Pre-Jan 6 Intelligence

Before January 6, 2021, the USCP intelligence about the possibility of an attack on the Capitol building was negative. The USCP commanders said this in the first days after the event.

The narrative that there was positive intel, but the USCP failed to act upon it, was born and spread later. It suits all parties. It is a common fallacy to find warning signs in hindsight. Hindsight is 20/20. Cherry-picked posts from unidentified accounts on social media platforms are not intelligence.

Now it seems that a small group of USCP insiders, led by Yogananda PITTMAN and Sean GALLAGHER, had secretly created false intel before Jan 6 as breadcrumbs leading to Trump supporters. They also kept it secret from the USCP commanders and the Board, probably to avoid putting them on alert on Jan 6. Continue reading Pre-Jan 6 Intelligence

Google and Microsoft Choke Independent Thought

Google punishes websites for merely hosting conservative and independent third-party authors. Worse, it is believed to penalize websites for linking to content that it does not like.

Google and Microsoft continue choking independent thought on the Internet. The following are screenshots from, showing traffic sources of Substack and

They have the same business model: hosting medium-sized articles of multiple authors, allowing access to free and to some of them for a fee. Substack hosts many conservative and non-conformist authors. purged them a few years ago. The difference in the search traffic (mainly from Google) is enormous: Substack receives <12% of the traffic from the search, while gets more than 57%. Take a look at the red columns in both figures. This percentage would be approximately the same if Google were honest. Continue reading Google and Microsoft Choke Independent Thought

Big Tech Distort Communication Between People

If it feels like the world has gone mad, Big Tech’s distorting communications might be the cause.

Big Tech social media, search, and smartphones have not only replaced newspapers, books, radio, and TV for people under 60 but have also taken over personal communications. We are their captive customers. Internet-based news, including legacy newspapers like the NYT and WaPo, depend entirely on the Big Tech cash and clicks stream. Even TV networks rely on them for their Internet traffic and information. Big Tech refers to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, TikTok, and pre-Musk Twitter here. Even the threat of adverse actions by Big Tech inhibits speech which they do not like:

“I listened in astonishment as he [The Hill’s editor] advised me that it would have been made invisible on Google and Facebook if I maintained my submitted title, ‘What Dr. Fauci Failed to Say’… It was my awakening to the censorship of the tech giants that controlled access to information” (Dr. Scott Atlas, A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America, 2021, Kindle Edition, p. 62). Continue reading Big Tech Distort Communication Between People

NOT Trump but Democrats were interested in violent disruption of J6 joint session

Update on May 11, 2023. Now it is virtually sure that the Democrat side organized the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol, disruption of the joint session, laying the blame on Trump, and purported certification of Joe Biden during the night.

Contrary to Dems-aligned propaganda, the elections’ outcome was unknown before Jan 6. It was the first time in more than a hundred years that neither side acknowledged the victory of the other one before the Counting Joint Session of Congress. This post discusses multiple scenarios in which Democrats would have lost without violence. They might have thought of more.

Their biggest fear likely was that VP Mike Pence would postpone the session. This uncertainty existed until the session started. They decided not to guess but to strike first.

Continue reading NOT Trump but Democrats were interested in violent disruption of J6 joint session

How the Stop the Steal Was Stolen

On November 4, 2020, Kylie Kremer of Women for America First (WFAF) created a Facebook group named Stop the Steal.[1] It became the kernel of the movement protesting the unfolding attempt of the Democrat officials to disenfranchise Trump voters and to install a senile puppet as POTUS. Within less than 24 hours, the group accumulated more than 300 thousand members,[2] with another 2.1 million persons waiting.[3] Amy and Kylie Kremer, a mother and daughter team, leaders of WFAF, were close to President Trump.

Within a week, the movement was hijacked and transferred to some Ali Alexander, then twice-convicted felon[4] and a minor player on the fringes of Republican politics. He quickly turned this movement into an evil parody of Trump supporters and his personal cash cow. WFAF co-existed with him within the movement for some time, but Ali’s events invited trouble and troublemakers. His speeches had violent and racist undertones and allegedly attracted White nationalists, although Ali Alexander is a black man born as Ali Akbar. Continue reading How the Stop the Steal Was Stolen

Big Tech Sabotage and State Action are NOT Speech

Big Tech Platforms are NOT Speakers, Editors, or Owners of their users’ Speech and Relationships. The covert Big Tech manipulation of users’ speech is hard to notice, much less to understand. Thus, it does not have even “sufficient communicative elements to bring the First Amendment into play” (Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397, 404 (1989)). 

NetChoice v Paxton, new brief, draft.pdf  Continue reading Big Tech Sabotage and State Action are NOT Speech

Intelligence Fabrication by Dem Loyalists before Jan 6

Many people on all sides of the political spectrum criticized the Capitol Police Intelligence Department (IICD) for the alleged failure to highlight and share prior information about the alleged right-wing groups’ plans to attack the Capitol.

