Why is Critical IT and Communications Infrastructure Insecure?

Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are communications services which have become central part of the critical national infrastructure. These services are owned by Alphabet Inc (GOOG), Facebook Inc. (FB), and Twitter Inc. (TWTR). The federal government gives the critical infrastructure special protection. Currently, the Department of Homeland Security designates sixteen Critical Infrastructure Sectors, because they are vital to the United States. Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter appear to fall within two of these designated sectors: Information Technology and Communications. Other sectors include Dams; Defense Industrial Base; Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste. Most of the plants and services in these sectors are owned by private corporations. The ownership does not allow them or their employees to misuse them or to threaten their integrity or functionality. The federal government must secure IT and communications infrastructure and hence must protect Twitter service from abuse by Twitter Inc., its CEO Jack Dorsey, and their woke employees in the same way as it protects nuclear power plants. The same applies to Facebook, YouTube, Google Search, and a few other services, operated by Big Tech. A smooth operation of these services is especially important during the current state of national emergency, declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A few days ago, GOOG, FB, and TWTR removed a video from America’s Frontline Doctors, which shared important medical information about the use of HCQ for treatment and prophylaxis of COVID-19. When the President re-endorsed such treatment by a message from his official Twitter account, TWTR deleted that message. Big Tech also suspended several other big accounts who repeated this information. Then Big Tech abused their control of the communication lines to denigrate this medical information as a hoax, misinforming thousands of physicians and government officials and tens of millions of citizens about the pandemic disease. These actions also intimidated other users of their services from repeating this information and or even criticizing their actions. The fact that Big Tech has gotten away with removing a Presidential message regarding the effectiveness of HCQ and criticism of some other COVID-19 measures have nearly cemented the belief of the so-called “elites” believe that HCQ for COVID-19 is a hoax.

There is a reason why COVD-19 is called Big Tech Pandemic. Deletion of the America’s Frontline Doctors’ video and Presidential tweet about it is just an example in a long list of Big Tech abuses. Big Tech has distorted the flow of information to such an extent that different groups of people perceive different realities.

Big Tech is the main reason why the novel common cold coronavirus caused a pandemic and near collapse of society. Big Tech misinformed not only the public, but the decision makers. It brought WHO’s mislabeling of the Wuhan coronavirus as SARS-CoV-2, sublimely insinuating infection fatality rates hundreds of times higher than in reality. It deterred people from using common precautions against respiratory diseases, such as taking vitamin C. It spread the uninformed opinion that the coronavirus spreads mostly by the droplets, rather than by aerosol, contrary to everything that was known. When it moved too aggressively to silence critics of China, it provoked unnecessary. Big Tech and its mainstream media clients caused a run on HCQ during the weekend of March 21-23, and triggered a cascade of actions by state governors that limited or blocked COVID-19 patients’ access to HCQ. Big Tech benefited from the pandemic. It is in Big Tech’s financial interest to aggravate this pandemic. Big Tech consistently supports all measures that decrease in-person communication, making people even more dependent on their products, and increasing their power and profits. Despite the heavy damage suffered by the economics, Big Tech stocks values have increased above pre-COVID-19 times.

The countries that suffered the most from COVID-19, in terms of mortality per million, are Western and Latin American countries heavily relying on the Internet communications operated by Silicon Valley Big Tech. The UK reported 680 COVID-19 deaths per million, compared with 8 in Japan and 4 in Nigeria.

President Trump approved HCQ for COVID-19. HHS Secretary confirmed that the FDA’s revocation of the Emergency Use Authorization applied only to the National Strategic Stockpile, and that HCQ can be prescribed by doctors, just like any other drug. FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn confirmed that. But Big Tech, leading mainstream media, created an alternate reality. They made sure that there was a nearly universal and false impression that HCQ was not recommended as a COVID-19 treatment by the US government.

These companies’ abuse of their privileged access to critical communications infrastructure caused thousands of deaths and the continuous suffering of millions of Americans. 160,000 deaths and counting are enough. This is more than the US lost in WWI. This is more than the US lost in all the wars after WWII. Every week, more Americans die due to Big Tech’s COVID-19 misinformation than in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined, since 2001.

Calling Big Tech actions “censorship” unduly legitimizes them. Censorship is performed by a government. Big Tech uses its physical ability to subvert critical infrastructure for political and financial ends. This subversion should be stopped by immediate force. The anti-trust action and FCC enforcement are too slow. The Section 230 is irrelevant at all.

This situation is very much akin to enemies of the US taking control of two sectors of the critical national infrastructure. From there, these enemies intend to expand their control even further, in this case, to the healthcare industry. No legal action or executive order will help because these companies have been ignoring US laws, first with the help of the Obama administration, and then by lying to their users, to the government, and to Congress. As long as Big Tech has control of the communications infrastructure, it will use this control to defeat any legal efforts to curb its control. These companies’ executives believe that they know what is best and are acting accordingly and nothing will convince them otherwise.

Big Tech have used COVID-19 for an unprecedented power grab, which might be called a coup d’état. It also used chaos, distraction, and further infection spread caused by Antifa riots. Big Tech, especially Twitter, also provides a safe haven for Antifa organizing and communication.

Now is the time the Executive branch “to prevent, deter, and mitigate the effects of deliberate efforts to destroy, incapacitate, or exploit [critical infrastructure and key resources].

This means boots on the ground: FBI agents knocking down the doors of Big Tech’s executive offices, including home offices. The federal government needs to secure data centers, take physical and legal custody of the computers and routers used in the communications. The legal custody means that any unauthorized access to them becomes a crime under 18 U.S. Code § 1030. Trained experts would take over employees’ network accounts, suspend access of non-essential employees, and take over critical functions. Internet communications infrastructure should be secure, just as any other infrastructure (ports, roads, electricity, water), indiscriminately serving all citizens.

After securing the communications infrastructure in accordance with the law, the President, and many physicians and researchers will be able to recommend to the public that HCQ-based treatment and prophylaxis of COVID-19 are effective. Medical research & practice will be freely and publicly shared and debated with actual results and data determining decisions.

Wide use of HCQ-based treatment and prophylaxis will probably end the epidemic within a few weeks. COVID-19 will remain as an endemic disease, like flu or common cold.

Antifa rioters will lose their safe harbor on Twitter and Facebook and will be easily quelled.

The doors will open to investigations and litigation against Big Tech. Whistleblowers will not be afraid to come forward.

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  1. One can add as part of the critical infrastructure, electrical power energy. This is also essentially under a similar MO . Here the attack is using the lie about “green renewable” wind and solar. It is neither green or renewable. It’s essentially only variable intermittent electricity. It is not suitable for a modern grid or a modern economy. The devastation it is causing remains hidden. The costs of the damage are disguised (preferential protection and subsidies) in the ever increasing electricity prices making products produced more expensive and them noncompetitive to boot. Cheaper to import from China.

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