Offices of Real Scientists were Shot at after the March of Fake Ones

Seven shots  were fired at the office of Dr. John Christy in the University of Alabama after the “March for Science.”

Dr. Roy Spencer, another climate realist working in the same building, writes:

“Given that this was Earth Day weekend, with a March for Science passing right past our building on Saturday afternoon, I think this is more than coincidence.”

“Local news reports that UAH police have classified this as a ‘random shooting’. So, the seven Belgian 5.7 millimeter bullets which hit windows and bricks around John Christy’s office from 70 yards away were apparently deemed to be ‘random’ occurrence.”

Belgian 5.7 millimeter cartridges can be only 5.7x28mm military cartridges.  This type of cartridge was introduced relatively recently and the weapons that use it are rare and expensive.    Dr. John Christy testified before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in the hearing Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method on March 29, 2017This shooting is an act of intimidation and retaliation against a witness as well as an attack on the national scientific potential.  Dr. Spencer and Dr. Christy maintain the satellite temperature record, causing much consternation to climate alarmists.

The Union of Concerned Scientists, one of the open sponsors of the “March for Science,” stands accused of acts of retaliation against witnesses in my civil RICO lawsuit.

The People’s Climate March, scheduled to happen on April 29, includes the Communist Party of the USA and promises to be even more violent.

04/25/2017, 9am: the formerly mainstream media has not reported this attack.

05/29/2017: the formerly mainstream media has not reported this attack.