Early HCQ plus AZ Treatment can End COVID-19 Epidemic

2020-07-10: A long letter HCQ vs C19 is uploaded, then updated on 07-11.

There is a simple way to stop COVID-19 now. Treat patients early with HCQ + AZ. That rapidly decreases the viral load in the patient and the probability of infecting others.

Then R drops below 1 & the epidemic ends. Countries that used CQ/HCQ for malaria – including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and African countries – did not have COVID-19 epidemic. Countries that started using HCQ+AZ at the early stage of the disease, stopped epidemic.  All countries with high mortality rates 

Peer reviewed studies show that Hydroxychloroquine works: “Global HCQ studies. PrEP, PEP, and early treatment studies show high effectiveness, while late treatment shows mixed results.

Originally published on July 6. Updated on July 10.

Published in WUWT

Hydroxychloroquine-based COVID-19 Treatment, A Systematic Review of Clinical Evidence and Expert Opinion from Physicians’ Surveys was published in WUWT on July 7, 2020.

Hypothesis: Restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine Contribute to the COVID-19 Cases Surge was published in WUWT on July 5, 2020.

The main thing about Hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19: HCQ+AZ given early. They are administered together in the early, viral stage of the disease, before the viral load reaches its maximum (around 5 days after onset of symptoms) or even overwhelms the body. Individually, HCQ & AZ have some antiviral activity against Wuhan coronavirus. However, administered together, they have a synergistic effect, and are very strong antiviral. Zinc is for a bonus effect. I think that the synergy created by combining HCQ+AZ is what Dr. Fauci and other knowledgeable doctors missed.

The spike in new cases in Texas after June 15 is very pronounced. Florida and Arizona had a rise in new cases since June 1. I think it is caused by the fear to use HCQ, caused by the FDA. In any case, an early HCQ+AZ (+Zn) treatment is an effective  measure to prevent spread of COVID-19. Continue reading Published in WUWT

Google Removed Key Papers and Videos on Hydroxychloroquine

Google blocked access to An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19) by James M. Todaro, MD, and Gregory J. Rigano, dated by March 13, 2020. This paper was widely credited (blamed by the Fake News Media) for proposing chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment against COVID-19. How can someone rationalize removing information about a possible cure, amid a global pandemic? Are there still humans in charge at Google?

Google’s YouTube also removed the Didier Raoult’s presentation of his HCQ+AZM treatment, published on YouTube on March 16, and embedded in the website of the medical institute which he heads! The video was removed by March 29 with the message “Video unavailable. This video contains content from Canal Plus, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.” It had accumulated more than 1.4 million views before that. The video is restored now. It contains no Canal Plus (a French TV company owned by Vivendi), copyright, logo, name, or anything that can be mistaken for its content. Canal Plus is a French TV company owned by Vivendi. Even if it had any rights in it and submitted a take down notice (both are doubtful), displaying it was fair use. Google took it down in bad faith. It seems there were attempts to remove it since March 23 by other means before the copyright excuse. YouTube removed not only the video, but the text and the link to the presentation GENERAL ASSEMBLY AP-HM CARE AND DIAGNOSIS. Monday March 16, 2020, hosted on the Institute’s website. (This paragraph was added on June 21.)

On March 22, a video about Dr. Zelenko and his HCQ+AZM+Zn treatment for COVID-19 was posted on YouTube. It was removed within a couple of weeks “for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” YouTube removed other videos about Hydroxychloroquine based COVID-19 treatment.

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Peonage Was Abolished. Do Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Know?

Twitter, Google’s YouTube, and Facebook use the uncompensated labor of their users. These platforms sell that labor, as a media product, to other users and advertisers for tens of billions of dollars.

Granted, not every tweet is labor, and not every Facebook or Twitter user is a laborer. But people who contribute using their professional skills or in a work-like manner (for example citizen-journalists or scientists) are indeed laborers. A single post or tweet might express the results of weeks or months of investigative journalism or research.

Twitter started as a communication utility. YouTube marketed itself as a platform for self-expression. Facebook was something of both. However, things started to change as all three companies introduced significant requirements for user-produced content. Slowly, the requirements became stricter and longer, becoming almost product specifications for the content. Only YouTube financially compensates its user-contributors, but considers this a privilege, to be granted or withdrawn at will (“demonetization”).

