J6 Repression Statistics

Democrats call the events of January 6, 2021, an “insurrection.” One would expect that the Democrat DOJ would move quickly against real or imaginary “insurrectionists” and would be done with this business quickly. Nothing prevented them. Mr. Biden appointed 1,136 government officials on his first half-day in the office, not bothering with the Senate’s “Advice and Consent.”

The graph of weekly number of new J6 cases, opened by the DOJ in DC. The highest number – 70 cases – was on the week ending on January 23, 2021.

The then-acting US Attorney for DC (USAO-DC), Michael Sherwin, has promised “shock and awe” and delivered it. 300 individuals were charged within two months since J6, when he was replaced with Channing Phillips, who held that position under Barack Obama. By May 7, four months after the event, the number of defendants had reached 425. This was more than enough for an event, the building damage from which cost less than $1.5 million. But arrests and charges continued, and there are now 882 defendants. Most of them entered the Capitol building with the police permission, and the only cause for their prosecution is a thought-crime – being President Trump’s supporters. The USAO-DC continues to open new cases. Two women, named Michelle and Melanie, were charged on September 16 and arrested on September 23.

Almost all J6 defendants were arrested, and a typical defendant spent at least a week in a prison.  The defendants are from all over the country, but their cases are decided by the DC judges. Most J6 defendants were arrested first and learnt of the charges against them later.

In the last 12 months, an average of five persons per week have been charged and arrested, although this rate depends on political events. For example, the rate increased in the six weeks prior to and including June 9, 2022, which was the first session of the January 6th House Committee.

J6 Repressions Statistics Working Spreadsheet. The data are per 09/28/2022.




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