Pre-Jan 6 Intelligence

People on all sides of the political spectrum criticized the Capitol Police Intelligence Department (IICD) for the alleged failure to highlight and share prior information about the alleged right-wing groups’ plans to attack the Capitol.

Trump supporters neither stormed the Capitol nor planned to do so. Intelligence about such plans did not exist, so it could not be highlighted or shared. A couple of internal USCP documents alleging such plans by Trump supporters were nothing more than malicious fabrications. These fabrications played a role in the illogical (to say the least) behavior of the Capitol police on Jan 6 and in falsely framing the events of Jan 6 as an attack by Trump supporters.

Before January 6, 2021, the USCP intelligence about the possibility of an attack on the Capitol building was negative. The USCP commanders said this in the first days after the event. The narrative that there was positive intel, but the USCP failed to act upon it, was born and spread later. It is a common fallacy to find warning signs in hindsight. Hindsight is 20/20. Cherry-picked posts from unidentified accounts on social media platforms are not intelligence.

Now it seems that a small group of USCP insiders, led by Yogananda PITTMAN and Sean GALLAGHER, had secretly created false intel before Jan 6 as breadcrumbs leading to Trump supporters. They also kept it secret from the USCP commanders and the Board, probably to avoid putting them on alert on Jan 6.

The USCP’s intel about the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol building was negative because the USCP and the FBI watched only Trump supporters. Trump supporters neither planned nor committed that attack. The Jan 6 Capitol attack was planned and executed by Dems-supporting militias, whom neither USCP nor FBI watched.

The January 5 email from GALLAGHER to FADO and the January 3 Assessment are not warnings, but partisan insinuations intended to link Trump to the Jan 6 Demsurrection falsely. Dems’ militias had active sympathizers in the USCP.

For remarks on the GALLAGHER letter of January 5, read  J6-Intelligence-Letter.pdf (updated on 04/16/2023)

The Special Event Assessment of January 3, 2021 was profoundly partisan and looked like a Democratic party rather than a USCP assessment. This assessment (at least, the paragraph, supposedly warning that violence  would be directed at the Capitol building) was written by Julie FARNAM, just hired Assistant Director of IICD. She might have re-written it upon a request from Sean GALLAGHER. Even more unusual, this Assessment was not distributed, possibly outside of a narrow circle of… accomplices?

Read J6-prior-SEA.pdf

This partisan assessment explains why Dems wanted to disrupt the Joint Session of the Congress on Jan 6: “In the absence of a majority, the House selects the President, and the Senate selects the Vice President”. This interpretation of the law is wrong – but it comes from Dem partisans.

Another important report 21-TD-159 was neither distributed nor used in preparation of other documents, according to a senior USCP officer whistleblower. This duo even created a new numbering systemto track internal documents for their command unbeknownst to other commanders.

The last document about GALLAGHER-FARNAM fabrications that led the USCP to attack peaceful MAGA protesters in response to the attack by leftist militia and allowed the fifth column inside of the Capitol to disrupt the Joint Session of Congress and to open the Capitol gates to the attackers  is J6-intel-fake-gallagher-farnam2.pdf

Kimberly SCHNEIDER, DPD commander on Jan 6

(added on May 30, 2023)
DPD stands for the Dignitary Protection Division of the Capitol Police

Kimberly SCHNEIDER is one of the very few recipients of the alternative intelligence before Jan 6. She was cc’ed on the GALLAGHER email of 01/05 to Schumer’s aide FADO and was briefed on the GALLAGHER-FARNAM Assessment of 01/03.

Kim SCHNEIDER made a career in the PR department of the Capitol Police (here, she was in 2006). She raised to the top, becoming Spokeswoman, and remained in that position through 2015. Then she disappeared from public view. On January 6, 2021, she was the Dignitary Protection Division commander. Thus, she was responsible for disrupting the sessions[1] of the House and Senate and removing VP Mike Pence ~ 2:20 pm. This decision was as inexplicable as opening the Capitol gates a few minutes earlier.

There was no justification for this decision. The Senate chamber was easily defensible, and the Senators were safer continuing the session inside than evacuating through the halls with the mob.

There was no justification for the order (to shoot on sight?), which led to the killing of Ashli Babbitt 25 minutes later. Ms. SCHNEIDER is likely responsible for that order.

Before becoming the DPD commander, Ms. SCHNEIDER was a Deputy Chief, reporting to Yogananda PITTMAN. A PR background does not qualify a person to hold any of these positions. Curiously, Sean GALLAGHER was appointed to the position vacated by her.

These Byzantine appointments happened when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. They make it evident that the security of the Capitol and Congress was not among Pelosi’s purposes.

Full Documents, ordered

(1)  J6-Intelligence-Letter.pdf

(2) J6-prior-SEA.pdf

(3) J6-intel-fake-gallagher-farnam2.pdf


[1] The interview of Sean GALLAGHER

Originally published on 2023-03-20. Updated on 03-21, 03-22, 04-03, 04-06 , 04-16 (enclosed PDFs), 05/30. Merged with Intelligence Fabrication by Dem Loyalists before Jan 6 on 06-23.

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