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Honest Search

A new version of the Honest Search is unveiled. It uses the Google Custom Search Engine to deliver results from ~500 sites that I consider important and trustworthy. The query are sent to Google, and Google serves its ads in the results, and the ranking is determined by Google.

You can use all operators supported by Google. Especially, if links to a single domain, such as dominate results, exclude it by adding to your query.

Climate Sanity Search is Unveiled

Using Google or other general search engines to find reliable information on anything related to climate change has become almost impossible because the search results are dominated by alarmist nonsense. I estimate that the alarmist propaganda machine receives tens of billions of dollars annually. Our tax money at work! (As well as our pension savings, tuition payments, utility fees, etc.)

So, I created a modest Climate of Sanity and Freedom Search page to help everyone to find the needle of facts and reason in a haystack of con and nonsensus.

This is a work in progress.  Opinions and suggestions are welcome.