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2021-09-29: Some doctors under-dose Ivermectin by prescribing only 12 mg. This is not enough for the current variants! The current recommendations for early treatment is 0.5 mg/kg. That comes to 30-60 mg, depending on the patient’s weight. Ivermectin must be taken after a fatty meal.

Other components to choose from:

Nitazoxanide; and/or

HCQ + Zinc (Quercetin is an inferior substitution for HCQ); and/or

mouth rinsing / gargling / nasal irritation with Povidone-Iodine; and/or

Fluvoxamine or Doxycycline; and/or

Aspirin, Melatonin.

Vitamin C (3x 1,000 mg per day) and Vitamin D are always good.

The later stages require higher amount of Ivermectin

2021-08-27: The FDA has issued an emergency use authorization for face masks, but has not approved them as a medical device for the prevention of COVID-19 or any other disease. Thus, mask mandates are illegal.

2021-07-08: Donald Trump have launched a class action lawsuits against Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and their top officers. Each of the lawsuits has only one claim: the First Amendment violation by these companies, acting as state actors. The claim is correct. There is one inaccuracy in reasoning, in my opinion.

The main source of the state actor privileges and responsibilities of Big Tech is not Section 230, but Obamanet (Obama-era distortion of the net neutrality idea). After Obamanet was repealed by the FCC, many Democrat states, including California, New York, and Washington, legislated it on the state level.

2021-07-07: A preprint Soft drinks can be misused to give false “false positive” SARS-CoV-2 lateral flow device results reports that some ordinary soft drinks and juices from concentrate produce false positives in rapid tests for SARS-COV-2! False positives happen both when the drink is used instead of the sample, and when the drink is drunk before taking the sample.

2021-07-01: Britain has detected a new SARS-COV-2 variant: B.1.617.2 (Delta) with an additional mutation K417N. This mutation is characteristic of B.1.351, the “South African” variant.

2021-06-21: My Amicus Curiae Brief in NetChoice et al. v. Florida AG, 4:21-cv-00220, FL-ND (Florida anti-censorship Bill 7072)

2021-04-23: My Amicus Curiae Brief in 3:21-cv-01644-MMC Twitter, Inc. v. Paxton, TX Attorney General, before the US Court for Northern District of California, San Francisco Division. Filed on April 9-12.

2021-03-26: Donald Trump is going to create his own social media network, despite total lack of experience in this area. It is better to be based on Mastodon, an open standard, and interoperable with GAB.

2021-03-25: I stand by my words on the Dominion Voting. I am disappointed that attorney Sidney Powell spread a false story. At one point, she might have fallen to the poisoning the well tactics, frequently used by the Dem supporters on the Internet with the help from Big Tech. But she should have abandoned it when she found no support for it.

Many examples of poisoning the well are described and debunked by Yaakov Apelbaum. The use of this tactics has broadened in the 2020 elections. Poisoning the well has been deployed to protect Hunter Biden and to misdirect attention from real Antifa associates in the January 6 events.

I described an example of poisoning the well tactics, deployed by climate alarmists, in 2017.

2021-03-21: These morons wasted most of the COVID-19 vaccines on people below 65

Out of 157M delivered doses, only 49M were administered to people who are 65+. 32% of those in this vulnerable age category have not even received a single dose of the vaccine! This is why deaths continue.

Meanwhile,  200,000 vaccines have been administered to children, who certainly do not need them and for whom the vaccines have not intended. This is the first time mRNA vaccines have been used, and their long term effects are still unknown.

2021-02-22: Just when you think that Democrats cannot possibly stoop any lower, they prove us wrong! An LA Times article describes how California’s government gave “community organizers” (doubtlessly, allied with the Democrat party) priority access codes for out-of-turn COVID-19 vaccination of their “communities”, defined by race or ethnicity. The LA Times article considers this prioritization of vaccinations based on race to be  normal, but complains  that the access codes were then used by people for whom they were not intended.

“The program to address inequities in vaccine distribution relies on special access codes that enable people to make appointments on the My Turn vaccine scheduling website. The codes are provided to community organizations to distribute to people in largely Black and Latino communities. … The codes are intended for use by people in communities of color who are vaccine eligible, including healthcare workers and those older than 65, …”

To make matters worse,  the codes were reusable – evil meets stupid.

2021-02-07The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved [for Biden] the 2020 Election is a must read for anyone who doubts that Democrats and their far left accomplices stole the election. They saved it from the American people. Among other things, the article admits to a very tight collaboration among the whole spectrum of the left of center groups, from mainstream Democrats to BLM and Antifa.

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