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2021-04-19 update. DC Chief Medical Examiner Francisco J. Diaz has just told to WaPo that officer Brian D. Sicknick had no physical injuries, but suffered two strokes and died of natural causes (“acute brainstem and cerebellar infarcts due to acute basilar artery thrombosis“). Notice that the results of autopsy did not exist on March 2, a month after officer’s body was cremated, according to the official version. They said they were awaiting toxicological results.

Curiously, Francisco J. Diaz was appointed Acting Chief Medical Examiner by radical Mayor Muriel Bowser only on January 28, 2021. He was a Deputy CME before that. His LinkedIn profile was scrubbed recently, so it remains in the search results, but is not available on LinkedIn, even for the members.

Shows Diaz LinkedIn profile in the search results

Earlier this month, Francisco Diaz released a “ruling” that other three Trump supporters, murdered in the Capitol Building on orders from Democrats on January 6, died from natural causes. For example, he claimed that Roseanne Boyland (34) died from acute amphetamine intoxication. A friend who was there with her said “Boyland was pinned to the ground and trampled“.

The conclusion that Officer Brian Sicknick has been murdered by Pelosi loyalists stands.

2021-02-13 update. An urn with the supposed ashes of the cremated body of officer Brian Sicknick was laid in the Capitol on February 3. Well sourced articles in the Revolver News and ITN provide more information about his death, contradicting the official version.

During the events of January 6, Brian Sicknick sustained only one injury. He was pepper-sprayed, according to a text he sent to his older brother (interviewed by the leftist ProPublica) at night. Medical examiners excluded a blunt trauma. It is possible that Pelosi loyalists intentionally did that to prevent him from seeing something or going somewhere. It is very unlikely that pepper spraying led to his death.

Most likely, Pelosi loyalists murdered officer Sicknick on January 6-7, and had his body cremated to get rid of the evidence. His family rushed to the hospital, but did not see him alive. There is no indication that his family saw his body and decided on cremation.

More than a month after the events, no autopsy has been released, and no information has been provided by the DC medical examiner, the hospital that cared for Brian Sicknick, or the treating physicians.

Thus, there is a tiny hope that Brian Sicknick is alive and either kept prisoner by the Democrat side, or is sheltered by friends. But his parents should be careful – they have two more sons.

On January 6, 2021, some elements of the Capitol police (the Pelosi police[1] [2]) interrupted the joint session of congress, during the first challenge to state electors.  The Pelosi police then removed VP Mike Pence and other congressional representatives from Capitol Hill. Prior to this, these same police force had allowed protestors and rioters into the Capitol building. Then the Pelosi police shot, gassed, and threw percussion grenades at the people inside of the Capitol building. The attacks by the Pelosi police shocked, disoriented, and demoralized Republican lawmakers and even VP Mike Pence. Some lawmakers were scared. Consequently, Republicans dropped most challenges and objections to the Democrat-favored fraudulent lists of electors.

Thus, the alleged certification of Joe Biden as President-elect was forced under duress and is therefore invalid.

2022-06-20: [2021-02-13 comment is removed] There is an additional suspicion that President Trump was deposed by force on January 6, 2021. Also, there is a doubt that the mental state of Mr. Biden allowed him to take the Oath of Office of the President of the United States.

Reinforcements Rejected

Before January 6, Capitol police refused reinforcements, despite a very contentious day in Congress coinciding with a massive demonstration, a little over a mile from the Capitol Building. It is now obvious why. In light of everything we now know, that was part of the insurrection plan. The Pelosi police wanted no outside forces present. It is likely that only a small number of officers among the Pelosi police knowingly participated in the insurrection.

The Alleged Riot

Millions of Trump supporters had gathered to peaceably petition the government for a redress of grievances, in accordance with the First Amendment.

Surprisingly, at the Capital Building, the Pelosi Police allowed protestors inside the building, simultaneously and from multiple entrances. One video[3] shows the police opening a door for young MAGA protesters, although they appear overexcited and shout indecencies. They behaved surprisingly well after the admission. Another video[4] shows a police officer waving in another group of protesters. Apparently, somebody opened a side entrance for them, and they stood patiently waiting for an invitation[5]. There are many more such videos and photos showing protestors being allowed into the building. Not only did the Pelosi police admit the protesters into the building, but they did so without performing any security checks to prevent intruders from carrying weapons, explosives, and incendiary devices.