Labor Must Be Compensated

Since the Democrats lost the civil war 150 years ago, labor must be compensated. The compensation does not have to be financial. Many authors and other creators are happy to write or create for various publications without payment, in exchange for other types of consideration, such as visibility, promotion, and distribution (Tasini v. AOL, 2012). Continue reading Peonage Was Abolished. Do Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Know?

Bad Anti-Hydroxychloroquine Studies

Added on June 27: Mahevas et al., from pre-print to publication to forced disclosure of conflicts of interest.

Physician reports on hundreds of successfully treated, high-risk patients are not anecdotal evidence, even if they are not published in peer reviewed papers. Treating such reports as scientific evidence is long overdue. When researchers publish on this topic, failure to properly cite these reports is bad scientific conduct. If issues or questions arise, researchers can contact the practicing physicians directly and ask for any additional information needed. Researchers may choose to dismiss these reports and explain their reasons for doing so, but they cannot simply ignore them. Stating that such reports do not exist is scientific fraud. Continue reading Bad Anti-Hydroxychloroquine Studies

Trump – Putin Collusion in COVID19

🙂 New evidence of Trump – Putin collusion! Trump and Putin both encouraged the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 treatment and prevention, despite the lack of evidence of its efficacy (not counting in-vitro research, clinical success in France, South Korea, China, and some 3-4 randomized controlled trials). Russia and the “Trump country” states report less than 100 COVID-19 deaths per million population. Russia has embraced hydroxychloroquine-based treatment for COVID-19.  Continue reading Trump – Putin Collusion in COVID19

Twitter is Communication Network

Jack Dorsey, a tweet from April 2009

Twitter succeeds when it’s not talked about so much, blurs into the background, & is used as a utility. Like electricity.

Can an electrical company cut off electricity to a customer whose views it does not share? No, it cannot. Twitter was created and has marketed itself as a telecommunication utility, so it should be treated as one. This is called common carrier in telecommunication. Before 2016, it even acted like one. More quotes (emphasis is mine everywhere):

Twitter’s statement in July 2017, in defense of Obamanet:

Free expression is part of our company DNA. We are the platform that lets users see what’s happening and to see all sides.

Evan Williams, Twitter CEO, 2009, TED Talk:

One of my favorites is what happened a few months ago when there was a gas shortage in Atlanta. Some users figured out that they would Twitter when they found gas — where it was, and how much it cost — and then appended the keyword “#atlgas” which let other people search for that and find gas themselves. And this trend of people using this communication network to help each other out goes far beyond the original idea of just keeping up with family and friends. Continue reading Twitter is Communication Network

COVID-19 Panel Gilead Ties

June 15 update. I used to believe that impact of financial conflicts of interest was exaggerated. Apparently, that has changed over the last decade or two.

Influence of conflicts of interest on public positions in the COVID-19 era, the case of Gilead Sciences, Yanis Roussel, Didier Raoult, New Microbes and New Infections Journal, 2020-06-04:

In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, several treatments are available to treat patients infected with the virus. Some are protected by patents, such as remdesivir, others are not, such as hydroxychloroquine. We wanted to observe the possible correlation between the fact, for an academic doctor in infectious diseases, of having benefited from funding by Gilead Sciences, producer of remdesivir, and the public positions taken by this doctor towards hydroxychloroquine. Our results show a correlation (correlation coefficient = 1) between the amount received from the Gilead Sciences company and public opposition to the use of hydroxychloroquine in France.

Correlation coefficient = 1 means a perfect correlation. It is still open to interpretation: whether cash from Gilead causes a doctor to talk negatively about HCQ, or the negative opinion about HCQ causes the doctor to flock to remdesivir and Gilead. That might be different for different doctors.

