Constitutional Violations in C19-vaxx Campaign

The current campaign to mass-vaccinate young people and children against COVID-19 has no scientific or medical justification. It seems to be driven by the arbitrary goal set by Joe Robinette Biden to vaccinate 70% of the adult US population by the 4th of July. The mass-vaccination machine has rolled over the children by inertia.

To achieve their goals, federal government officials lie to doctors and the general population; prevent the use of effective prophylaxis and treatment; silence the opposition through Big Tech bans, deplatforming, and illegal surveillance. In this case, Big Tech companies are state actors, bound by the same constitutional restrictions as the government.

The COVID-19 vaccination of children and young people is sponsored or even fully conducted by the government. Government-sponsored medical procedures can be performed only with the patient’s informed consent. This requirement derives from the Due Process Clause(s) of the Constitution and cannot be bypassed by issuing an EUA or any other document. This was established by the court ruling In re Cincinnati Radiation Litigation, 874 F. Supp. 796 – Dist. Court, SD Ohio 1995 and relied on by higher courts later on. For patients who are minors, parents’ informed consent is required.

The decision mentioned above also states that government officials cannot assert qualified immunity for this kind of human rights violations. They can be sued and charged in an individual capacity. Continue reading Constitutional Violations in C19-vaxx Campaign

Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease

PDF Version
Added missing reference to Chen J-M. Live unattenuated vaccines for controlling viral diseases, including COVID-19; JMV, 2021.

Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease

Leo Goldstein [1]

  • COVID-19 vaccines, used in the US and most of EU, provide acceptable immunity against currently prevalent variants of SARS-COV-2 for up to six months. Evidence suggests that many vaccinated persons younger than 50 are likely to experience vaccine associated enhanced disease (VAED), when they encounter SARS-COV-2 later, in the fall or winter this year.
  • The causes are waning antibody immunity and future spread of variants of concern (VoC), resistant to or even escaping vaccine-induced immunity.
  • These two problems are likely to create a “perfect storm” in the fall of 2021. The time to start preparing for it is now.
  • Children and adolescents are negatively affected by COVID-19 vaccines more than adults, because of stronger effect of the COVID-19 vaccines in them, in cross-reaction with the common cold coronaviruses. Additionally, healthy children and adolescents do not need vaccination against COVID-19.
  • Mass vaccination of children and adolescents must stop.
  • The fight against COVID-19 should shift from mass vaccination with the current anti-spike vaccines, which are already obsolete because of the coronavirus evolution, to proven early antiviral treatments and possibly prophylaxis.

Continue reading Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease

COVID-19 Vaccination of Kids must be Halted

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the CDC discussed safety of the COVID-19 vaccines in children and adolescents in a tele-meeting, and repeatedly recommended to from the age 12. This position contradicts the principle “do not harm,” the available evidence, common sense, and the almost unanimous public opposition, expressed in the comments before the “meeting”.

My June 17-22 comments to ACIP/CDC 

Mass COVID-19 Vaccination of Adolescents and Children must be Halted or Paused Continue reading COVID-19 Vaccination of Kids must be Halted

Some Pharmacies Dropped Quercetin

In response to COVID-19 treatment protocols, using Quercetin, some pharmacy chains stopped carrying Quercetin. Yes, you read it right.

Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Albertsons are among the bad pharmacies that have dropped Quercetin. I have checked them online, and one store of each Walgreens and CVS in person (Tyler, TX).

Kroger, H-E-B, Walmart, and Amazon carry Quercetin as usual. I am looking for information on the Quercetin availability from the readers.

The earlier version of this post mistakenly mentioned Bromhexine, too. Bromhexine was not generally available in the US. Thanks Toby G. for pointing that out.

Somebody needs to start manufacturing or importing Bromhexine.

Originally published on June 24, 2021. Re-checked & updated (CVS physical store) on June 29.

More Evidence against COVID-19 Vaccination of Kids

2021-06-05: New paper Symptomatic Acute Myocarditis in Seven Adolescents
Following Pfizer-BioNTech COVID- 19 Vaccination is published in Pediatrics.

“This report summarizes case histories of 7 healthy male adolescents 14
to 19 years of age who developed acute myocarditis or myopericarditis within 4 days after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, none of whom met criteria for MIS-C.”

Continue reading More Evidence against COVID-19 Vaccination of Kids


Explanations and  references for The Forced COVID-19 Vaccination of Children: A Crime in Progress, published in the American Thinker on May 28. The victims are denied information that the anti-spike vaccine lacks benefits for children and adolescents, but is likely to cause antibody-developed enhancement (worsening) of COVID-19 when the victims encounter it in the fall or winter 2021-2022. Other long term effects have never been studied.

Children are not at Risk from COVID-19

Only a small fraction of children and adolescents below age 18 has got severe form of COVID-19, and almost all of them had chronic conditions putting them at risk. Per Characteristics and Disease Severity of US Children and Adolescents Diagnosed With COVID-19 [a1], at least 84% of people below 19, hospitalized with severe COVID-19, had chronic conditions. The total number was 756 (March – October 2020), out of almost two million children and adults of the same age, hospitalized or seen in ER in that period. Continue reading ADE, OAS, MISC-C etc.

Anti-Spike Vaccines


The politicization and censorship of any negative information or research about the COVID-19 vaccines justifies a review by a lay person. The official narrative is quite far from the reality.

Excluding China, the top vaccines for COVID-19 only target the spike protein of the coronavirus SARS-COV-2. They work by injecting into the human body RNA or DNA, coding for the coronavirus spike protein, slightly modified. This leads to the development of antibodies and memory cell immunity, targeting this protein. Unfortunately, Continue reading Anti-Spike Vaccines