Bolshevik Coups of Jan 6 – from Lenin to Pelosi

The main event of January 6 was a coup attempt by some Democrat party leaders, elements of the Capitol police, and their accomplices in the Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon etc.), in violation of the Constitution, in order to remove President Trump.

The Capital police forcefully broke up the joint session of Congress, when it was hearing evidence of election fraud and other misconduct. Republican and some Democrat members were then detained, until Republicans were ready to drop their objections to the Biden – Harris certification. Capitol police was not protecting the Congress; instead, it was participating in the Dems’ coup, which relied on armed force and trickery.

The January 6 events on Capitol Hill are best described as a palace coup – a coup conducted by the palace guard, who is supposed to protect the government. Palace coups were impossible in the US due to free speech, free press, and a high level of civic engagement. This changed when most communications lines fell under the control of a few internet companies. These companies placed the control in the hands of a highly coordinated group of operatives (including “elections security“), created by and acting under the control of the Democrat party and foreign governments.

Leaving the technology aside, the closest analogy of the January 6, 2021 events in the Capitol building, is the dispersal of the Constituent Assembly by Bolsheviks in Russia on January 6, 1918.

The Russian Constituent Assembly (Учредительное собрание) had been elected to decide on the new form of government, after the Tzar abdicated. The country was supposed to become a Federal Republic, with equality, democratic elections, and universal suffrage. The Bolsheviks and their accomplices (Anarchists and Left Socialist-Revolutionaries) had lost the elections and were in the minority. Unfortunately, they had consolidated control of all communications – telegraph, telephone, railroads, most of the printing equipment. They also controlled most of the armed forces in Petrograd, the capital. Forces loyal to the Bolsheviks guarded the Constituent Assembly. Thus, when the Bolsheviks saw things were not going their way, they dispersed the Constituent Assembly. The Bolsheviks and their accomplices left, and the guard sent the rest of the Assembly members home with a ridiculous explanation, which has since become famous: “The guard is tired (Караул устал)”. Following these events, the Bolsheviks seized all the power. What happened next is the history.

The Democrats (modern Bolsheviks) also control all communications – twitter, facebook, youtube, google search, and the MSM. On January 6, they had a large degree of control over the local armed forces – Capitol police and DC police. A day before, they rejected reinforcements from the National Guard. It is also likely that the mutinous Democrats chose only units of the Capitol police, whom they had been able to subvert, to be present on January 6. This could be why the protection of the Capitol building was so light that day. When they saw things not going their way – as Congress began hearing challenges to fraudulent electors – the Democrats dispersed the members of Congress, under the false pretext of a security threat. There was no security threat. The Democrats/Bolsheviks and their accomplices in the Capitol police created the appearance of a security threat, by using false flag provocateurs, allowing outside crowds to enter the Capitol building, and having Democrat Congress members spread panic among their colleagues. Even worse, the Democrats’ “guard” did not simply disperse Congress, they detained its members and VP Pence. When the joint session of Congress reconvened, still in the hands of the Democrats/Bolsheviks and under duress, Republicans agreed to certify Biden-Harris as the winners. Of course, this certification is invalid.

Although the date January 6 is the same, the calendars are different. Russia was using the Julian calendar, which has a 13-day difference from the Gregorian calendar, now used universally.

Coincidentally, November 7, the day the Democrats declared victory, is the exact anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, according to the same Gregorian calendar. Both Russian Bolsheviks and our current Democrats used their self-pronounced victory to intimidate their opponents, in preparation for the Constitutional Assembly / joint session of the Congress for the certification of electoral votes.

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