Molnupiravir worsens COVID-19, re-analysis shows

My preprint Re-Analysis of Molnupiravir Trials, Phase II/III is published by the TrialSite News. It is paywalled, but a free copy is here Molnupiravir-Trial-2.pdf.

The main observation is that the earlier patients are started on Molnupiravir, the worse their outcomes tend to be. Also, the Molnupiravir arm of the the Part 2 Trial had 33% higher risk of hospitalization or death, compared with the placebo arm. Conclusion: Molnupiravir is not effective for COVID-19. Continue reading Molnupiravir worsens COVID-19, re-analysis shows

Ubiquinone and COVID-19

2021-11-30 update: (Saini 2011, PMCID: PMC3178961) Coenzyme Q10: The essential nutrient: “CoQ10 plays a significant role in boosting the immune system and physical performance…

Ubiquinone (CoQ-10, CoQ10, MytoQ) might have strong prophylactic and/or therapeutic activity against COVID-19. People taking Ubiquinone were found to have 5.7x lower rates of hospitalization with COVID-19 in Israel. The sample was small, though, and the methodology did not allow to check for confounding medications. Continue reading Ubiquinone and COVID-19

Some Spike Mutations of B.1.1.529 were Observed in Molnupiravir Patients

Some spike mutations of the new variant of concern B.1.1.529 were observed in patients receiving Molnupiravir with the frequency >5%: del143, del144, del145, and P681H.

Two of them (del143 and del145) were not in any prior VOC, and the other two were only in Alpha.

Molnupiravir has been authorized in the UK. Some countries started using it without authorizing. Also, significant quantities of Molnupiravir have been manufactured and shipped all over the world. Continue reading Some Spike Mutations of B.1.1.529 were Observed in Molnupiravir Patients

Molnupiravir: mutagenic, carcinogenic, authorized in the UK

Published in TrialSite News on November 6, 2021 (behind paywall). Download PDF: Molnupiravir Mutagenic Carcinogenic TSN.pdf

The UK authorization of Molnupiravir for mild/moderate COVID-191 says a lot about the current COVID-19 derangement syndrome. Molnupiravir’s efficacy is marginal, but its mutagenicity and carcinogenicity are real. The tidbits of information published by the UK’s MHRA include bone marrow toxicity discovered in some early trials, something suggested earlier in an article2 on this site. Thus, Molnupiravir is likely to cause leukemia.

The re-analysis of the data in Merck’s press release from October3, suggests that the announced results show much lower efficacy than claimed, even without questioning the conduct of the trial and reporting. Merck’s failure to publish that data is alarming. Merck also failed to disclose the outcomes from patients who were recruited after the cut-off date for the intermediate review.

The UK authorization also reveals that the population in Merck’s trial was younger and less at risk than the general population. When treated with Molnupiravir, the trial population had worse outcome than the comparable general population not treated with Molnupiravir. Continue reading Molnupiravir: mutagenic, carcinogenic, authorized in the UK

Google Plunders the Web

Google and other Big Tech companies were mostly honest, value-creating enterprises until around 2008. The main factor behind Big Tech’s wealth, and the collapse of honest journalism and civil society, was Google and Microsoft’s plundering of content from millions of websites with impunity. Here, I am focused on text-based content, like news, commentary, scholarly and scientific works—in other words, the works that contain or create human knowledge. Continue reading Google Plunders the Web

“Doctor Google” vs IVM and Licensed Physicians

October 29: added a YouTube screenshot, falsely and harmfully claiming that the FDA is a ‘national health authority‘ (the bottom of the article).

July 24 was celebrated by COVID-19 treating physicians, scientists, and their supporters as Ivermectin Day. For Google, it was another “no cure for COVID-19” day. It returned results denying effectiveness of Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment.

Google markets its search for medical information as a medical advice (simultaneously denying that) on the most frequently searched topics, which include COVID-19. It claims to offer information on symptoms, treatment, prevention, and safety, which is refined by its doctors (rather than received from third parties).

As an additional fee for its medical advice, Google also stores and uses the customer’s (patient’s?) medical searches information. Of course, it also shows ads.

