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2024-07-20: The American Thinker published my article The Hydroxychloroquine Crime about the denial of access to Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and other life-saving drugs for COVID-19 during the pandemic, committed by certain Democrat leaders and supporters to seize power.

2024-06-30: The American Thinker published my article Prosecuting President Trump from the Hague – referring to deranged Jack Smith and Merrick Garland. Continue reading Published Recently

Plus Footnotes for AT article

The Obama-Biden administration and its blue states counterparts used climate cult agenda to attack conservative and libertarian organizations all the time. Typically, they used legal threats against businesses contributing to conservative non-profits that criticized climate alarmism.

In April-May 2016, the Democrat party escalated its onslaught on the conservatives and republicans using this vehicle. Former VP Al Gore and a coalition of Democrat State Attorney Generals attacked conservative thought institutions, using climate cult doctrine as a club. One of them, the Virginia Islands Claude Walker went after the top right of the center thinks tanks. See Continue reading Plus Footnotes for AT article

The Mar-a-Lago Raid and Crooked Archivist Ferriero

The FBI unit sent to raid the Trump’s residence had instructions to shoot under certain circumstances.

The raid was part of a phony investigation, reportedly triggered by the former NARA Director David Ferriero. In his government positions, Ferriero has perpetrated at least two huge crimes that received no media attention.

On behalf of NARA, he signed agreements with select Big Tech companies on those companies’ terms (TOS with minor changes). These agreements allowed those companies to deplatform the US at will, to decide who has access to US government accounts, and what the US can post. Of course, the Fox News-affiliated MySpace was not included. Continue reading The Mar-a-Lago Raid and Crooked Archivist Ferriero

Mark Warner Plagiarized Soviet Penal Code

In 2018, Democrat Congresspersons forced Big Tech (including Facebook, Twitter, and Google) to start suppressing, sabotaging, and censoring conservative and Republican voices on their platforms. They did that by threatening them with adverse or ruining legislation and regulation. The efforts were led by Sen. Mark Warner (D-VI). He lifted the text from the old Soviet Penal Code, Article 190.1, criminalizing criticism of the Soviet institutions (“государственный и общественный строй”), and replaced some words in it:

The original: disinformation that undermines trust in the Soviet state and social institutions

Mark Warner: disinformation that undermines trust in our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets Continue reading Mark Warner Plagiarized Soviet Penal Code

Before Pandemic Struck

This post revisits the story of Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, who was appointed the CDC Director by President Trump in July 2017. Dr. Fitzgerald was perfect for the position, having had experience as a physician, Commissioner of the Department of Public Health of Georgia, and multiple other public service positions. Previous CDC Director Thomas Frieden praised her and wrote that she had “put excellent people in key positions.”  The CDC Director position did not require Senate approval. Democrat Congresspersons, aided and abetted by the hostile media and Big Tech, chased her out by phony accusations of conflicts of interest. If she remained in the position, the Clinton cabal in the HHS would be unable to sabotage President Trump in his response to the COVID-19 epidemic, and it would not become a pandemic. Continue reading Before Pandemic Struck

Google Plunders the Web

2024-04-02: Google has changed its operations since the original publication of this post. Now it does not show (and, possibly, does not steal) pages excluded in robots.txt. It continues stealing the same content when re-published on other sites. In any case, robots.txt does not grant any copyright permissions; it is merely a technical file, as explained below.

Google and other Big Tech companies were mostly honest, value-creating enterprises until around 2008. The main factor behind Big Tech’s wealth, and the collapse of honest journalism and civil society, was Google and Microsoft’s plundering of content from millions of websites with impunity. Here, I am focused on text-based content, like news, commentary, scholarly and scientific works—in other words, the works that contain or create human knowledge. Continue reading Google Plunders the Web

Big Tech Sabotage Disguised as Censorship

Social media platforms’ suppression of conservative/Republican/right-of-left voices is called censorship inaccurately. It is sabotage of communication between their users, much worse than censorship. When authoritarian regimes implement censorship, everyone is aware of it, and the aims of censorship are known. Usually, they include criticism of the ruling regime or its ideology. See, for example, the former USSR’s Criminal Code, Article 190-1, “Disinformation that undermines trust in our institutions,” – thanks, Sen. Mark Warner (D-IN) for the translation. However, the conduct of the top social media and search platforms effectively creates alternative realities for different people. That leads to conflicts. Unapproved speech disappears. The government-directed interventions, recently proven by the Twitter files and in Missouri v. Biden, are not only illegal censorship but extrajudicial punishment of speakers and listeners. Continue reading Big Tech Sabotage Disguised as Censorship

Facebook insider confessions

Venture capitalist Roger McNamee was one of the early investors in Facebook. He is a brainwashed leftist and the Russia hoax believer and promoter. What he wrote in his book Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe, McNamee, 2019 can be accepted as a testimony against the interest. In part, he discloses some of the aid provided by Facebook and Google to Obama campaigns and hints at reciprocate relationships between the Obama administration and Big Tech, which became pervasive entwinement between the government and Big Tech behemoths. Consequently, Big Tech could not accept the Democrats loss in the 2016 elections. Quotes:

Prior to 2008, the tech industry maintained an especially low profile in Washington. All of that changed when Google, led by chairman Eric Schmidt, played a major role in Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, as did Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes. Obama’s win led to a revolving door between Silicon Valley and the executive branch, with Google dominating the flow in both directions. (p. 112) Continue reading Facebook insider confessions

Inconsistent Treatment of Social Media Platforms by Courts

Courts treat social media platforms on a case-by-case basis, apparently in accordance with the interests of the Democratic Party. The range is from remote computing service providers unauthorized to even access the content that they store or transmit, to Section 230 interactive computer service providers, not publishers of the content, to publishers of that content protected by the First Amendment. Continue reading Inconsistent Treatment of Social Media Platforms by Courts