Google Aided EU meddling in the US Senator Elections in Alabama

Google has interfered in the US Senate Elections on behalf of democrat Doug Jones, possibly on demand from a European government or political party.  I know Google does such things because some of my AdWords messages were  banned by Google in the U.S. after I had expanded targeting to the EU.

I know only a small part of this interference: on December 4, Google banned my paid message running on Google Adwords sites in Alabama.  Below are the renderings of the message by Google Adwords.

UAH shooting message banned by Google in Alabama

The message was running since November 24 to raise awareness of the shooting of the offices of Dr. John Christy and Dr. Roy Spencer, committed six months earlier. It linked to my post about that crime.


a) Google found a sufficient similarity between the actions and/or actors behind the shooting, and behind the libel against Honorable Roy Moore; and

b) Google decided to ban speech that’s favorable to the republican candidate, as much as it could.

Google is a Title II common carrier of multicast short messages (typically used as ads).  Google’s a monopoly in multiple markets has been granted or reinforced  by the Obama administration.

Updated since publication on December 14, 2018.

2 thoughts on “Google Aided EU meddling in the US Senator Elections in Alabama

  1. So, you use the word “murder” next to the picture of that bullet hole. Who was murdered in that incident? Were you talking about another murder? If so, which murder?

    Murder isn’t even mentioned in this article that you would be taken to if you clicked the ad.

    1. The Left smear and murder. In this case, nobody has been murdered. But police officers around the country are regularly murdered by thugs inflamed by leftist propaganda.

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