Pelosi Putsch – Capitol Building, Jan 6

On January 6, a joint session of Congress assembled to hear challenges to electors in six contested states, to count the correct electoral votes, and to certify the results of the Presidential election. It seems that Democrats feared that this constitutional procedure would end up certifying the re-election of President Trump. To prevent this, they launched a putsch attempt, intended to force Congress to certify Joe Biden as the next president.

To accomplish this, democrat leaders used the Trump rally, which was being held on the same day. I was at the rally and I saw no one being aggressive or interpreting Trump’s speech as a call to violence. My eyewitness account matches those of many others, who were also present at the rally and state that the attendees were calm and non-violent.

Democrats used professional cadres from far-left organizations, trained in urban violence and evading police, that kept low profile until now – unlike Antifa. Additionally, outside groups affiliated with the Democrat party found and targeted some fringe & extremist people / groups among Trump supporters, and neo-nazis (whom they try to link to Trump). Apparently, they quietly organized them to storm the Capitol building. Some of this happened through social media, where extremists are easily found. Others were incited through robocalls, falsely attributed to RLDF, an arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA). The robocalls informed listeners of the Trump rally, but told them to assemble in a certain area, and instructed them to march on the Capitol building at 1pm. This was not part of the Save America March schedule. These robocalls were not authorized by either RLDF or RAGA, and none of their representatives were even aware of them. The first entity to write about these robocalls was a Democrat linked smear group, linking the calls to Democrat leadership. I think that these robocalls were targeting individuals with a propensity for violence, psychos, and members of other fringe extremist groups. Infiltrators from leftist groups were also reported mixing in with the crowd.

Some of them moved on the Capitol building from the direction of the Trump rally (the Ellipse). They fought the police, climbed walls, and broke windows. The rioting started in accordance with the preplanned timeline, just before 1pm. The timing was embarrassing. President Trump started speaking an hour later than planned and finished at 1:11pm. The walking time from the Ellipse to the Capitol building is at least half an hour. Thus, rioting started before the “Trump incitement” could have caused it. Of course, the mismatch in time and other pesky little facts did not impact the prepackaged narrative of “mobs incited by Trump” storming the citadel of democracy.

Meanwhile, VP Mike Pence opened the joint session of Congress, as is customary. When the challenge to Arizona’s electoral votes was presented, the members separated to debate in the Senate and the House. The Pelosi police interrupted these debates and ordered the Congressmen to evacuate at 1:26pm (see the DoD Timeline, p.2, 1326) well before the Trump rally attendees who listened to the end of his speech arrived at the Capitol. At that time, there were less than a few hundred rioters at the Capitol Building. The Capitol police force comprises more than 2,300 and could have easily handled these rioters. If for some reason (other than a Democrat putsch attempt) the Capitol police could not handle the handful of rioters, it could have asked for help from the thousands of patriotic citizens standing by, easily recognizable by the American flags and similar symbols. Tens or hundreds of thousands of us were 1-2 miles away, ready, willing, and able to aid the police in protecting the seat of Congress. Instead, the Pelosi police designated all Trump rally attendees as enemies. Then it did the following:

  1. Violently interrupted the Senate and House hearing of the Arizona challenge, and forced Congressmen and VP Pence to other locations, effectively detaining them there.
  2. Together with Mayor Bowser, they requested immediate force assistance from the National Guard (DoD Timeline, 1334).
  3. Allowed violent rioters to break into the building.
  4. Allowed the rioters to enter Pelosi’s empty office and the chambers of congress, and to occupy them long enough to take photos.
  5. Invited peaceful MAGA protesters to enter the Capitol building without security checks.
  6. Attacked peaceful MAGA protesters with firearms, tear gas, and stun grenades; a plainclothes officer shot Ashli Babbitt, a petite woman, veteran of USAF and DC National Guard, draped in the American flag.

The Pelosi police used the violent rioters as a pretext to interrupt the congressional debates and to blame hundreds of thousands of Trump rally attendees. The putsch organizers also attempted to use the National Guard against tens of thousands of peaceful citizens outside of the building or even far away.

Amidst these events, Democrat and Republican Congressmen were treated differently. In addition to Mayor Bowser, democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke to the Secretary of the Army (DoD Timeline, 1519). No Republican was present on this or any other call with the DoD or National Guard.

The media narrative of Trump supporters incited to violence by the President quickly morphed into allegations of insurrection by the President, as if this were possible.

Meanwhile, Big Tech (tightly linked to both Democrat leadership and the government of China) jammed the communications of the US President / Commander in Chief. Twitter deleted the account @realDonaldTrump and recent President’s messages from @POTUS, a US government account. When President Trump created an account on Parler, Apple and Google removed Parler from their app stores, and Amazon dropped Parler from its cloud services.

Late on January 6, Congressmen were allowed to reassemble in the Capitol building. Shocked by the Pelosi police violence, stun grenades, and tear gas, most Republican lawmakers dropped their objections, and surrendered to Democrats’ demands to certify Joe Biden as the winner.

The only silver lining is that the putative certification of Biden as President-elect, was done under duress, and is therefore invalid.

This situation is quite obvious, but many are afraid to come forward. Big Tech still rules the communications channels. The fake news media is downstream from the Big Tech. Additionally, threats from Democrat leaders combined with some probability that Biden-Harris will soon wield the powers of the Presidential office have a chilling effect.

More Evidence of the Pelosi Putsch

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