Continue reading “Doctor Google” vs IVM and Licensed Physicians

Big Tech vs Medicine

This article was first published in TrialSiteNews behind a paywall.

The root cause of many of the disastrous responses to this pandemic is the global echo-chamber created and sustained by Big Tech. Big Tech companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple – in that order) systematically endorse false information and harmful governmental decisions, reject effective treatments, and collude among themselves to eliminate any dissenting views.

For example, no matter how many doctors and even politicians become convinced that Ivermectin is effective against COVID-19, Big Tech maintains its anti-Ivermectin position. The narrative that “Ivermectin as a treatment against COVID-19 is disinformation” is ingrained in the brains of Big Tech’s low- and middle rank censors, encoded in its databases and AI, and even in its business relationships. It is highly unlikely that any of Big Tech’s high-level executives would step in to change this narrative. Initiating such a change would almost an admission of guilt, acknowledging that their company imperiled millions of people who would have greatly benefited from the treatment.

Big Tech is much more powerful than Big Pharma. Big Tech is also accustomed to impunity, unlike Big Pharma. During this pandemic, Big Tech has added to its valuation >$3 Trillion (yes, with T), much more than Big Pharma can dream of. Continue reading Big Tech vs Medicine

Google Spies on .gov Sites

It is hard to believe, but most US government and military websites contain Google Analytics, which sends information about every visitor on every page back to Google. Google combines this data with the information it has on that visitor, collected on other websites and in other Google products, and uses it across its products.

This is a grave violation of our Constitutional rights, especially under the Fourth Amendment. This is also another way in which Google is assuming the role of a state actor, one still subject to all Constitutional restrictions on the government powers.

The presence of Google Analytics on a web page can be detected by sources located under google-analytics[.]com. or by presence of the file analytics.js under any Google domain, like doubleclick[.]net. One can determine when Google Analytics calls home by monitoring traffic to Google domains. Other files from Google domains can also serve as beacons. Some government websites also send data to Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, and less-known aggregators.

Google uses this information for many purposes, ad targeting being the most benign of them. For example, one might target audiences that are like the visitors on a certain government website. Some Google insiders have direct access to this information. Continue reading Google Spies on .gov Sites

Build Back Better

What does Build Back Better mean? Something should be destroyed to build it back. Where have I heard it? The Communist International, in Russian, second verse:

Весь Мир насилья мы разрушим
До основанья, а затем
Мы наш, мы новый Мир построим;
Кто был ничем, тот станет всем.
We will destroy this whole violent World
To the ground, and then
We will Build Back Better;
Those who were nothing will become everything.

Well, more accurate translation of the third line is We will build our new World, but the meaning is the same. Notice that they need to destroy the whole World, no less.

Merck Ignores Molnupiravir Cytotoxicity

My article Merck Ignores Molnupiravir’s Cytotoxicity is published in Trial Site News behind paywall. This is a free copy Molnupiravir-Cytotoxic-Merck.PDF.

The fraudulent and malicious marketing of Molnupiravir by Merck explains its campaign against Ivermectin. Its anti-Ivermectin statements should be considered part of its Molnupiravir marketing, and Merck should be held accountable. Continue reading Merck Ignores Molnupiravir Cytotoxicity

Is Molnupiravir a Global Catastrophic Threat?

This article was first published by TrialSiteNews behind a paywall.

Merck’s Molnupiravir (also known as EIDD-2801 and MK-4482) is a mutagenic nucleotide analogue [1]. It introduces errors in the SARS-COV-2 RNA at the time of replication after proofreading, and causes lethal mutagenesis [2]. This threatens to accelerate the evolution of the coronavirus.

Any major variant of the coronavirus represents local optimum (in mutations space), maximizing coronavirus’ fitness. One- or two-point mutations cannot accomplish this. A new variant can only rise through the change of the virus-host-conditions systems, or through larger mutations set. Even a moderate increase in the point mutations frequency causes a big increase in the frequency of multi-point mutations and dangerous recombinations. Such events are too rare to be caught in small trials, but inevitable in large populations, and might lead to catastrophic consequences. The authorization and broad use of Molnupiravir is likely to breed very dangerous SARS-COV-2 variants. Continue reading Is Molnupiravir a Global Catastrophic Threat?

