I have M.Sc. in Mathematics and more than 20 years of technical and managerial experience in the software/internet industry. I am a successful startup founder. Much of my experience is related to cyber-security. My first language is Russian. I am an American citizen living in Texas, but I was born in the former Soviet Union and observed consequences of the imposition of the Communist (now called Democrat-Socialist) ideology. Unfortunately, what I see in this country today is very similar to what was happening in the Soviet Union.

This website started with the goal of using scientific and technological knowledge, applying the scientific method, being non-partisan and non-political — in this order. 

Since 2008, the US has undergone a rapid intellectual degeneration. This descent has been especially pronounced in science, and it has coincided with the erosion of the basic freedoms that have existed here for more than two hundred years, like freedom of speech, religion, the press, and association.

The assertion that the society is in an scientific/intellectual decline seems to be in stark contrast to the perception of the rapid scientific and technological advances, associated with the “big tech” stock bubble and advances in gadgets, artificial intelligence, and a few other areas of science and technology. This phenomenon needs more thinking, but apparently:

  1. these advances are made by a relatively small number of researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs (some of them abroad); these advances don’t lead to a demand for skilled technicians, knowledgeable retail salespersons, and factory workers (“machinists”) as it used to be in the 20th century; possibly it’s the other way around.
  2. intellectual rigor and the empirical method–practiced by successful entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, doctors, etc.–are crowded out from the scientific community by a huge number of credentialed pseudo-elites, occupying commanding positions in academia, media, government, and what used to be civil society.

In some respects, American society has been thrown back as far as the Middle Ages. The Obama administration elevated fringe beliefs into powerful agendas or cults and established them as the equivalent of a state religion. My focus is on three subjects:

  • Response to COVID-19 epidemic
  • Pseudo-Science of Climate Alarmism
  • False Incidents Attribution in Cyber Security
  • “The Masters of the Universe” and Obamanet

I started this site in 2015 after observing with astonishment how climate alarmism became a cult and how Democratic administrations suppressed dissent against it at both the federal and state levels. Trustworthy research results flatly contradicted the alarmists’ claims. Some of the most prominent world scientists researched the topic and rejected these claims. For example, Freeman Dyson, a top physicist, took part in climate research in the 70’s, and he concluded there was no cause for concern.  On the contrary, almost all alarmist “scientists” had no achievements or distinctions, and they rode climate alarmism all the way to the top.

The pseudo-science of false cyber-incidents attribution to state actors is relatively young. An upstart CrowdStrike, offered to do the impossible –  to attribute sophisticated network intrusions to specific actors. In February 2012, CrowdStrike announced a huge initial investment round of $26M, led by Warburg Pincus. In April, the mystery of the huge initial investment into a startup without a product or even proprietary technology was solved — CrowdStrike announced hiring FBI Executive Assistant Director Shawn Henry as the President of CrowdStrike Services! In February 2013, when CrowdStrike already had something resembling a product, FBI Director Robert Mueller included investigation and attribution of cyber intrusion in the role of the FBI.

In 2016, CrowdStrike aided the DNC effort to blame the Russian Federation for the leaks of its dirty internal documents. With the help of intelligence charlatan Christopher Steele, dozens of top Obama security, intelligence, and DOJ officials, and embedded MSM, the DNC turned it into to the infamous Trump – Russia collusion conspiracy theory. As a side effect, the false attribution methodology became another ideological topic, closed to debate.

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Leo Goldstein
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