Current COVID-19 vaccines are obsolete

All currently circulating strains of SARS-COV-2 (i.e., Delta sub-variants) have spike mutations L452R & T478K, disabling most vaccine induced antibodies. These strains also have aT19R mutation, disrupting epitopes in spike NTD. Many NTD-directed antibodies are known to cause ADE, especially when the epitopes which they target are disrupted.

These L452R/Q & T478K have been mutations of concern for many months. Pfizer & Moderna have had plenty of time to modify their vaccines and/or make a booster with the new spike mRNA. Surprisingly however, the Biden-Harris regime has not demanded any modifications to improve the vaccine to make it effective against the current SARS-COV-2 variants.

All the side effects and other harms remain.

2 thoughts on “Current COVID-19 vaccines are obsolete

  1. If real ADE emerges, we will see a panic like never before. Using old vaccines against new variants is certainly a high-risk strategy.

    1. Pfizer & Moderna have been working on vaccines against variants since the emergency authorization of their original vaccines. Moderna shipped doses of mRNA-1237.351 to NIH for trials in February. Where are boosters or vaccines against Delta?

      They should have been working on them since May.

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