I am an American citizen living in Texas, but I was born in the former Soviet Union and witnessed the results of the imposition of Communist (now known as Democrat-Socialist) ideology.

I’ve lived in this country since 1999. After 2008, the United States saw a significant intellectual and scientific decline. This has been coupled with the subtle erosion of fundamental freedoms that have not been taken for granted for over two centuries.

I launched this website in 2015 to leverage my mathematical and computer science expertise to contribute to public discourse. I have a Master of Science in Mathematics and more than 20 years of technical and business experience in the software/internet sector. I am a successful business founder who used to live in California and has extensive knowledge of cybersecurity.

With the goal of remaining non-partisan and non-political, I planned to conduct extensive research, apply the scientific process, and publish my results honestly. In recent years, achieving these aims has become increasingly difficult. Silicon Valley’s beneficiaries of Obama’s redistribution programs have steadily stifled any opposition to the totalitarian ideology on most public discourse matters, including science and technology. Silicon Valley billionaires and kleptocrats provide financial and promotional support to left-wing media outlets. They do not accept dissent.

I’m doing everything in my power to keep the light of truth bright and positive.

Leo Goldstein
Tyler, Texas
Contact me at contact@defyccc.com