Assault on SCOTUS and HB20 Supporting Materials

Google Maps

Google Maps of Six Justices Homes


Account @RuthSentUs

Thread(s) running from May 13 to May 24 / from May 13 to May 25.

“Tomorrow, Saturday evening, following a Bans Off Our Bodies rally at noon in DC, there will be six simultaneous protests in these tony suburbs the SCOTUS 6 live in. RT please.”

our TikTok @ruthsent which was “permanently banned” due to mass reporting is back up due to mass appeals! There’s more of us than them.

If you’re curious which peeps are okay …:  @ShutDown_DC @prochoiceheart @riseup4abortion @WallOfMoms @wallofmany @vigil4democracy @StrikeForChoice @codepink  …

This is a spontaneous community protest; not led by us or any organization, but by individuals. There will be point people for each Justice.” – point people, simultaneous action, but spontaneous!

• Rights >> Beliefs • We will not be violent • No other rules apply” – Their understanding of ‘violence’ is closer to most people call ‘combat’. “No other rules apply” should be understood literally.

Abort Alito – in a picture

“TODAY, 7pm Eastern, join our #SCOTUS6 team to support @ShutDown_DC  in planning a shut down of SCOTUS on June 13”

The six fundamentalists on SCOTUS have to understand there’s a personal cost to imposing deeply unpopular and FASCIST laws on Americans.” — May 30

May 29

Topple #SCOTUS6. Ending the filibuster is improbable…” – Notice how this account uses the leak as an opportunity to eliminate two old institutions, maintaining the Constitutional order – independent Supreme Court and the filibuster in Congress, allowing minority some rights. Despite appearance of a small group of thugs, this group is deeply embedded in the big politics.

It is in their own words. I do not know what is going on behind the scenes. Ask the FBI Director (just kidding).

Account @WallOfMoms, pinned thread

We are antifa

“2022 will not be a fair election.”

Feb 18 (eight days after the date of the leaked opinion on an abortion case)

The Court isn’t trying to hide its intentions. Like the Nazis in the 1930s, they’re going after women first – they’ll overturn Roe if we don’t rise up. Next is LGBTQ rights. #StrikeForChoice” – setting aside the revisionist history, this account might have known about the draft of the ruling, allegedly overturning Roe v Wade.

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