MAGA Forever, without Trump

I am certainly not the only one who is disappointed with Donald Trump. He said he is a leader and a fighter. But when did he lead or fight?

He was President of the United States for four years. He possessed all the powers of the executive branch. Additionally, the Republican party controlled the Senate for all four years and the House for two. And yet, Trump squandered all that power, both of the executive and legislative branches.

Yes, President Trump did have to face unique difficulties. His predecessor did not transition power properly. From the beginning of his Presidency, Trump had to fight an uphill battle. He had to deal with the bizarre “Russian” investigation, a fallout of an unprecedented Spygate. He had to face Silicon Valley oligarchs, aligned with Democrats, and an increasingly demanding global governance. Early on, he had to reassure people that he was not unhinged, or a potential tyrant, or the many other libels his enemies bestowed upon him. He had to do this job while maintaining and defending the Constitution – unlike his predecessor who ruled with his pen and phone, and used the IRS and the DOJ to target his opposition. 

Trump did not lose the fight; he failed to fight altogether. 

Instead, Trump did the following:

  • Allowed the DOJ, which is part of the executive branch and reports to the President, to investigate him for two years, and to cover up Spygate and the Russian hoax for all four years.
  • Allowed the left to chase conservatives away from almost all spheres of public life, from media (including so-called social media) to business. 
  • Allowed his enemies to endlessly investigate, harass, and attack his allies in the government, and defund, deplatform, and boycott his supporters outside of the government.
  • Allowed Big Tech, which was already unusually powerful, to become almost “Masters of the Universe” in the US, while they simultaneously shifted far left.

Finally, he allowed domestic enemies to deny prophylaxis, early treatment, and the vaccine against COVID-19 to the American people. Trump’s enemies used his inaction to deny treatment to (effectively killing) 400,000 Americans, to lock down (i.e., illegally detain) tens of millions, and to muzzle almost everybody. 

Trump’s failure to fully understand and use the powers invested in him as President, emboldened his enemies and repelled friends. 

In hindsight, the behavior of RINOs and Republican never-Trumpers (or Senator Mitch McConnel) seems justified. They probably quickly noticed that Trump is not a real leader, and that following him would cost them.

Donald Trump is a genius. He would be a good peacetime President. But he is not a leader and he has let us down.


By Trump’s abdication, Joe Biden is our President.

This is despite all the circumstances of Biden’s coming to power, described in other posts here. 


We should stand by Donald Trump, his family, members of his administration, and other supporters against any attempts at retaliation.

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