Intervention against “AGs United for Clean Power”

AGs United for Clean Power?  Slow down.  Your power grab is not clean. I want to intervene and to ask you few questions:

What are you doing in bed with the Climate Action Network, the nominally top entity in climate alarmism?

What are you doing in bed with Greenpeace, another foreign entity with bases all over the world and a “battle fleet”?

Why do you attempt to shut down American energy industry?  Who told you to do that – the Climate Action Network, Greenpeace, Rockefeller Funds or anybody else?  Or is it just a new belief of the Democratic Party?

To read more objections to “AGs United for Foreign Powers”, download my Motion to Intervene in the case 4:16-CV-469-K  (ExxonMobil v Massachussetts AG Maura Healey in her official capacity) , and the Affidavit, mocking obscurantism of AG Healey office. You might be also interested in the attached documents: the Complaint, Affidavit and Exhibits (17MB).