An interesting phenomenon has unfolded in front of our eyes. What was initially global warming alarmism, has become a fully developed climate cult. For some time, I have been observing with astonishment how this pseudo-scientific fraud has been suppressing any criticism or even dissent.

Using common sense and basic business skills (such as source checking), I tried to find a scientific basis for the global warming/climate change alarm, and found the opposite. Each time, while checking allegedly scientific sources for an alarmist claim, I found something completely different. Either the source didn’t support this claim, or it supported was based on another alarmist assumption, or the “source” was just a propaganda piece. Trustworthy (and even biased) research results flatly contradicted the alarmist’s claims.  Some of the most prominent world scientists researched the topic and rejected the alarmist’s claims.  For example, Freeman Dyson took part in climate research since 1970’s.  On the opposite side, almost all alarmist “scientists” had no achievements or distinctions, and rode climate change alarmism to jump start their careers.

Obama administration made the climate cult a state religion. I started this site because I could no longer observe this passively.  It got worse since then.  As of 01/21/2016, Obama administration has openly sided with foreign governments, non-government and supranational actors in attempts to destroy American energy industry.  The current focus of administration’s actions is on the coal, but oil, gas and nuclear power generation are also under attack.  Pipelines and electricity grid are also threatened. These actions constitute levying War against the United States, as defined in Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution.

I am a gentleman scientist, writing from Texas, but I was born and raised in the Soviet Union. I witnessed imposing communist ideology and the suppression of independent speech and thought. Later, I learned that such imposition and suppression were not limited to ideology. Pseudo-sciences were promoted because they were better match for the communist ideology, even at the expense of enormous damage to the economics (and to the interests of the government, military, and communist party). The best known example was the Lysenko theory, which was approved because it better matched Darwin’s natural selection theory than Mendel–Weismann–Morgan genetics. (By that time, the latter was already accepted in the West and became the foundation of modern biology and evolutionary synthesis.  Evolution was discovered by Lamarck in 1802, before Darwin was born.) Those who publicly disagreed with his theories, Lysenko persecuted. Lysenko’s theory dominated the agricultural sciences for about 30 years, contributing to hunger, misery, and death. This happened despite repeated failures of Lysenko to deliver, with which one could easily refute his theory. (All one needed was a pair of Drosophila fruit flies and a test tube. The results of the experiment could be observed after a week.) Nevertheless, Lysenko was exposed and overthrown only in the 1960s after interference by respected physicists.

I am also accustomed to leftists imposing their ideology as “science.” The communist doctrine was nothing less than “Scientific Communism,” and was mandatory study for all students. To this day, I can quote from memory the names of the five founders of such obscure 19th century Marxist group as Emancipation of Labour (Освобождение труда). Of course, there was “scientific consensus” on Marxism! It was shared by the Soviet Academy of Sciences and Academies of many other countries.

Maybe this background will allow me to contribute to the resistance against the climate cult.

Climate change science is extremely complex, deep, broad, and difficult. (Maybe this is why so many have been deceived by so few so much). Yet, a lot of scientific facts are not in dispute, and they weigh heavily against alarmists, as does their behavior and their credentials (or lack of them).  I attempt to write this website in a scientific style: provide references to all facts and statements, which might be controversial or difficult to verify; not make conclusions that are not supported by facts; avoid making judgements. Please let me know if I fail. Finally, this site aims to be non-political and non-partisan, as much as possible.

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Leo Goldstein (aka “Ari Halperin”)