Early HCQ plus AZ Treatment can End COVID-19 Epidemic

2020-07-10: A long letter HCQ vs C19 is uploaded, then updated on 07-11.

To stop COVID-19, treat patients early with HCQ + AZ. That rapidly decreases the viral load in patients and thus, their probability of infecting others.

When the R drops below 1, the epidemic ends. Countries using CQ/HCQ for malaria, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and African countries, did not have a COVID-19 epidemic. Countries who started using HCQ+AZ in the early stage of the disease, stopped the epidemic.  All countries with high mortality rates did not use HCQ (except for Belgium, who used it too little and too late).

Peer reviewed studies show that Hydroxychloroquine works: “Global HCQ studies. PrEP, PEP, and early treatment studies show high effectiveness, while late treatment shows mixed results.

Originally published on July 6. Updated on July 10.