HCQ is Very Effective for COVID19, Doctors Say

On May 22-24, Sermo surveyed more than 4,000 physicians globally, 555 of whom treated COVID-19 patients. The results:

  • Hydroxychloroquine-based treatment remain the first choice of doctors for outpatient treatment globally, with a few exceptions such as the US, UK, Canada.
  • No treatment is the first choice of doctors in the US and UK; HCQ-based treatments are the second choice
  • 35% of doctors using it said that Hydroxychloroquine is Extremely Effective or Very Effective in treating COVID-19 (excluding ‘no opinion’ answer)

Only 14% of US doctors treated outpatients with HCQ, compared with 30% abroad. “AZM or similar” was used by only 26% of US doctors compared with 49% abroad. It was even worse in the UK and Canada.

Worldwide, 24% of the physicians who treated COVID-19 patients outside of a hospital setting prescribed HCQ. The only drug prescribed more is “Azithromycin or similar antibiotics.” Azithromycin (AZM) is usually used with HCQ. 17% of the physicians used Zinc, which is also frequently given with HCQ. Among physicians who treated more than 20 COVID-19 patients, 32% used HCQ. (The Sermo Data, Table Q8)

52% of the doctors who treated more than 20 COVID-19 patients in hospitals used HCQ (Table Q12).

27% of the physicians gave COVID-19 patients vitamin C (Table Q8).

Incredibly, the preferred outpatient COVID-19 regime among US physicians was not to give any medicine or vitamins – 45% of US doctors compared with 21% abroad (Table Q8). Physicians in Great Britain have even worse treatment protocols. Only 3% of UK physicians prescribed HCQ outpatient (Table Q8).

The ratio of doctors using HCQ-based treatment decreased under the pressure of the fake news media,  and fake communication tools (Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) are Democrat-Socialist prosecutors. 

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