Trump supporters neither stormed the Capitol nor planned to do so. Intelligence about such plans did not exist, so it could not be highlighted or shared. Continue reading Intelligence Fabrication by Dem Loyalists before Jan 6

500 Suspicious Attackers on Jan6

There were many more suspicious actors on #J6 than previously thought. The spreadsheet alone, from SeditionHunters, lists 532 persons written up for violence, vandalism, or worse (the SeditionHunters’ “suspects”), but not prosecuted.

Out of 532, 484 (almost all) were violent on #J6. 256 are wanted by the FBI, and this includes 216 who are wanted for the assault on a federal officer (AFO), most likely police. Does law enforcement ignore those who assault their officers, turning a blind eye? 54 are wanted by the MPD, including some who are also wanted by the FBI.

Moreover, 78 of them had been identified by the public or by themselves, and their ID sent to the FBI. 71 of them were violent. 45 are on the FBI wanted list, including 36 individuals who attacked police officers.

These numbers do not take into account those who were prosecuted but only received a slap on the wrist.

Given the amount of the information in the SeditionHunters database alone, we can assume that 90%-95% of the individuals who were recorded in it for violence, vandalism, or leading them, but not prosecuted, are suspicious. That yields about 500 suspicious attackers.

These 500 suspicious attackers are not feds. They are far-left militias. Continue reading 500 Suspicious Attackers on Jan6

Anomalies in Behavior and Prosecution of Jan 6 Persons

  • Majority of violent Capitol attackers have not entered the Capitol building. That refutes the official version the attackers attempted to get in and that the Capitol building had been breached from the outside. It was opened from the inside, and most real attackers did not enter.
  • Majority of the “leaders” and inciters have not entered the Capitol building. This suggests that most of them were fake.
  • The main criterion for prosecuting Jan 6 demonstrators was being a member of the Oath Keepers: 91% prosecution rate (29 out of 32).
  • Second most prosecuted conduct was Entering the Capitol: 73%

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Russian Activities in 2016 Elections were anti-Trump

2023-03-12 update: Some attempts to re-write history by linked sites are addressed. YouTube has recently blocked RT videos, which were posted in 2016. Marked “the video is blocked by YouTube now“. The Nation deleted the linked articles, so links to archived versions are added.

2022-09-06 update: In May 2016, RT called TrumpMore Caligula than Augustus … America’s answer to Mussolini, and just like the Italian fascist dictator”. Also, the Obama administration made US dependent on Russia for the nuclear fuel and space flight.

It’s almost funny that the so-called Intelligence Community Assessment (January 6, 2017,  Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections) claimed that the Russian interference had been against Hillary and in favor of Trump, although most of the evidence in it demonstrated the opposite. RT (Russia Today TV) and IRA (Internet Research Agency, a “troll farm” in Saint Petersburg) agitated in favor of Hillary and the policies of the Democratic Party, and against Trump and the policies of the Republican Party. Continue reading Russian Activities in 2016 Elections were anti-Trump

Obamanet and Selection of Big Tech Winners

Today, not only political discourse but also the professional and personal lives of most people younger than 50 depend on the Internet. Yet all of that is controlled by six huge Big Tech corporations: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Twitter.

Violation of the First Amendment

The key to the current state of the Internet is the Obamanet (which its supporters call net neutrality) passed by the FCC in 2010 for the first time. This is likely the most radical infringement, or even denial, of the First Amendment by the federal government in US history. It effectively prohibited freedom of speech and the press on the Internet.

From Obamanet (2010): “Purchasing a higher quality of termination service for one’s own Internet traffic, though, is not speech.” The “termination service” phrase is somewhat ignorant. ISP fees cover all the costs of delivering Internet traffic, not just termination. That pays for the Internet infrastructure build-up, from programming routers to laying fiber cables, and maintenance. Continue reading Obamanet and Selection of Big Tech Winners

Big Tech has Abandoned Section 230 Protection

Section 230 has never been as broad and powerful as Big Tech made us to believe. In 2016, the DC Circuit of Appeals compared Section 230 to a mousehole, in which Congress could not put anything big:

“US Telecom next claims that 47 U.S.C. § 230, enacted as part of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, a portion of the Telecommunications Act, confirms that Congress understood Internet access to be an information service. … however, it is unlikely that Congress would attempt to settle the regulatory status of broadband Internet access services in such an oblique and indirect manner… (Congress… does not, one might say, hide elephants in mouseholes.)” (US Telecom Association v. FCC, 825 F. 3d 674, 703 – Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, 2016;  internal quotation marks omitted)

But Big Tech social media platforms completely abandoned  Section 230 protections in the May 2022 SCOTUS application (NetChoice LLC v. Paxton): “From the moment users access a social media platform, everything they see is subject to editorial discretion by the platform in accordance with the platforms’ unique policies.

Continue reading Big Tech has Abandoned Section 230 Protection

230d Technical

Weakened and defeated parental controls

One example of a parental control software, crippled by Big Tech, is Norton Family. Its limitations include:

“Video Supervision requires a browser extension on Windows and the in-app Norton Browser on iOS and Android. It monitors videos viewed on (but not YouTube videos embedded in other websites or blogs) and on (but only on Windows). It does not work with the YouTube or Hulu apps.

These limitations are caused by the conduct of Google and/or Apple. Continue reading 230d Technical