Yes, Clapper Admitted that the FBI was Spying on the Trump Campaign

Clapper wanted to say that the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign as a side effect of spying on “Russians.” In the last moment, he corrected himself and this is what came from his mouth: “[FBI] was not spying on the campaign but on what Russians were doing, and in the sense, unfortunately, [long stumble] what they were trying to do was to protect our political system…”
Taken literally, he said that it was unfortunate for the FBI to protect our political system. But in reality, he communicated that the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign, just as Trump says. Either way, Clapper admitted the guilt of the involved FBI officials.

If before the elections the FBI really suspected that there was a Russian agent in the Trump campaign, the Obama administration must have warned Trump. It has not done so.
Watch for 30 seconds. This ABC appearance promotes Clapper’s book. He and Comey would do anything for higher royalties.

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Fake news that might have triggered Strzok to act against Trump: (Talking Points Memo, July 2016). This article is a usual false news piece.  Fantasies of its author are mixed up with inaccurately retold stories from the NYT, Washington Post, and Politico. A typical fake news tradecraft: misrepresentations (such as omitting Trump’s assets when making allegations about his debt), multiple jumps in time over the period from the 1980’s to the current time, presenting rumors and adversary’s legal allegations as facts, making long association chains (more than six years before the article’s date, Trump campaign manager for two months Paul Manafort did some work for a former President of Ukraine, who happened to be Putin’s ally.) Compare that to Obama’s direct associates Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Louis Farrakhan. Even the fact that some of the top liberal TV jornos and one of the biggest Trump haters on MSNBC moved to RT is somehow twisted against Trump.
Refutation of the claim about the assistance to Ukraine: