Obama Admin Shared Government Authority with Big Tech

By Assenting to Big Tech TOS with Only Minor Changes

In 2009, the Obama administration assented to Terms of Service of hand-picked social media platforms with only minor changes (not even minor changes with Twitter) and created multiple accounts on them. Consequently, these Platforms – including Google YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – became dominant.

The Obama team used Big Tech standard terms with minimal changes, despite the vast difference of the bargaining power of the federal government and an ordinary user. It also called them “negotiated agreements”, purporting to put the federal government in worse legal position than an ordinary user, protected by the legal theory of contracts of adhesion.

The difference of the “negotiated agreements” from the standard TOS were mostly removal or restriction of indemnity and forum selection clauses. Some agreements restricted platforms’ ability to use the US symbols for self-promotion and to place ads the government content. Almost all other one-sided clauses remained, including the following: Continue reading Obama Admin Shared Government Authority with Big Tech

Google and Microsoft Choke Independent Thought

Google punishes websites for merely hosting conservative authors and independent doctors. Worse, it penalizes websites for linking to content that it does not like.

Google and Microsoft continue choking independent thought on the Internet. The following are screenshots from SimilarWeb.com, showing traffic sources of Substack and Medium.com.

They have the same business model: hosting medium-sized articles of multiple authors, allowing access to free and to some of them for a fee. Substack hosts many conservative and non-conformist authors. Medium.com purged them a few years ago. The difference in the search traffic (mainly from Google) is enormous: Substack receives <12% of the traffic from the search, while Medium.com gets more than 57%. Take a look at the red columns in both figures. This percentage would be approximately the same if Google were honest. Continue reading Google and Microsoft Choke Independent Thought

Zinc in Treatment of Acute Respiratory Virus Infections

Ivermectin plus Zinc treatment should be considered for many respiratory viral infections, from the common cold to RSV and influenza; not only COVID-19.

My new preprint Zinc in Treatment of Acute Respiratory Virus Infections is posted on OSF.IO (DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/NWUEB).

Dr. Zev Zelenko proposed considering even broader use of Zinc Ionopohores + Zinc, including for some of the most dangerous pandemic viruses (video).

Social Media Platforms are Electronic Communication and Remote Computing Providers

Huge social media Platforms claim that they are editors, publishers, or speakers, but the federal government treats them as remote computing providers and/or electronic communication providers  under 18 U.S. Code Chapter 121 – STORED WIRE AND ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS AND TRANSACTIONAL RECORDS ACCESS.

One example of such treatment is that the Platforms are subject to 18 U.S. Code § 2703. Required disclosure of customer communications or records. It is well known that the law enforcement cannot demand customer, journalist, or participant records from a newspaper, parade organizers, or anybody engaged in the business of publishing or speech. Continue reading Social Media Platforms are Electronic Communication and Remote Computing Providers

Democrats Censoring SMS. My Brief in MO v Biden.

Goldstein Amicus Motion Missouri v Biden.pdf, my Amicus Brief in Missouri et al. v. Biden et al., No 23-30445, the 5th Circuit of Appeals.

July 2021 was the peak of the Biden administration’s attempt to censor all information critical of the purported COVID-19 vaccine. That censorship campaign went beyond social media and search platforms. The Democrat administration, together with the Democrat Party (including the Democratic National Committee[1]), censored SMS/text messages sent through wireless carriers. The DNC acknowledged its participation but claimed that the conduct was directed only at text messages sent “in masse”, and falsely denied the connection to the Biden administration.[2]

Such a combination of the ruling party and big government is characteristic of the worst totalitarian regimes, such as the German Nazi Party, the Soviet Communist Party, and the Chinese Communist Party of the Mao period. It is unprecedented in American history. Continue reading Democrats Censoring SMS. My Brief in MO v Biden.

The Deliberate Blinding of the FBI and DHS to Threats From the Left Before J6

OSINT capabilities of the FBI/DHS before J6 were sabotaged, apparently to blind it to the actual threats coming from the left.

  • Before January 6, open intelligence (OSINT) gathering was handled by the compromised Washington Field Office, headed by the notorious D’Antuono.
  • The analysts of the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (“I&A”) were instructed to analyze only explicit threats, usually issued by people without intent to follow up on them, and to ignore more useful types of intelligence, which could have revealed the preparations of the leftist groups.
  • Somebody undermined the law enforcement OSINT by suddenly replacing social media data mining companies and products on January 1, 2021.

Continue reading The Deliberate Blinding of the FBI and DHS to Threats From the Left Before J6

Biden admin already coerced AI companies

This is an example of how Democrat officials coerce tech companies to implement Democrat political agenda.

