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Renounce Climate Alarmism!

The main point of the essay Renounce Climate Alarmism! published in WUWT is that the Trump Administration should renounce climate alarmism entirely, rather than fighting each regulation, executive order, and other visible consequences of it.

Academia is in the New Dark Age (

The National Association of Scholars has published my new article, Academia is in the New Dark Age.

It continues polemics, started by an earlier article Academia on the Verge of a New Dark Age.

And it cites articles, published by Naomi Oreskes in 1994-2001, that eviscerated “climate models”, their use by IPCC, and warned about the pressure put on the scientists to endorse those models – just before she yielded to that pressure herself.

Crossroads: Energy & Climate Policy Summit

Just got back from the Crossroads: Energy & Climate Policy Summit , a climate realism conference in Washington, DC, hosted by the Heritage Foundation and co-sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

I was impressed by the number of diplomats from the European countries and the EU!  A delegate from the Embassy of France, sitting next to me, was taking notes continuously.  The world did take notice that the President-elect would not be bullied by the enviros and the UN.

That gives a hope that the Europe will shake off the yoke of climate alarmism.

Joseph McCarthy

Today, the 14th of November, would be the 108th birthday of Joseph McCarthy – a great man, who sacrificed everything he had in a fight against foreign enemies and their domestic agents.  His image and deeds have been maligned to such an extent that even conservatives use the word McCarthyism as a term of abuse.

Many readers might have been taught lies about McCarthy in school.  Here are the facts. Continue reading Joseph McCarthy

Election Results Surprise Totalitarian Demonrats

Up until election day, almost all polls and analytical forecasts predicted that Hillary, a candidate from the incumbent Democratic Party, would win.  Instead, Trump won by a large margin.  Republicans won both House and Senate.

This pattern is frequently observed when a ruling party persecutes opposition.  Fearing repression, supporters of the opposition disproportionately avoid polling or claim to support the ruling party.  They express their opinion only on election day.

Cheers to Charles and David Koch

Some of the wealthiest Americans, those who benefit most from the freedoms and opportunities provided by this country, also side with its worst enemies. They use their wealth to take away our rights and freedoms, violate the Constitution, and try to subject America to foreign rule. Many others are sitting on the fence. Continue reading Cheers to Charles and David Koch

Reflections on Energy & Climate Policy Summit

Today I visited Energy & Climate Policy Summit at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, TX.  The speakers were some of the best minds in the field, including physicists William Happer and Richard Lindzen, a famous environmentalist (and bona fide PhD) Patrick Moore, and historian Rupert Darwall. Continue reading Reflections on Energy & Climate Policy Summit