Updates on the Democrat Insurrection of Jan 6

This post is not regularly updated, but

2021-09-05 update. Some Robert Maurice Reeder, 55, a Democrat from Maryland, present in the Capitol building on January 6, is caught on video attacking police while wearing a MAGA hat!

2021-04-11 update. More details of the official timeline are published. About 3:45pm, Schumer told somebody: “Tell POTUS to tweet everyone should leave.” Although POTUS does not report to Schumer, Trump tweeted his video 4:17 pm, telling his supporters “… you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. We don’t want anybody hurt. … We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You’re very special. … I know how you feel, but go home, and go home in peace.” (transcript). Twitter deleted this tweet, and blocked Trump from his account! Before that, Trump sent two other tweets, calling to be peaceful:

3:13 pm: I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!

2:38 pm: Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!

In the same time, Twitter made “Hang Mike Pence trending for hours, probably influencing decisions of the VP on that day. Twitter creates trending phrases unilaterally.

2021-03-04 update. “FBI official: No shots fired by rioters, no firearms recovered during siege on U.S. Capitol” – Just The News. Democrat members of Congress made up these claims when they called the DoD on January 6, probably in order to turn its leaders against then President Trump.

2021-02-13 update. Some Democrat Congresspersons gave away their advance knowledge that the security breach is well controlled by their side. For example, Democrat Ted Lieu tweeted at 1:36 pm: “I’m in Cannon and have been evacuated. But it doesn’t matter. In less than two hours I will cast my vote rejecting the coup attempt by @realDonaldTrump enablers and accepting the Electoral College votes of Arizona. And there is nothing @POTUS or @GOP traitors can do about it.” Why did he think (incorrectly) that the alleged “insurrection” would be over in less than two hours?

2021-02-11 update. When Trump tweeted “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution,”  he probably meant Pence’s failure to stand up to the Pelosi police which had forcefully interrupted separate House and Senate sessions, hearing of the challenge to Arizona electors.

2021-02-03 update is near the end of the post.

2021-01-19 update. Restarting the joint session of the Congress before the police had time to sweep the Capitol for bombs and other threats that the alleged “insurrections” could have left is a definite proof that the Capitol hill events of Jan 6 was a coup d’état by the Democrats

Why has Congress re-convened so soon after the security breach on January 6?

There were hundreds of visitors and intruders inside. They were everywhere, from the House floor to Senate chamber and offices of the lawmakers. None of them passed through the security check. They could have brought and left inside explosive devices. Videos show young men, looking like leftist militia, climbing through the windows with large backpacks. One such backpack, filled with explosives and hidden in the House hall, could kill most of the Congress. Suicidal terrorists might have remained in the building. Resuming operations of Congress operations after such a breach required days or even weeks of security sweeping. There was announcement of a security sweep, but only a very shallow one could be conducted with those hours. Bombs could be not only under every chair in the House Chamber, but also inside of any chair and other furniture, under carpet, behind paintings, attached to the walls, camouflaged as sculpture or furniture. Today, we also face threats of AI-driven armed drones and what not.

Yet, the joint session resumed only a few hours after the police expelled the alleged intruders, when only pro forma checks could be performed. And these people wear masks because they believe the masks protect against evil spirits WuFlu.  The only explanation is that the top Congressional Democrats and the top officers of the Capitol police knew that the breach was staged and wanted to make the Congress to certify Biden – Harris before its members left the premises.

There is no good explanation for resuming the session on the same day. Even in the absence of the continuous security threat, it was late. The Congress members were tired or even injured in the evacuation. The session should have been resumed in another building on another day.

End of the 2021-01-19 update

Only Democrats were involved in the security decisions for the Capitol building on  January 5-6:  Zoe Lofgren, Muriel Bowser, Elissa Slotkin, Mark Warner, Amy Klobuchar, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer etc. Also, these are some of the most seditious of all Democrats. Rep. Elissa Slotkin is a “Former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense, CIA analyst“.

Inside a Deadly Siege: How a String of Failures Led to a Dark Day at the Capitol, NY Times, Jan 10[1]:

“Huddled in a command center on Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington and her aides saw a photograph of blood stains on the temporary grandstands at the Capitol, a makeshift structure built for the inauguration of a new president in two weeks.”

