Democrats Censoring SMS. My Brief in MO v Biden.

Goldstein Amicus Motion Missouri v Biden.pdf, my Amicus Brief in Missouri et al. v. Biden et al., No 23-30445, the 5th Circuit of Appeals.

July 2021 was the peak of the Biden administration’s attempt to censor all information critical of the purported COVID-19 vaccine. That censorship campaign went beyond social media and search platforms. The Democrat administration, together with the Democrat Party (including the Democratic National Committee[1]), censored SMS/text messages sent through wireless carriers. The DNC acknowledged its participation but claimed that the conduct was directed only at text messages sent “in masse”, and falsely denied the connection to the Biden administration.[2]

Such a combination of the ruling party and big government is characteristic of the worst totalitarian regimes, such as the German Nazi Party, the Soviet Communist Party, and the Chinese Communist Party of the Mao period. It is unprecedented in American history.

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