Yes, there is a cure for COVID-19

The world has a cure for COVID-19. The current COVID-19 mortality in all countries of the Northern Hemisphere, except for Israel, is 4-40 times lower than in the US. Israel stopped using Hydroxychloroquine, probably under the influence of the Big Tech misinformation.

Fig. 1. COVID-19 mortality in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, China, and India. Deaths per Million, per day, averaged over 7 days.

Our World in Data (1), 2020-08-25

Latin America has higher current COVID-19 mortality than the US. Latin America may be suffering from the same internal political problems as the US or they may be mirroring US policies. Additionally, most South American countries have winter, and are in the end of their flu season now.  South Africa has almost the same mortality as the US, but it is winter and a flu season there. (There is a tool visualizing flu seasons by country.) We will exclude them from consideration.

The US has more than 1,000 COVID-19 deaths per day. This is 2.93 deaths per Million per day. Israel has 2.56.  The world average, India, and Russia have about 0.7 – 4x less than the US. Europe has 0.42. Asia has 0.32. Africa has 0.25. Canada has 0.19. There are differences in age structure of different countries, but they are typically compensated by similar differences in medical care. Fig. 2 shows select countries.

Fig. 2. COVID-19 mortality in the US and select countries, deaths per Million, per day, averaged over 7 days.


Our World in Data (2), 2020-08-25

Whatever the trajectory of COVID-19 spread countries had, most of the world arrived at low current mortality now. The US and some European countries have suffered more than 400 deaths per Million. Sweden and many large cities in the US and Western Europe are thought to approach “herd immunity”. But Turkey and Hungary, for example, accumulated only 71 and 63 deaths per Million, respectively. They have a current mortality of 0.24 and 0.06 (!) deaths/M/day. Their death rates peaked on the week of April 19 and have steadily decreased since then. They used HCQ. Country-level statistical analysis confirms that HCQ is the difference.

We cannot passively wait for “herd immunity” acquisition. Even if 1,000+ deaths per day were acceptable, we should expect that COVID-19 will become worse in the fall. The respiratory infections season in the US starts in early October. This year it might start earlier because beach closures and lockdowns prevented people from sunlight exposure and summer physical activities, probably compromising natural immunity that people acquire in summer.

In the words of Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch: “The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It.” Based on dozens peer-reviewed studies, and the experience of thousands doctors, one cure is:

Treatment: HCQ + AZ + Zn, given early, upon onset of symptoms.

Prophylaxis (high risk population): HCQ + Zn

Anybody who knows a better one is welcome.