Live Unattenuated/Attenuated Virus Vaccines for COVID-19

2021-10-04, preprint, self-published Cochrane-style

Live Unattenuated/Attenuated Virus Vaccines for COVID-19

Leo Goldstein


Among the many vaccine technologies attempted for COVID-19 vaccines, the oldest technology – live unattenuated virus (LUV) vaccine – has hardly been mentioned. For the purposes of this article, a LUV vaccine refers to the process of administering a small amount of unattenuated virus in conjunction with the anti-viral against it [1]. Continue reading Live Unattenuated/Attenuated Virus Vaccines for COVID-19

Suppression of the Delta-Specific Vaccine

A Delta-specific version of COVID-19 vaccine has been developed months ago. Those who need a booster shot could have received it now. However, the FDA/CDC/NIH blocked its clinical trials and silenced even a discussion of it.

The current Delta strain (or serotype) of SARS-COV-2, now dominant in the US, is a far cry from the original Wuhan strain. All current vaccines target the original Wuhan strain. Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were developed and emergency authorized in 2020. The Delta strain is the result of the coronavirus evolving to evade limited immunity conferred by those vaccines.

The neutralizing effect of the antibodies elicited by the 2020 vaccines is 6-8x lower against the Delta than against the original Wuhan strain 1, 2. The higher replication rates of the Delta strain/serotype decrease vaccine effectiveness even further.

Thus, the original 2020 vaccines were not designed, and are not effective (except for few months as prophylaxis) against the current Delta strain / serotype. All the dangers and harms remain or become worse. Continue reading Suppression of the Delta-Specific Vaccine

Low Risk Natural Immunization against COVID-19

2021-09-21,  preprint, v.2.1, self-published Cochrane-style. Immunization-PVPI-v2.1.pdf 

Low Risk Natural Immunization against COVID-19

Medical Protocol Proposal

Leo Goldstein [1]

This theoretical article, building on the previous Protocol for Self Immunization against COVID-19 (Goldstein, 2021b), proposes cleaning the upper respiratory tract by gargling, mouth rinsing, and nasal irrigation (GMN) with PVP-I or common oral antiseptics as the infection stopping treatment. Such cleaning is intended to stop progression of a COVID-19 infection, after it has reached the minimum level necessary for immunity acquisition, and to constrain it to nasopharynx. GMN is already included in prophylaxis and/or early treatment of COVID-19 (FLCCC, 2021) , (Marik, 2021). The advantage of this proposed protocol is that the infection is interrupted early before symptoms appear. Continue reading Low Risk Natural Immunization against COVID-19

Why was Measles added to the list of quarantinable diseases?

The Demented Puppet has signed a (putative) executive order, adding measles to the list of quarantinable diseases.

The quarantine laws allow all levels of governments to isolate, separate, and restrict movement of sick persons and those who were in their proximity. Except for COVID-19 and pandemic flu, this quarantinable diseases list only included very rare and dangerous infectious diseases such as Cholera, Diphtheria, Infectious Tuberculosis, Plague, Smallpox, Yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers (Ebola and similar), severe acute respiratory syndromes (SARS, MERS). Each disease on the list is either highly lethal or epidemic, and most of them are both. Continue reading Why was Measles added to the list of quarantinable diseases?

FDA Fiction — Fictional Approval of COVID-19 Vaccine

As many have correctly noticed, the FDA has not approved any of the COVID-19 vaccines. All currently used Covid-19 vaccines are still under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). So, the obvious questions are:

  1. Has the FDA approved the BioNTech COMIRNATY vaccine, as alleged?
  2. Why would the FDA approve a vaccine not supplied to the US, instead of approving the equivalent formulation, manufactured and distributed by Pfizer[1], which has been injected in half of the US population, allegedly with enormous success?
  3. Finally, why has the FDA created an artificial legal distinction[2] between batches of the same product, manufactured at different plants?

The FDA Approval Letter in the question is dated by August 23 and is signed by two directors of CBER offices. One of those directors is Marion Gruber, PhD, who has announced her future resignation, due to the CDC’s attempts to force an approval of a COVID-19 vaccine. Continue reading FDA Fiction — Fictional Approval of COVID-19 Vaccine