April 27

At least 7 (seven) members of the Panel on COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines, including 2 out of 3 Co-Chairs, have not disclosed their financial ties to Gilead Sciences (GILD), the patent owner and manufacturer of remdesivir. Continue reading COVID-19 Panel Gilead Ties

Hydroxychloroquine is Very Effective for COVID19, Doctors Say

On May 22-24, Sermo surveyed more than 4,000 physicians globally, 555 of whom treated COVID-19 patients. The results:

  • Hydroxychloroquine-based treatment remain the first choice of doctors for outpatient treatment globally, with a few exceptions such as the US, UK, Canada.
  • No treatment is the first choice of doctors in the US and UK; HCQ-based treatments are the second choice
  • 35% of doctors using it said that Hydroxychloroquine is Extremely Effective or Very Effective in treating COVID-19 (excluding ‘no opinion’ answer)

Only 14% of US doctors treated outpatients with HCQ, compared with 30% abroad. “AZM or similar” was used by only 26% of US doctors compared with 49% abroad. It was even worse in the UK and Canada. Continue reading Hydroxychloroquine is Very Effective for COVID19, Doctors Say

Boulware et al. Affirms HCQ Efficacy, but Misinterpreted

Another anti-HCQ paper (A Randomized Trial of Hydroxychloroquine as Postexposure Prophylaxis for Covid-19, Boulware et al.) was published in NEJM today at 5 pm. The conclusions of this study should have been:

We gave post-exposure Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis incorrectly, without Zinc and Azithromycin. Despite that, in the blind placebo-controlled part of the clinical trial, Hydroxychloroquine decreased the COVID-19 ratio more than 1.4 times. 

Another part of the trial consisted of physician and physician assistants, who quickly recognized placebo, and were able to take Hydroxychloroquine themselves. Continue reading Boulware et al. Affirms HCQ Efficacy, but Misinterpreted

Preparations to Pandemic Flu, 2006

Inglesby et al., Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza; Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science; 2006

It has been recognized that most actions taken to counter pandemic influenza will have to be undertaken by local governments, given that the epidemic response capacity of the federal government is limited. Continue reading Preparations to Pandemic Flu, 2006

Re Hydroxychloroquine Shortages

A new article in JAMA Network (Vaduganathan et al.) describes a peak in hydroxycholoroquine dispensing by pharmacies in the week of March 15-21, although misinterprets its cause. But its statistics confirms conclusions of my article Distributed Denial of HCQ to COVID-19 Victims, published in WUWT on May 11. That was panic buying by chronic lupus and/or rheumatoid arthritis patients, triggered by the news media and amplified by Google and so-called social media. On March 20, multiple outlets announced  that HCQ buying by COVID-19 patients was causing shortages for its “legitimate users”. There were no shortages at that time. But multiple repetitions of that lie caused lupus and RA patients to buy as much HCQ as they could – and many had unfulfilled prescriptions for 90 days.That led to actual shortages in a few days. Continue reading Re Hydroxychloroquine Shortages

Anti-HCQ Paper in The Lancet Uses Fake Data

Good news: Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis, Harvey A Risch, May 27, 2020,  American Journal of Epidemiology

Five studies, including two controlled clinical trials, have demonstrated significant major outpatient treatment efficacy. Hydroxychloroquine+azithromycin has been used as standard-of-care in more than 300,000 older adults with multicomorbidities, with estimated proportion diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmias attributable to the medications 47/100,000 users … These medications need to be widely available and promoted immediately for physicians to prescribe.

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Possible Role of Cod Liver Oil or Fish Rich Diet in COVID19 Prevention

Cod liver oil has been used as a prevention against acute respiratory tract infections (ARTI) and for symptom relief for rheumatism, for decades if not centuries (1). It is likely useful in the prevention of COVID-19 and/or alleviating its symptoms.

Cod liver oil (CLO) is a natural source of vitamin D, vitamin A, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Continue reading Possible Role of Cod Liver Oil or Fish Rich Diet in COVID19 Prevention

Assault on Hydroxychloroquine

My article Pseudo-Science behind the Assault on Hydroxychloroquine has been published in WUWT. Some points from it:

  • Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)-based treatments are effective for COVID-19, unless started too late.
  • There are a couple of borderline fraudulent pre-prints, trying to cast doubt on that, and they are endlessly cited in the media. Then there are a couple of serious studies, which are misinterpreted not only by the media, but by NIH and FDA as well
  • Severe COVID-19 frequently causes cardiac effects, including heart arrhythmia. This is not a fault of HCQ.
  • Millions of people regularly take drugs causing QTc prolongation, which might increase risk of heart arrhythmia and even cardiac in for COVID-19 patients with other risk factors.

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