You Won’t Believe Who’s Behind “Battle for the Net”

The main organization behind the malicious smear campaign that fraudulently uses the phrase “net neutrality” is Free Press, a revolutionary Marxist group.  Robert W. McChesney, a founder of Free Press, sounds like Lenin.  From his 2014 article Sharp Left Turn for the Media Reform Movement (emphasis  is mine):

“In subsequent years the U.S. media reform movement blossomed, led primarily by a group I co-founded, Free Press. On a number of major issues … Free Press led the charge in Washington, DC. The thinking behind the group and the movement was to have one foot in the battles of the day as they were being fought in the capital, while having another foot doing organizing in the field, with the idea of expanding popular awareness and involvement in the movement. We realized that for most people the range of media policy outcomes then countenanced in Washington seemed abstract or inconsequential. We needed to capture their imagination with bold and radical proposals. The strategy was to create an army for structural media reform …”

 “The Internet has become a, if not the, dominant force in modern capitalism. … Three of the four most valuable publicly traded corporations in the United States are Internet-related firms … [and the management of all three are on his side – LG] What that means is that these Internet giants control the outcomes on all policy debates that affect them, which increasingly covers most issues of fundamental importance, like taxation, regulation, labor and consumer rights, and trade.” —  if they win, he might be right.  They cheat by using against the U.S. forces from all over the globe.  But if they lose – he is wrong again, certainly and by a large margin.  My bet is made – I hold short positions in all three of them – GOOG, AMZN, and FB.

“The political-economic situation in the United States is therefore unstable and ultimately untenable. When one factors in the environmental crisis, this becomes an even more calamitous and desperate period.” – Lenin called this “revolutionary situation”.  This is when a revolutionary communist party strikes.  Lenin also pronounced that the seizing of communication means is one of the first tasks of the revolution. And this is what the FCC “Open Internet Order” was meant to accomplish.

Third Proposal: Treat Journalism Like a Public Good” – a section title.  Obviously, McChesney and his accomplices consider themselves public representatives that are entitled to direct journalism when they wish.

“We have no time to lose, and, given the brick wall of politics in Washington, DC, we have nothing to lose. As the great saying from France in May 1968 went: ‘Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible.’”

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