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20232-03-09: The American Thinker published my article The Sneaky Way Big Tech Abuses Children, connecting this abuse to the Big Tech violation of Section 230(d). Supporting materials: 230d Technical Appendix. Big Tech Platforms ignoring and defeating 230d.pdf

2023-02-21:  posted on Substack: #Obamanet and Obama’s Selection of Big Tech Winners; then moved here

2023-02-17:  On Substack: “How to blow a pipeline” movie debuted about two weeks before the Nord Stream explosions (short)

2023-02-13:  My debut on Substack: USA is not involved in the Nord Stream sabotage

2022-09-15: The American Thinker published my article Who was Behind the January 6 Events?

2022-06-10: The American Thinker published my article When SCOTUS Sided with Big Tech.

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Brief in Trump v. Twitter, arguing that the later is a state actor, with examples

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