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The Obama-Biden administration and its blue states counterparts used climate cult agenda to attack conservative and libertarian organizations all the time. Typically, they used legal threats against businesses contributing to conservative non-profits that criticized climate alarmism.

In April-May 2016, the Democrat party escalated its onslaught on the conservatives and republicans using this vehicle. Former VP Al Gore and a coalition of Democrat State Attorney Generals attacked conservative thought institutions, using climate cult doctrine as a club. One of them, the Virginia Islands Claude Walker went after the top right of the center thinks tanks. See

Competitive Enterprise Institute Targeted by “AGs United For Clean Power”

Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker used Greenpeace list …

Then, there was some pushback from the media, even Bloomberg, but not as much as expected. This was just one case in the continuous persecution of dissenters and opposition by the Obama-Biden regime of 2009-2017, which gradually transformed into an attempt to bring down candidate Donald Trump during the elections, and an outright coup after his victory.

Footnotes for an AT article

Politics does not mix well with other activities, from science to medicine to religion. By politicizing everything, the left drove decent people out of many fields.

Petition against Rabbi Hier

The petition’s author mentioned a broader plan. This did not prevent the media from calling it grassroot:

 “I have chosen to revise the language of the petition to be more respectful [I could not find the original text, which is even less respectful – LG]. As a graduate of the high school Rabbi Hier founded … this plan of action.” 

“… concerned that your participation in the Inauguration helps to ‘normalize’ the dangerous and hate-fueled Trump administration.” – there was no administration yet!

you lend those elements of your ‘brand’ … to help create a smokescreen for Trump, implying that he should be let back into the fold of civilized human discourse …” – Donald Trump had just been elected POTUS by 70 Million adult Americans.

JCC Threats Overseas

CNN, 2017-02-28:

The incidents made national news when, on January 9, 15 Jewish centers and schools received bomb threats. Since then, the threats have occurred in waves, with a series of threats on January 18, January 31, February 20.

Law enforcement sources say they think many of the threats originated overseas.

Trump mentioned the bomb threats in his speech Tuesday, but did not outline a plan to stop them

Trump has stopped them without outlining the plan. That day was the last threat of this kind.

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