Google Plunders the Web

2024-04-02: Google has changed its operations since the original publication of this post. Now it does not show (and, possibly, does not steal) pages excluded in robots.txt. It continues stealing the same content when re-published on other sites. In any case, robots.txt does not grant any copyright permissions; it is merely a technical file, as explained below.

Google and other Big Tech companies were mostly honest, value-creating enterprises until around 2008. The main factor behind Big Tech’s wealth, and the collapse of honest journalism and civil society, was Google and Microsoft’s plundering of content from millions of websites with impunity. Here, I am focused on text-based content, like news, commentary, scholarly and scientific works—in other words, the works that contain or create human knowledge. Continue reading Google Plunders the Web

Big Tech Sabotage Disguised as Censorship

Social media platforms’ suppression of conservative/Republican/right-of-left voices is called censorship inaccurately. It is sabotage of communication between their users, much worse than censorship. When authoritarian regimes implement censorship, everyone is aware of it, and the aims of censorship are known. Usually, they include criticism of the ruling regime or its ideology. See, for example, the former USSR’s Criminal Code, Article 190-1, “Disinformation that undermines trust in our institutions,” – thanks, Sen. Mark Warner (D-IN) for the translation. However, the conduct of the top social media and search platforms effectively creates alternative realities for different people. That leads to conflicts. Unapproved speech disappears. The government-directed interventions, recently proven by the Twitter files and in Missouri v. Biden, are not only illegal censorship but extrajudicial punishment of speakers and listeners. Continue reading Big Tech Sabotage Disguised as Censorship

Facebook insider confessions

Venture capitalist Roger McNamee was one of the early investors in Facebook. He is a brainwashed leftist and the Russia hoax believer and promoter. What he wrote in his book Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe, McNamee, 2019 can be accepted as a testimony against the interest. In part, he discloses some of the aid provided by Facebook and Google to Obama campaigns and hints at reciprocate relationships between the Obama administration and Big Tech, which became pervasive entwinement between the government and Big Tech behemoths. Consequently, Big Tech could not accept the Democrats loss in the 2016 elections. Quotes:

Prior to 2008, the tech industry maintained an especially low profile in Washington. All of that changed when Google, led by chairman Eric Schmidt, played a major role in Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, as did Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes. Obama’s win led to a revolving door between Silicon Valley and the executive branch, with Google dominating the flow in both directions. (p. 112) Continue reading Facebook insider confessions

Contradictory Treatment of Social Media Platforms by Courts

Courts treat social media platforms on a case-by-case basis, apparently in accordance with the interests of the Democratic Party. The range is from remote computing service providers unauthorized to even access the content that they store or transmit, to Section 230 interactive computer service providers, not publishers of the content, to publishers of that content protected by the First Amendment. Continue reading Contradictory Treatment of Social Media Platforms by Courts

Published Recently

2024-03-10: The American Thinker published my article Obama-Biden Administration Was Creeping Fascism.

2024-02-06: The American Thinker published my article Uncontrolled migration of infectious diseases.

2024-01-16: The American Thinker published my article Can Elon Musk liberate our internet access?

2023-11-15: The American Thinker published my article The Globalization of US Elections. Continue reading Published Recently

NOT Trump but Democrats were interested in violent disruption of J6 joint session

Update on December 21, 2023. Another document, outlining leftist strategies to overthrow President Trump in 2020 even if he wins the election in landslide: TheCount. Written by Democrat-Socialist operatives, it says:

If it is not possible for the rightfully elected president to be sworn in on January 20, and faced with an alternative of allowing Trump to win an illegitimate victory, Democrats should ensure that the Electoral College count cannot be completed by January 20 so that Nancy Pelosi becomes president.


We can’t treat a Congressional fight over which Electoral College votes to count like a legitimate legal process – it’s a coup and we must act accordingly

This might explain why the Pelosi police opened the Capitol gates and shut down the Joint Session of Congress under the pretext of the breach. I can rest my case here, but then the rest of the article would be wasted, so let’s continue. Continue reading NOT Trump but Democrats were interested in violent disruption of J6 joint session

How NY AG Letitia James contributed to pandemic and censorship

A few days ago, New York Attorney General Letitia James awkwardly admitted: “before this trial [of Trump] even began, the judge ruled in our favor.” This is not surprising, given that she ran for office on the promise to get Trump. She also helped to make New York the epicenter of COVID-19 in the US and played an important role in Internet censorship and sabotage, as exposed in Missouri v. Biden.

The Speech Restriction

Letitia James has been the New York Attorney General since January 2019. On March 19-20, 2020, her office sent letters to the largest domain registrars. Domain names (like ‘’) are an essential component of the internet infrastructure and are necessary to create websites. Anybody can purchase any unowned domain name and use it for as long as they pay annual fees. Continue reading How NY AG Letitia James contributed to pandemic and censorship

GOOG, FB, TWTR, & MSFT are Foreign Agents & Collusive Monopoly

GFTM Act Collusively under control the European Commission
In 2016-2018, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft (“GFTM” / Internet Gatekeepers) signed at least two agreements with the European Commission, committing to censor speech in the US, in a manner prescribed by European Commission, EU governments, and other EU political powers.

2016: the “Hate Speech” Obligations

On May 31, 2016, Google (in respect to YouTube), Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft (“GFTM”) made a commitment to the European Commission, agreeing to censor “illegal hate speech”. Contrary to its title, the document isn’t limited to “hate speech,” or any defined speech, but it is a requirement to accommodate the demands of the European Commission, EU governments, and other political forces. Many of those political forces are wildly anti-American. Further, the document’s reach isn’t limited to the EU, but applies worldwide, based on the theory that the internet is global and needs a global regulation. GFTM consider themselves global corporations, and censor content and content providers in the US, de-facto accepting jurisdiction of Brussels and Berlin in the US. For example, while Hezbollah is designated terrorist organization in the US, it is a recognized party in many EU countries & governments.  Therefore this terrorist organization now has a say on who and what is de-platformed by GFTM in the US. Continue reading GOOG, FB, TWTR, & MSFT are Foreign Agents & Collusive Monopoly

Invisible Hand of Governments – GIFCT, TAT, GNET

This piece follows up on the recent exposure of a web of NGOs pervasively entwined with the US and foreign governments to suppress conservative speech in the US and allied countries.

The hellish triad of the Tech against Terrorism (TAT), the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT), and its “research” arm Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET), need more attention. Although TAT and GIFCT have the word terrorism in their names, they expanded the scope of their targeting to what they call ‘violent extremism‘. The phrase ‘violent extremism’ is a code word for robust conservatism. GNET produces pseudo-scientific texts teaching and justifying crackdowns on conservative speech in violation of the First Amendment and US laws, including anti-trust. Continue reading Invisible Hand of Governments – GIFCT, TAT, GNET