Some of the people allowed inside the building rioted, and some of them may have been Trump supporters. It is to be expected that a few rioters would be found among millions of Trump supporters. The Pelosi police purposefully admitted the most unhinged types and even encouraged the rioting (including the occupation of her office), then massacred the innocent. In addition to those freely admitted into the building, there were also small groups of people who broke into the Capitol Building through windows or by climbing. The Pelosi police did little to stop them.

The only explanation for such a complete security failure is that the Pelosi police intentionally allowed chaos and violence, to justify the use of deadly force against protesters and the forceful removal of congressmen and VP Mike Pence from the joint session.

Timeline discrepancies:

It is remarkable that, according to the DOD Timeline[6], the evacuation order at the Capital Building was issued at 1:26PM.  This is well before any large crowds could have arrived at the Capitol Building, considering Trump finished speaking at the Ellipse a little after 1PM. The security alert was sounded in the middle of the debate on the first challenge to state electors in Arizona.

If the insurrection was planned to align with Trump’s scheduled speech time, this timeline would work. But since Trump only started delivering his speech around noon and finished after 1PM, it was impossible for those crowds to reach and breach the Capitol Building all before 1:26, when the evacuation order was issued.

Killing Ashli Babbitt

Inside the Capitol, the Pelosi police killed Ashli Babbitt, a young, married woman, and a veteran of USAF and DC Air National Guard, with eight overseas deployments. She was shot by a plainclothes male. A video of the shooting shows that she was unarmed while climbing through a broken window, into what was described as a VIP area.

Babbitt’s military specialization was security, including riot control. Her DCANG unit had been designated to protect the capital if needed. The New York Times says[7]:

“In the Guard, she was assigned to a unit based near Washington that is known as the ‘Capital Guardians,’ because one of their primary missions is defending the city. Security forces in the squadron regularly train with riot shields and clubs for what the Air Force calls ‘civil disturbance missions.’”

Unruly protests are not unusual around the Capitol Building, but the police do not usually invite them in or use deadly force against them[8]. Ashli probably knew the rules of engagement, to some extent. After the protest, she intended to fly home and meet her husband. It is unlikely she was doing anything that could get her arrested, much less killed.

Deaths from “medical emergencies”

The news reported for a few days that three other citizens who were in the Capitol Building had died from “medical emergencies.”[9] This is a novel cause of death. I think they were killed by percussion grenades, tear gas, and other weapons that the Pelosi police unleashed against men and women who came to peaceably petition the Congress. A few rioters and intruders do not justify the use of deadly force against peaceful protestors who happened to be in the same place.

Who was interested in interrupting the joint session?

The January 6 joint session of Congress was convened, as usual, to count electoral votes. This time however, the session also had to choose between two slates of electors from six states, and to review evidence of election fraud. Many allegations had surfaced of Democrat leaders’ misconduct before the November 3 elections. Democrat governors-imposed lockdowns, blocked Hydroxychloroquine and other early treatments to COVID-19 sufferers, and delayed the vaccine, in order to give Democrat leadership what they needed to commit fraud in the November 3 elections. Thus, interrupting this joint session favored democrats and was against the interests of the Trump team.

Finally, Trump did not incite his supporters during his speech at the rally, earlier that day. I was there. I listened to Trump speak and I saw the other rally participants. I did not see anyone incited or unruly. The crowd at the rally was peaceful, calm, and friendly. Of course, I saw only a small fraction of the rally-goers, but their reactions were representative of the vast majority.

The Murder of Brian Sicknick

The circumstances surrounding the death of the police officer Brian Sicknik, a Trump supporter[10], are shrouded in the mystery. There are no pictures or videos of him from January 6. (He has been incorrectly identified in a video[11], which shows the beating of another police officer, by unidentified people).

The Pelosi police[12] announcement regarding his death states:

“Officer Sicknick was responding to the riots on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol and was injured while physically engaging with protesters.  He returned to his division office and collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.”