“Yet the Capitol Police and the city’s Metropolitan Police had rebuffed offers days before for more help from the National Guard”

Ms. Bowser had sent a letter to top federal law enforcement officials on Tuesday warning against excessive deployments.”

“Several officials, including Chief Sund of the Capitol Police, briefed Representative Zoe Lofgren, Democrat of California and the chairwoman of the House Administration Committee, on Tuesday.” (The emphasis in the quotes is added here and throughout the article).

The dynamics of this situation are identical to those in the election security situation and in the Russia hoax. Democrats & their MSM / Big Tech establish a narrative claiming that there is a security threat to national institutions, linked to Trump. Examples of such narrative are conduct of the FBI in the Spygate and Russia hoax, elections integrity, cybersecurity etc. Democrat congresspersons then use this as a pretext to monopolize the protection against the alleged threat, to insulate it from Trump and strong Republicans, and to exploit the control to turn the institution against Trump. This happened with Spygate / Russia hoax and elections security in 2018 and, much worse, in 2020.

More from the NYT article:

“Lawmakers had no clear evacuation plan and were forced to improvise.”

It is hard to believe that the Capitol building has no evacuation plans for lawmakers.

Mr. Crow [D-CO] said he moved other lawmakers away from the barricaded door inside the gallery, helped them don hoods to protect against tear gas, had them remove their House lapel pins to avoid being targeted …”

Given the absence of a real threat, if these actions by Mr. Crow are described by NYT correctly, they are violence. Practically, the intent of such “help” was to scare the congress members, who were unaware of the coup attempt.

The following lie was obvious by January 10, but it seems that this is how the situation was presented by the Capitol insiders.

“Hundreds of rioters carrying long guns and Molotov cocktails breached the seat of American power”

 The NYT, Jan 7[2]:

“I thought we’d have to fight our way out,” said Representative Jason Crow, Democrat of Colorado and a former Army Ranger in Iraq, who found himself captive in the House chamber.

“For about an hour, the Trump loyalists went in and out of at least one entrance of the Capitol with little disruption from the police.”

As debate progressed in the House chamber over a Republican protest of Arizona’s Electoral College votes for President-elect [sic] Joseph R. Biden Jr., few lawmakers knew of the commotion. But Capitol Police officers were quietly locking down the building, instructing everyone in the hallways to shelter in place and preparing reporters for the possibility of doing so in the chamber.”

Representative Elissa Slotkin, Democrat of Michigan and a former Pentagon official, was on her way to the House chamber when she heard screaming, breaking glass, and what sounded like a flash bang. She returned to her office, locked the door, offered shelter to a colleague and began working the phones.

One of her first calls was to Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to plead for help from the National Guard.

“I said, ‘Mark, I absolutely understand that you are between a rock and a hard place. But we need help here. There are weapons,’” she said.”

No “Trump supporters” had weapons at the scene.

WSJ, Jan 7[3]:

“Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he raised concerns with senior leadership at the Federal Bureau of Investigation prior to Wednesday’s rioting by pro-Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol and had been reassured that the situation was under control.

Mr. Warner said he had reached out to the FBI and other agencies because he was concerned the demonstrations should be viewed as a domestic terrorism threat and could quickly turn violent.”

The cat is out of the bag.

Muriel Bowser, Jan 5[4]:

To be clear, the District of Columbia is not requesting other federal law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional deployment without immediate notification to, and consultation with, MPD if such plans are underway.

CBS Cathrine Herridge[5]:

#CapitolBuilding TIMELINE: Critical window Wednesday is coming into focus 1230-1315.  While POTUS addressed the rally + before he concluded, a group was already pushing onto the grounds of the Capitol building + first pipe bomb discovered (1245p) at RNC + second pipe bomb at DNC

Senator Mark Warner has been one of the most active seditionists throughout President Trump’s four years. He is one of the few senators with expertise on the internet and communication technologies, and he has been using it to provide cover for Spygate, to promote the Russia hoax, and to push Big Tech to deplatform Trump supporters before the midterms, etc.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is a far-left Democrat.

Amy Klobuchar (D-MI), a friend of James Comey, oversees the Capitol police on behalf of the Senate[8]. Her counterpart Roy Blunt is a never-Trump RINO[9]. Thus, the Capitol police became the Democrat party’s palace guard, sometimes called the “Pelosi police”.

