Facebook insider confessions

Venture capitalist Roger McNamee was one of the early investors in Facebook. He is a brainwashed leftist and the Russia hoax believer and promoter. What he wrote in his book Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe, McNamee, 2019 can be accepted as a testimony against the interest. In part, he discloses some of the aid provided by Facebook and Google to Obama campaigns and hints at reciprocate relationships between the Obama administration and Big Tech, which became pervasive entwinement between the government and Big Tech behemoths. Consequently, Big Tech could not accept the Democrats loss in the 2016 elections. Quotes:

Prior to 2008, the tech industry maintained an especially low profile in Washington. All of that changed when Google, led by chairman Eric Schmidt, played a major role in Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, as did Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes. Obama’s win led to a revolving door between Silicon Valley and the executive branch, with Google dominating the flow in both directions. (p. 112)

I believe a strong case can be made that Facebook and Google pose a threat to national security, but no one is making it in Washington, DC. (p. 282)

He [Zuckerberg] embraced invasive surveillance, careless sharing of private data, and behavior modification in pursuit of unprecedented scale and influence. Surveillance, the sharing of user data, and behavioral modification are the foundation of Facebook’s success. Users are fuel for Facebook’s growth and, in some cases, the victims of it. (p. 5)

Facebook … cofounder Chris Hughes’s role in President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, when Hughes ran digital operations.  (p. 166)

This explains how Obama’s campaign received from Facebook its whole social graph. It is still being exploited by progressive orgs.

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