Google Deletes Conservative Clips on Youtube, Creates Alternative Reality

Secretary Hillary Clinton (2010): “Our Goal Is To Help Strengthen Russia” 

(National Review, How the Clintons Sold Out U.S. National Interests to the Putin Regime)

Why would Putin meddled in the 2016 elections against Hillary Clinton? But that is off topic here. The NR article contains a link to the YouTube video of this interview (, posted by veteran broadcaster Vladimir Pozner in 2014. Now the video is gone. Google has deleted the video and terminated Pozner’s account (now he has a new one without this interview). The last time the video’s page was saved on is October 2017, when it had ~75k views. In this case, Google was not fully successful in re-writing history. This interview fragment can be found on smaller channels, sometimes with comments like: “this is very hard to find, and I found it on a channel with only 333 subscribers! thanks! SUBBED!

Google regularly deletes YouTube videos linked to from conservative and libertarian websites. It deleted a Fox News video in which Pete Hoekstra was debunking Clapper’s claptrap about the so-called Intelligence Community Assessment. This video was referred to in a Fox News opinion piece Was Friday’s declassified report claiming Russian hacking of the 2016 election rigged? by former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz (2017-01-08). Fred Fleitz and Pete Hoekstra debunked this so-called Intelligence Community Assessment, leaked to the media by Clapper and released (in a redacted form) a few hours before Congress certified Trump as the next President of the United States. The assessment was cooked under the control of Brennan and Clapper, and it was signed by only 3 agencies, including Brennan’s CIA and Comey’s FBI, apparently in a last ditch attempt to prevent Trump’s inauguration. From the Fleitz’s article:

Friday night, during her last show on Fox News, Megyn Kelly asked former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra whether he accepted the conclusion by 17 intelligence agencies in a recently released declassified report that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and that this interference came at the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The first link refers to a YouTube video where Pete Hoekstra points out that the assessment has been produced by only 3 agencies (out of 17) and that it is missing the most important ones — the DIA and DHS. He also suggests that the entire purpose of this report is to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s election. But if you click the link, YouTube shows you the following:

Youtube shows no video and says that the account has been deleted

Video unavailable. This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.” It doesn’t state the reason behind the termination of an account referenced by a regular contributor, respected author, and former CIA analyst at the Fox News website. The account probably couldn’t offend even a snowflake, and it contained at least one video of extreme importance to the public. Why was the account and/or the video banned?

The only answer is that Google quietly removes from public view the most important evidence supporting conservative causes and President Trump. This isn’t necessarily written corporate policy. Possibly just a few low level employees that collaborate with the new Democratic Party, the Center for American Progress, or other foreign and DNC-affiliated entities are responsible.

Another video ( of the same interview, linked from Two More Reviews: ODNI / CIA Russia Report Was Politically “Rigged”… on The Conservative Tree House has also been removed by Google/YouTube. Many small conservative websites have links to deleted YouTube videos.

Google’s actions hide evidence that supports conservative positions on specific topics, and undermine credibility in general. But they also cause enormous damage to the public debate by creating multiple perceptions of reality. Liberals visiting conservative websites see works that are completely different from what authors have created and published. Where conservative authors provide rock solid video evidence, liberal readers see black screens and conclude that conservatives have made false claims and provided dead links with the expectation that readers would not check them.

The deleted video is part of Megyn Kelly’s last show on Fox News that aired on 2017-01-07. Pete Hoekstra appears 25 minutes into the show in a segment dedicated to the so-called Intelligence Community Assessment. Let me know, if Google deletes it, too.

Google deletes inconvenient evidence from other web properties it owns. See Website that archived Blasey Ford’s high school yearbook disappears from Google-owned Blogspot, published by the American Thinker a few days ago.

2018-10-06 update: Google’s partner Twitter QFD-shadowbanned Adam Carter (@with_integrity), a prominent cyber-security researcher and skeptic of the “Russian hacking” conspiracy theory.

2018-10-10 update:  Google messes with people and websites it doesn’t like in other ways, too. Russell Cook’s Gelbspan Files is an important climate realism resource. When a Google search cannot hide it, it is displayed with a false warning “This site may be hacked” and a link to Google Help, telling the user not to visit it.

2019-02-27: Another “disappeared” YouTube video, linked to from a ClimateAudit comment: “Here is what he thought of the FBI brass under Comey’s  supervision:

More examples were added after the first publication on 2018-10-05. The last update was on 2019-02-27.

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  1. Thank you for your terrific research on Mueller et al. The more I read about Russiagate the more convinced I become that our government is almost completely corrupt and is aided and abetted by the MSM and Hollywood. The slavish obedience of Google, Twitter and Facebook is more difficult to understand, but I’m sure it’s a combination of fear and greed. I wonder who’s paying them off. Surprisingly, after years of trying to unbrainwash my son, who was indoctrinated into the climate religion in public school and regarded me as an embarrassing nut, the Kavanaugh smear has opened his eyes to Democrats and their lies more completely than any other issue. He is now so thoroughly dead set against Democrats that he can never return to his former trust in them. So, take some comfort that the Democrats are revealing their sinister motives and means in many ways.

    1. Thanks! You’ve made an excellent point by connecting the problems to Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They hold enormous power, and used to be trusted more than MSM.

  2. Thanks for your support! Been busy posting my latest piece to my blog. Still no change to the “may be hacked” label to my blog site, though. I rely on I.T. help who has lots of other things to take care of, so this might take a while …

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