Also, there is  curious admission from Ayanna Pressley:

“The second I realized our “safe room” from the violent white supremacist mob included treasonous, white supremacist, anti masker Members of Congress who incited the mob in the first place, I exited. Furious that more of my colleagues by the day are testing positive.”

No comment on the hateful rhetoric, but this is an interesting admission. Ms. Pressley, a Squad Democrat, said she entered and immediately exited the “safe room.” At 45, she is not at risk to develop severe COVID-19. Additionally, she was vaccinated. Thus, she is not at risk of COVID-19. She exited because she was not afraid of the alleged intruders and the “white supremacist mob.” She might also had other business to do.


A specific security threat from the far right was anticipated (possibly even prepared by Democrats). The Democrats intended to use this as an excuse for their accomplices in the Capitol Police to shut down challenges to fraudulent electors, during the joint session. The threat was either not real or neutralized by the FBI earlier. Nevertheless, the insurrectionists among the Capitol police, working with Democrat lawmakers and Muriel Bowser, proceeded as planned, creating a very crude lie.

This does not mean that all Democrats, who may have taken part in the insurrection, knew about these plans. There were a few who did (I do not know names, but Nancy Pelosi and Mark Warner seem likely). Others were simply told to be on the lookout for threats/opportunities to disrupt the hearing and push through the certification of Biden as President-elect.

End of the Hypothesis

Jan 16-19, 2021

P.S. AOC claims she felt the police was hostile toward her during the January 6 events, “a little after 1 p.m.“:

“She said she was suspicious because the [police] man had no partner and he was not shouting “Capitol police” as he searched her office.”

“Ocasio-Cortez said the officer yelled at her to move over to another building where other lawmakers were hiding. She said the situation had felt so “volatile” with the officer that she and her aide started running toward the other building…”

Of course, AOC can say anything. But  even if there is little truth in her words, they confirm that elements of the Capitol police applied force against the lawmakers, not for their protection.

AOC was not in the Capitol building, but in her Cannon Building office. This is a strange place for her to be in the time of a contested votes counting with huge stakes. This is a natural place if she knew that the votes counting would be interrupted and dangerous events would happen.

Also, Pelosi was in charge of Capitol security during breach.

“The Sergeant at Arms of the House, under the direction of the speaker, is responsible for security, along with the U.S. Capitol Police.”

Also, two cops reportedly committed suicides from January 7 to January 15 — the Capitol police officer Howard Liebengood and DC police officer Jeffrey Smith. The death of officer Jeffrey Smith was apparently kept secret for more than 10 days, until January 26 or 27. This is in addition to officer Brian Sicknick, who died on January 6. The beasts lied about their deaths.

Feb 2-3, 2021

President Donald Trump tweeted “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts …” at 2:24 pm on January 6. The Pelosi police removed VP Pence from the Senate Chambers at 2:14 pm, per Yahoo – HuffPost). The article also says that President Trump could not reach Vice-President Pence – something that should not happen even in a full scale war.

It seems that Trump referred to Pence’s failure to stand up to violence and trickery unleashed by the Pelosi police and Democrat members of Congress. VP Pence announced his decision not to postpone the votes counting much earlier, at 10 am, and Trump knew of it in time of his speech at the Ellipsis.

Feb 11, 2021

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  1. All I van say is what I posted on John Hinderakers blog Powerline.
    His article was Did the Democrats Steal the Presidential Election?

    I commented in my nom de guerre Fred Harris.

    “Election integrity must be a priority for the next two years, and in the future”

    Wow, I thought that it was always a priority and a given? Is that not a cornerstone of democracy?

    Your courts, with respect have failed the people.That is what they are there for is it not? It is disgraceful. That from a non-American.

    Many non-Americans looked up to the US as a bastion of freedom. I have many good friends there.

    I feel desperately sorry for those Americans who trusted in the courts to protect their rights and didn’t.

    Your constitution has been defiled by criminals and scoundrels who currently infest your congress and senate and have lied to the people and their supporters.

    I don’t believe that the elections will ever be fair and free again in the USA. The courts won’t allow it. The precedent has been set unfortunately that crime pays.

    I bear no malice only sadness.

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