The Hidden Danger of Omicron Vaccines (TSN)

The following is a copy of The Hidden Danger of Omicron Vaccines, first published by the TrialSiteNews on 08/31/2022. It needs an amplification: the FDA has authorized the novel bivalent (Wuhan + Omicron BA.5) vaccine booster WITHOUT CLINICAL TRIALS. Nevertheless, this out of the focus of this article.

We are facing another man-made catastrophic threat related to COVID-19. It is the vaccines against Omicron variant.

Today, the FDA has authorized bivalent booster shots, targeting Omicron and the wild type virus, from Moderna and BioNTech-Pfizer.1 UK conditionally authorized this vaccine a few weeks ago.

Moderna2 and BioNTech-Pfizer have developed and manufactured bivalent vaccines, containing the unchanged modRNA of the spike protein from the wild type and modRNA of the spike from Omicron subvariants. Moderna and BioNTech-Pfizer have also applied for EUAs from EMA.3 4

It is feared that the US, UK, and EU governments will make a hard push for near everyone to receive this shot.

AstraZeneca also intends to produce and to license for production in other countries a similar bivalent viral vector vaccine, based on the same spike RNA.

The Problems
A Vaccine against a vaccine

The Omicron variant is a vaccine in itself – a live naturally attenuated vaccine, as was noticed by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche in December 2021.5  This has been confirmed by a variety of people including Bill Gates6 and Senator Rand Paul, MD.7 Thus, this new concoction against Omicron is effectively an anti-vaccine.

Spike vaccines cause variants

COVID-19 vaccines cause variants . For example, Omicron replaced Delta largely due to Omicron’s  advantage in recently vaccinated persons.8

COVID-19 vaccines are different from other vaccines. Practically all COVID-19 vaccines use the spike protein as the only antigen. The spike is just one of 29 proteins of SARS-COV-2, and most of the immune response is elicited to epitopes within its RBD, which is ~200 codons long, out of ~10,000 codons in its full genome. This is also the fastest mutating sequence. The corresponding protein part has a complex 3D shape, and the epitopes on it depend on each other and on the amino acids outside of the epitopes. There are single-point mutations that break more than 90% of antibodies to the spike protein.9

Unlike spike-based vaccines, natural infection exposes the body to all antigens presented by the SARS-COV-2 during the whole replication cycle. First of all, there are other epitope rich structural proteins – membrane (M) and nucleocapsid (N). Also, most epitopes recognized by IgG and IgM are in non-structural proteins.10 N and ORF8 are especially important targets of antibodies.11  M, N, ORF8, ORF3a, and at least half a dozen other non-structural proteins have important epitopes targeted by T-cells.12 Escaping natural immunity would require a very rare multi-point mutation, changing most of these epitopes without breaking or disabling the protein. Escaping the narrow immune response to the spike is easy and has been already observed with SARS-COV-2 many times.

Further, natural immune response varies by person. If a virus mutated to evade the immune response of one person, that would not help the virus against the different immune reactions of other people. This effect is mostly absent in the spike-elicited immunity, which targets mostly epitopes within RBD, which overlap and interact with each other.

New variants will therefore easily escape the vaccine-elicited immune response targeting the Omicron spike. These new variants may be very dangerous

As a result of spike mutations, the SARS-COV-2 has frequently adapted to enter other types of cells. Therefore, introducing a vaccine Omicron spike is likely to lead to variants attacking new cell types. This is effectively a gain of function experiment on a global scale!

There is no reason to believe that the new variant will not be a monster, combining the enormous transmissibility of Omicron with high virulence.

Live vaccines are better

The mRNA and viral vector vaccine technologies were selected for the development of SARS-COV-2 vaccines, in an emergency, because they offer a shorter development time and faster manufacturing, not because they have any clinical advantage over more traditional vaccines. mRNA vaccines had never been used before COVID-19 and viral vector vaccines were used only on animals. There is no reason to stick with these technologies after the emergency.

Live attenuated virus vaccines are the mainstay of vaccination, with the incomparable record of long-term effectiveness. They provide immune responses in a manner best imitating natural infection, but without the dangers of an actual infection. Live attenuated vaccines led to the eradication of smallpox, and are used against MMR (measles, mumps & rubella),  flu (most shots), chickenpox , shingles etc.13 Omicron, including the currently dominant 5.x subvariants, is a naturally attenuated strain of SARS-COV-2. A live attenuated vaccine would provide the next-best immunity to natural infection

mRNA vaccines, including Omicron-based ones, might be needed for people over 75+, those who are immunocompromised or have certain rare conditions – after the adequate trials.

Missing or negative trial results

Adequate trials have not been conducted for the anti-Omicron or the bivalent vaccines. The results of whatever trials that have been conducted have not been published and the subjects could only have been observed a very short time. Non-clinical trials of the anti-Omicron vaccine have shown some unexpected negative results. Here, is just one such reference to Marty Makary, MD,14 who is a not a vaccine skeptic, but rather an  establishment voice.

The original mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were authorized almost two years ago and used on hundreds of millions of people. They have multiple serious side effects that had not been found or reported in the EUA applications. Further, investigations in those side effects are hampered.15 The promise that a second generation of this technology would fix many shortcomings of the first generation was not fulfilled – the new bivalent vaccine still uses first-generation technology, with all its issues.

The Current state of SARS-COV-2 is not problematic

Most people in the US and in the world have already had COVID-19, and most of them had Omicron. The current trajectory of COVID-19 gives us hope that SARS-COV-2 Omicron is becoming another mild endemic human coronavirus (HCoV), like the four HCoVs we already have.16 We acquire immunity to HCoVs in childhood by getting sick. This immunity wanes over years, allowing reinfection, but remains sufficient to prevent serious disease. Reinfection restores the immunity, and so on.

There is no need for more gain-of-function experiments performed on the entire human race.


The broad use of these anti-Omicron vaccines should be prevented because it is a global threat.

The current COVID-19 situation suggests stopping and rethinking mass vaccination and boosting, considering that:

  • the dominant Omicron variant is mild
  • most people have already had COVID-19, especially Omicron, and quite recently
  • the wild-type vaccines exhibit low effectiveness against Omicron17
  • there has been significant damage caused by the existing vaccines

Pharma and authorizing bodies might consider developing live attenuated vaccines, based on Omicron.

No Competing Interests

The author declares no competing interest. No funding was provided for this work.

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