HCQ Treatment Improves Odds 3-5 times

The Dr. Zelenko’s paper reported a 5x decrease in deaths and hospitalizations among COVID-19 patients who were treated early with HCQ+AZ+Zn, compared with similar patients who did not receive this treatment. Note that Dr. Zelenko treated only high risk patients and did not wait for test results before prescribing treatment. (The tests were performed or completed later)

The Henry Ford Hospitals’  study reported a 3x decrease in deaths among hospitalized patients receiving  HCQ treatments, compared with the control group, after matching propensity scores. This is much more than the 2x improvement, usually quoted by the media:

Hydroxychloroquine provided a 66% hazard ratio reduction, and hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin 71% compared to neither treatment (p < 0.001)


In its June 15 letter, the FDA revoked the Emergency Use Authorization for Hydroxychloroquine, without affecting the status of hydroxychloroquine as an approved drug. The letter claimed 347 reports of adverse effects associated with HCQ, implying all these cases were reported from the US, and referencing an unpublished review. It published the review only on July 1. The review  listed only 97 cases reported in the US. There were also 250 cases abroad. 347 was a number of reported cases worldwide, not in the US.