500 Suspicious Attackers on Jan6

There were many more suspicious actors on #J6 than previously thought. The spreadsheet alone, from SeditionHunters, lists 532 persons written up for violence, vandalism, or worse (the SeditionHunters’ “suspects”), but not prosecuted.

Out of 532, 484 (almost all) were violent on #J6. 256 are wanted by the FBI, and this includes 216 who are wanted for the assault on a federal officer (AFO), most likely police. Does law enforcement ignore those who assault their officers, turning a blind eye? 54 are wanted by the MPD, including some who are also wanted by the FBI.

Moreover, 78 of them had been identified by the public or by themselves, and their ID sent to the FBI. 71 of them were violent. 45 are on the FBI wanted list, including 36 individuals who attacked police officers.

These numbers do not take into account those who were prosecuted but only received a slap on the wrist.

Given the amount of information in the SeditionHunters database alone, we can assume that 90%-95% of the individuals who were recorded in it for violence, vandalism, or leading them but not prosecuted are suspicious. That yields about 500 suspicious attackers.

These 500 suspicious attackers are not feds. They are far-left militias.

The information here is strictly from SeditonHunters spreadsheet. I have compiled my list of the suspicious actors, but I am not going to publish it. Anybody familiar with spreadsheets and the commands Sort or Filter can create his or her own version.

All of the the suspects are accompanied by photos and/or videos, and almost all have verbal descriptions of their looks and actions. Most of them have their faces clearly visible. The FBI should have been able to identify them easily just by that, especially because it can obtain services of private firms. Further, it can interview people who were seen near the suspects on the Capitol grounds. If the attack was organized, the FBI can obtain information from the arrested organizations members about other members. These days, it should be able to ID and arrest more than 90% of the suspects in a few weeks.

The failure of the DC OAG to prosecute ID’ed violent attackers can be explained only by the desire to protect them, which means that those violent attackers were affiliated with the Democrat party.

The failure of the FBI to ID and arrest suspects can be explained by the same, but there is also another possibility: many violent suspects could be from organizations where the FBI dares not to look – the radical left.

See also Anomalies in Behavior and Prosecution of Jan 6 Persons.

Sanity Check

Another source of the information is the FBI wanted list for Jan 6. It has about 533 wanted individuals (missing are #16 Ray Epps and #36-37), of whom only 195 (37%) have been identified and arrested.

Arrested count by the numbers range:

0-99: 64

100-199: 59

200-299: 40

300-535: 32

The FBI page provides a count by items, probably photos.

Total: 1491 items, consisting of

Unidentified: 1223 items

Arrested: 193 items

the rest: 145 items

Eye Witness Observations

The large presence of organized leftist militias on January 6 was observed and reported by multiple independent sources, including

MICHAEL WALLER, 01/14/2020: I Saw Provocateurs At The Capitol Riot On Jan. 6

Michael Yon, 01/13/2020: ‘Agent Provocateur’ Tactics Were Seen at Jan. 6 Capitol Protest

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