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“we … locked in on this and have to ride it through”

The heading of this post is taken from an email, sent by one Deputy Attorney General to another one in connection with the so-called “ExxonKnew” witch-hunt, but it is the key to understanding how the climate alarmism grew to its current size and power.  Various individuals and organizations took part in some alarmist activities carelessly or under a false impression, then found themselves stuck, and decided to ride it.  Unfortunately, they did not give thought to who was driving and where the ride would take them.  A hint: to a very bad place.  Anybody who still can will be better by getting off immediately, whatever the cost is.  The cost will only grow with time. Continue reading “we … locked in on this and have to ride it through”

Where are Scientists in Climate Alarmism?

A remarkable thing about the Climate Alarmism chorus is almost total absence of scientists in it.  For example, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) could be better described as a Union of Con Scientists.  At a closer look, it is even worse:

The UCS President is a lawyer and former environmental bureaucrat.

The UCS Executive Director is a PhD in “health policy”.

Out of its 18 board members, there are only four former scientists – Richard Garwin, Kurt Gottfried, James McCarthy, and corrupt Mario MolinaContinue reading Where are Scientists in Climate Alarmism?

This Seditious Tax Shelter is after your Freedom

Attorney General Claude E. Walker of the U.S. Virgin Islands has attempted to subpoena the Competitive Enterprise Institute for its work on climate change policy.  The U.S. Virgin Islands is an unincorporated territory, not a state, and has population of about 100,000.  USVI residents and corporations do not pay federal income tax and are exempt from the US custom provisions.  Continue reading This Seditious Tax Shelter is after your Freedom

Noam Chomsky, Jack of All Trades

Noam Chomsky is one of the most frequently cited academics.  But a quick Google search with words noam chomsky climate change paints him as a narrow-minded, intellectually lazy, arrogant, and fanatical charlatan.  This goes a long way to illustrate how academia has embraced and then submitted to the climatist cult.  If Chomsky represents the top academic level, then what is the average? Continue reading Noam Chomsky, Jack of All Trades

What is rising – Sea Level or Waterfront Prices?

Do Democratic Party supporters believe in Climatism themselves? I mean, believe strongly enough to invest their own money based on the so-called “settled science”? An obligatory Climatist belief is that “climate change” will cause a rapid sea level rise and the flooding of low-lying lands, including most beachfront or waterfront properties. Another alarmist claim is an impending increase in hurricanes and storms. Since the majority of owners of waterfront properties are either Democrats or RINOs, if they are true believers they should be selling, and the prices should be falling, sinking well below the prices of similar non-waterfront properties. A house is a valuable investment, but a flooded and storm ravaged one loses all its value. But the real trend is exactly the opposite. Continue reading What is rising – Sea Level or Waterfront Prices?

“Thirteen Agencies, One Vision”

Can you guess whose slogan that might be?  Burundi Council of Ministers — wrong answer. A band of hallucinating patients in a psychiatric hospital — wrong again.

This is the United States Global Change Research Program! Its full slogan: Thirteen Agencies, One Vision: Empower the Nation with Global Change Science.   Among the participating thirteen agencies are the Department of Defense, NASA, NSF, the State Department, the Department of Energy, and the Department of the Interior.

“Thirteen Agencies, One Delusion” would be more accurate.