2023-05-04: Biden administration unveils an AI plan ahead of meeting with tech CEOs (CNN)
2023-07-21: Pressured by Biden, A.I. Companies Agree to Guardrails on New Tools (NY Times). The main thrust is to “protect democracy,” which actually means to protect Democrats. Secondary goals include promoting climate cult and bias studies: Continue reading Biden admin already coerced AI companies

Former Mueller’s Firm WilmerHale Works for China

Robert Mueller’s law firm WilmerHale has been working for China for long time. It has a large office in Bejing, the only WilmerHale office outside of the US and the EU. (https://archive.is/Wgabw, https://archive.is/2v8fG).

WilmerHale lobbied for China and legally represented China, but didn’t register as a foreign agent under FARA. WilmerHale achieved some of the most spectacular trade benefits for China (emphasis added):

With respect to China, our team includes the chief US architect and negotiator of China’s entry into the WTO and one of the leading regulatory lawyers in Beijing (and a member of the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce—People’s Republic of China). 

In advising on trade policy and trade negotiations, we have helped develop or shape key trade initiatives and legislation both in and outside government, including Congress’ landmark grant of Permanent Normal Trade Relations to China; negotiating priorities in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement negotiations; congressional implementation of various US free trade agreements; and trade-related provisions in internet, patent and drug importation legislation. 

(https://www.wilmerhale.com/en/solutions/international-trade-investment-and-market-access) Continue reading Former Mueller’s Firm WilmerHale Works for China

The first impeachment of Trump: Democrats folly or collaboration with Nazis?

The effect of the leak of a distorted version of a Trump phone call with Zelensky prevented Trump and Zelensky from talking to each other, thereby weakening Zelensky’s position vs. the Nazi fringe in Ukraine.

The Vindman–Ciaramella–Atkinson–Misko leak and the following impeachment should also be considered in the context of Ukrainian politics. Continue reading The first impeachment of Trump: Democrats folly or collaboration with Nazis?

Big Tech’s Progression from Anti-Trump Sentiment to War Crimes during the Pandemic and Beyond

Since 2016, Big Tech has defined itself as anti-Trump. Trump is anything but a Nazi sympathizer; therefore, Big Tech chose the Nazi side.

Big Tech has committed, and continues to commit, crimes against humanity, including denying access to lifesaving COVID-19 treatments, enforcing lockdowns and vaccination mandates, and inducing psychiatric disorders in children.

Adding insult to injury, its representatives frequently claim that their censorship and other actions disrupting user communications are largely aimed at preventing Holocaust denial, as they repeatedly say in NetChoice v. Paxton as Texas Attorney General. It is important to recognize that these huge corporations align themselves with the trivialization, denial, and justification of the Holocaust. Continue reading Big Tech’s Progression from Anti-Trump Sentiment to War Crimes during the Pandemic and Beyond

Pre-Jan 6 Intelligence

People on all sides of the political spectrum criticized the Capitol Police Intelligence Department (IICD) for the alleged failure to highlight and share prior information about the alleged right-wing groups’ plans to attack the Capitol.

Trump supporters neither stormed the Capitol nor planned to do so. Intelligence about such plans did not exist, so it could not be highlighted or shared. A couple of internal USCP documents alleging such plans by Trump supporters were nothing more than malicious fabrications. These fabrications played a role in the illogical (to say the least) behavior of the Capitol police on Jan 6 and in falsely framing the events of Jan 6 as an attack by Trump supporters. Continue reading Pre-Jan 6 Intelligence

Nazi War Criminal Kurt Waldheim served as UN Secretary-General, 1972-1981

Waldheim was chosen twice, in 1971 and 1976, both times with the unanimous backing of the UN Security Council’s five permanent members. Both sides of the Cold War were apparently aware of his history. It is likely that each side believed it was only one which knew and wanted to blackmail him, although this is not the prevalent theory. This is hardly surprising that many UN officials are chosen for their flaws rather than their merits. Continue reading Nazi War Criminal Kurt Waldheim served as UN Secretary-General, 1972-1981

Big Tech Distort Communication Between People

If it feels like the world has gone mad, Big Tech’s distorting communications might be the cause.

Big Tech social media, search, and smartphones have not only replaced newspapers, books, radio, and TV for people under 60 but have also taken over personal communications. We are their captive customers. Internet-based news, including legacy newspapers like the NYT and WaPo, depend entirely on the Big Tech cash and clicks stream. Even TV networks rely on them for their Internet traffic and information. Big Tech refers to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, TikTok, and pre-Musk Twitter here. Even the threat of adverse actions by Big Tech inhibits speech which they do not like:

“I listened in astonishment as he [The Hill’s editor] advised me that it would have been made invisible on Google and Facebook if I maintained my submitted title, ‘What Dr. Fauci Failed to Say’… It was my awakening to the censorship of the tech giants that controlled access to information” (Dr. Scott Atlas, A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America, 2021, Kindle Edition, p. 62). Continue reading Big Tech Distort Communication Between People