DNC is Involved in Possible Treason

(2019-01-24 update) Silicon Valley oligarchs might be not aware of specifics of the dirty social media operations they fund and organize (New Knowledge, fake Russian bots, fake conservatives etc.), but the general intent is undeniable. The same radical Netroots Nation conference,  funded by Facebook, Google, and radical “usual suspects,” also taught progressives trolling. From the panel’s description:


TROLLING. The panel will discuss trolling as a tactic to educate new audiences, hit hard at the opposition, and generate opportunities that convert people to action. This panel will focus on how bold, cheeky, and deliberately provocative campaigns can be leveraged to not just egg on the opposition, but tell a story that leads to progressive wins.

On that occasion, Facebook and Google also advanced their business interests through radical politics. Another panel was devoted to preserving Obamanet, which had granted them their current stranglehold over the internet: NET NEUTRALITY AND THE FIGHT TO REGAIN IT

(end of the update)

The Netroots Nation, a radical leftist organization, held its annual conference “drawing thousands of attendees from around the country and beyond” on August 11-13, 2017 (1a). Despite (or because) its radicalism, the conference has been attended by very high level democrat politicians, including DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison, former Vice President Al Gore, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Washington State Attorney General Robert Ferguson.  During one of the sessions the conference organizers raised and set in motion a hidden army aiding an enemy that will attack this nation.  The session announcement says:


Moments of crisis, such as extremist violence or an international crisis, create windows for seizing power, enacting racist repression of entire communities, restricting civil liberties, cracking down on domestic opposition and going to war. <H-word> used the Reichstag Fire; Putin used the 1999 apartment bombings; George W. Bush used 9/11. With Trump, Bannon and their allies in Congress, progressives must be prepared to fight back in the first hours and days of a national security crisis.” (1b)

The key phrase:  progressives must be prepared to fight back in the first hours and days of a national security crisis.” It makes clear that the term “national security crisis” includes acts of war against America such as the 9/11 attack.  The announcement commands progressives “to fight back” against the U.S., and to do that “in the first hours” of the enemy attack.  That clarification excludes any interpretation of “fighting back,” other than physical attacks or sabotage against U.S. forces.
If such a call had been issued so authoritatively before 9/11, somebody would have blocked police cars that cleared the way for ambulances and fire engines.  Others would warn terrorism suspects, misdirect police, or sabotage military activities.  (Remember that in the Scalise shooting, the police went to Nancy Pelosi’s house instead of the scene of shooting.)  Few progressives who deeply mistrust Trump will inevitably commit such actions following this call, and they might trigger tens of thousands of like-minded (or like-mindless) individuals within minutes. Actually, progressives laid out plans for rapid mobilization of activists, and possibly practiced them under other excuses.  Even worse, an enemy might include this mechanism in its plans, to further amplify its attack.

The announcement has been published on the website of the top progressives conference, and is heavily promoted and visited by people receptive to this call.  These receptive individuals fall all over the map in terms of their mental capacities, suggestibility, temperaments, access to government resources, weapons, etc. Through its publication, the announcement has been communicated to all U.S. enemies , from ISIS to North Korea.  Essentially, the mere publication of this announcement “pre-programs” certain parts of the population to collaborate with an enemy, possibly unwittingly, and provides the enemy with an “activation key” to trigger such a collaboration. One might guess that the words and actions in the event itself went far beyond this announcement.

The implicit endorsement by the Democratic Party and high level government officials gives a very high authority to this text and whatever was said in that session.  I would say that the announcement alone commands treason, at least.  The organizers have also acknowledged that it is not an abstract talk, but instructions for actions in the Predictable Emergencies. Thus, the publication of this announcement seems to be a completed act of treason.

Google and Facebook funded this conference, using shareholders’ money and their trademarks (2). Sierra Club funded it using “charitable” money.  The American Federation of Teachers and The National Education Association funded it using union dues.

Zainab Chaudary, the first speaker at the event, “spent five years on the staff of Congressman Rush D. Holt (D-NJ), where she built relationships with Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities, and led coalition engagement initiatives …” Rush Holt has been appointed the CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) since 2015, when AAAS already was a peddler of climate alarmist pseudo-science and a lapdog of the far left.  It might be called an (anti-)American Association for Abandonment of Science.

Updated on February 20, 2018 after original publication on August 9, 2017. 

Updated again on January 24, 2019.