How Senator Mark Warner Coerced Big Tech

Senator Mark Warner (D) has been pressuring Big Tech to censor Republicans since 2018, at least. After the Demsurrection of January 6, 2021, Senator Warner also pressured Big Tech, mainly Facebook, to retain personal and private communication of its users, related to the J6 events. Facebook complied, and provided troves of its users’ private data to DC prosecutors to cherry pick from.

Recent discovery of emails, in which the Biden-Harris administration tells Facebook what speech to censor on its platform, has caused a scandal. Both BHA and Big Tech are going to deny the coercion. But such coercion was in plain view since 2018. Democrat legislators, Attorneys General, and other government officials have coerced Big Tech to censor opponents of Democrat agendas, by threats of adverse legislation and/or regulation.

The full report (2,450 words): Mark-Warner-Coercing-BigTech-since-2018.pdf

Potential Policy Proposals for Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms (2018), by Senator  Warner is just one example of the threats of legislation and regulation of Big Tech, if it were not to comply with the Democrat demands. It is still relevant. Notice that neither Senator Warner nor anybody else considered the idea that Big Tech social media are First Amendment speakers. From the Senator Warner’s document:

Social media and wider digital communications technologies have changed our world in innumerable ways… The American companies behind these products and services – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple, among others – have been some of the most successful and innovative in the world… As their collective influence has grown, however, these tech giants now also deserve increased scrutiny.” – names some of the targeted companies.

“The size and reach of these platforms demand that we ensure proper oversight, transparency and effective management of technologies that in large measure undergird our social lives, our economy, and our politics. Numerous opportunities exist to work with these companies, other stakeholders, and policymakers to make sure that we are adopting appropriate safeguards to ensure that this ecosystem no longer exists as the ‘Wild West’ – unmanaged and not accountable …” – let us keep in mind this offer “to work with” as an alternative to harsh laws proposed in the document.

By the way, the Obama administration hand-picked some of the tech winners. Democrats have been showering Big Tech with gifts since 2009 and started threatening them since 2016.

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