CDC Vacci-Nazies want you to report C-vaxx skeptics

From the manual COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence: Rapid Community Assessment Tool  on the CDC website (emphasis is added):

“These tools can be used to collect data from social and traditional media platforms to track online discussions, trends, and sentiments about a topic. It is useful for understanding the information landscape (including misinformation) and concerns and attitudes of your community of focus.” 

A dedicated team member should log into all monitoring tools at regularly scheduled time points (e.g., once a day) and gather social listening data.”  – social listening is Newspeak for warrantless surveillance and espionage.

An important step in the social listening process is reporting the findings. Compile results of your organization’s social media listening activities into a report that is easy to read and comprehend. Reports should include key findings, emerging trends, and results-driven recommendations to improve your organization’s strategies. Reports should be compiled daily, weekly, and monthly depending on organizational need and can range from a simple one-pager of key highlights to multiple pages focused on each social platform. The template below for reporting findings of social listening activities is customizable and should be adjusted to organization need.

First, identify which social profiles you are tracking and measuring, as this will guide what report sections are included.

Another document of this kind is this COVID-19 OBSERVATION FORM:

This form can be used to record observations for any meetings where the target audiences congregate or for listening sessions facilitated by others. Tailor these questions and probes as needed for your specific community circumstances.

“2. How would you describe the participants (include demographic details, e.g., race/ethnicity, language spoken, gender identity, occupation, etc.)?”

“6. Did you hear any misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines? What did you hear?”

These documents appears prominently on For example, Rapid Community Assessment Guide has versions of them in a downloadable Zip file. The instructions on “social listening” are directed to the government organizations and nonprofits, receiving $ Billions from the federal government for COVID-19 vaccination promotion.

From CDC’s COVID-19 State of Vaccine Confidence Insights Report (June 21, 2021):

“In an effort to reach the President’s goal to administer at least one dose of vaccine to 70% of adults by July 4, 2021, vaccination coverage and efforts by states and jurisdictions to increase vaccine confidence and uptake was widely covered by the news media.”

The Biden-Harris regime gets more totalitarian with each day.

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