Alarmists Chant: “Don’t let the deniers…”

What do alarmists not want to let the “deniers” do? Google does a good job indexing the Web and placing the most relevant and referenced results on top. In the spirit of science, I let the data guide me, and ran a Google search for “don’t let the deniers *“. The results were quite interesting, although not entirely surprising.

  • The top results are totally dominated by references to alleged “climate change deniers” on alarmist and/or extreme leftist websites, except for one reference from Joanne Nova.
  • The alarmist mouthpieces barely bother talking to the alleged “deniers,” but direct their rhetoric toward their own readers/watchers/followers. In other words, they just want their sheeple not to listen to the skeptics.

Google counted 4.5 million results for the abovementioned query. All the results on the first page were related to climate change. The top phrase on the first page was “don’t let the deniers tell you …“. The trivial “don’t let the deniers ‘deny‘” was encountered only once, near the bottom of the page.


The second page was similar to the first one, except that it contained two references to some “DNA deniers.”  The phrase “don’t let the climate deniers sleep” provided some variety and comic relief.  Was it sponsored by Big Pharma, trying to increase sales of sleeping pills?  🙁


Next, I performed a more focused search for “don’t let the deniers * you”.  Google counted 5 million results.  All the results on the first page and all but two on the second one were related to climate change.  Here are the top alarmist fears of what the “deniers” could do to their flock: “tell you,” “sway you,” “fool you,” and “urge you to change your heart“.


This looks like a live re-enactment of the Spanish Inquisition, complete with accusations of weather cooking, calls to drown witches (or airline executives), and worries about almighty CONSENSUS.  Historians, rejoice: you have a unique opportunity to interview modern replicas of Torquemada, to see firsthand his ways of thinking, motives, and intents, and to understand the related social dynamics.

The experiment was performed on February 22, 2016 from a large city in Texas, using the Microsoft Edge browser.  I cleaned out the browser’s cache and cookies before each search.

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