There are several inconsistencies with this account:

  • Hundreds of protesters, journalists, and counter-protesters carried cameras. The Capitol building has cameras almost everywhere. If there were videos of Brian Sicknick getting injured by a protester, or engaging with the protesters, such videos would be all over the Internet. The Capitol police would release the photos of those who injured officer Sicknick, and the responsible parties would be near the top of its Most Wanted list, for the Capitol violence[13].
  • If officer Sicknick was wounded while on duty, he would be evacuated to the hospital and there would be official reports of his medical care. A wounded officer would not likely simply return to his office.
  • The other policemen who were working alongside officer Sicknick would have detained or shot the person(s) who injured Only 14 individuals were arrested in connection with the Capitol building incident[14]. The Capitol police did not indicate that any of them had injured Brian Sicknick.

This complete lack of evidence and contradicting facts leads us to question the circumstances of his death. Officer Brian Sicknick may have recognized that the Pelosi police was involved in an insurrection and paid the ultimate price for opposing them.

“The death of Officer Sicknick will be investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch, the USCP, and our federal partners. “

This is a bad decision. The people possibly tied to the criminals, should not investigate the crime. USCP and MDP should be kept away from the investigation.

The Behavior of the Biden Team

The behavior of the Biden Team, after the alleged electoral votes certification, has been antithetical. If the Biden Team believes it has won, it would be at ease, calmly preparing to take over, and it would avoid provoking Trump or his supporters. There are less than two weeks until inauguration, after which Biden’s Team would have the power to do as they please with Trump and all their opponents. Instead, the Biden team has been attacking Trump supporters and launching a new impeachment farce. Such behavior indicates desperation. Most likely, the Biden team is trying to intimidate people into not taking a second look at the Jan 6 events. A deeper investigation would likely find that Democrat leaders planned and executed an insurrection, in order to force Biden’s electoral certification. Big Tech is similarly acting almost suicidally. Deplatforming Donald Trump, blocking updates to the official account of the President of the United States, ceasing services to Parler, etc. – all these actions have caused other countries and customers to look for alternatives to Silicon Valley’s Big Tech. Big Tech is going to lose most of its foreign markets and discover new competitors in the remaining markets.


Antifa played role in the events on the Capitol Building. Democrats also deployed more professional “troops” from far-left groups. Then they pushed the narrative, incorrectly identifying other extremists as Antifa –  a decoy to deflect attention from the actual culprit – Democrat leadership and the Pelosi police. [corrected on 2021-1-19]

VP Mike Pence announced his decision not to postpone the joint session at 10am, long before the violent events at the Capitol Building started, so his decision could not have triggered the violence.

Because of the misinformation campaign by MSM and Big Tech, most Democrat supporters believed that the January 6 Joint Session of Congress was a formality, necessary to certify Biden’s alleged victory. They were easily led to believe that interrupting the joint session would benefit Trump, when in fact, it had the opposite effect.

Obviously, preparations for the Pelosi Putsch started before January 6. The planned “riots” were based Trump’s scheduled speech time – 11am. They expected it would end around 12:30, and many rally goers would be near the Capitol building around 1pm. Trump surprised them again by starting his speech around noon. The insurrectionists had planned to evacuate the Capitol building in order to avoid debates on elections fraud. They used the “demonstrator movements to U.S. Capitol” as justification for evacuation and interrupting the joint session. From the DoD Timeline:

“1305: A/SD receives open source reports of demonstrator movements to U.S. Capitol.

1326: USCP orders evacuation of Capitol complex.

1334: SECARMY phone call with Mayor Bowser in which Mayor Bowser communicates request for unspecified number of additional forces.”

In other words, Pelosi police and Democrat-Socialist Mayor Bowser announced pre-planned rioting, evacuated the Capitol complex, and requested an “unspecified number” of the National Guard.

There is discrepancy with other sources. The evacuation of Capitol complex started at 1311 or earlier (added on 2022-06-08).

For unknown reasons, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were on a phone call with the Secretary of Army at 15:19. None of Congressional Republicans were on this or any other call in the Timeline. Why would the senate majority leader not be included in this phone call?

Documented.net is a professional smear group/project, affiliated with True North Research[15] and the Center for Media and Democracy[16]. It is basically a Democrat propaganda shop.

“I’m calling for the Rule of Law Defense Fund with an important message … At 1:00 p.m., we will march to the Capitol building and call on congress to stop the steal. We are hoping patriots like you will join us to continue to fight … This call is paid for and authorized by the Rule of Law Defense Fund, 202-796-5838.”

Of course, the Republican group did not make these calls. The phone number only plays a recording, repeating the same thing.

As known to the author on January 11, 2021.

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