How the Stop the Steal Was Stolen

On November 4, 2020, Kylie Kremer of Women for America First (WFAF) created a Facebook group named Stop the Steal.[1] It became the kernel of the movement protesting the unfolding attempt of the Democrat officials to disenfranchise Trump voters and to install a senile puppet as POTUS. Within less than 24 hours, the group accumulated more than 300 thousand members,[2] with another 2.1 million persons waiting.[3] Amy and Kylie Kremer, a mother and daughter team, leaders of WFAF, were close to President Trump.

Within a week, the movement was hijacked and transferred to some Ali Alexander, then twice-convicted felon[4] and a minor player on the fringes of Republican politics. He quickly turned this movement into an evil parody of Trump supporters and his personal cash cow. WFAF co-existed with him within the movement for some time, but Ali’s events invited trouble and troublemakers. His speeches had violent and racist undertones and allegedly attracted White nationalists, although Ali Alexander is a black man born as Ali Akbar.

WFAF parted ways with Ali Alexander. On Jan 6, WFAF held a rally in Washington, DC, without Ali. Ali Alexander announced his own Stop the Steal, which confused the public and law enforcement.

How did this “delusional liar with a messiah complex, who talks out of both sides of his mouth and contradicts himself”[5] hijack such a significant movement headed by people close to President Trump? He did not. Facebook and Twitter, pushed by the Democrat party and a British government-linked group, did that for him.

Facebook shut down the Stop the Steal group after 22 hours.[6] Apparently, this action was triggered by an attack from the British Center for Countering Digital Hate (“CCDHate”),[7] tied to the British Labour Party.[8] Omitting the word  ‘Countering’ from its name would describe CCDHate better.

CCDHate gave away the main reason for the attack on the Stop the Steal group: it was “run by figures close to Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.[9]

After Facebook shut down the group, CCDHate gloated and demanded to ban its owner and “operators” and not allow the creation of similar ones. Remarkably, CCDHate did not object to any Stop the Steal activities by Ali Alexander, despite his violent rhetoric![10]

Democrat Senator Cory Booker pressed Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, demanding to know why Facebook allowed this group to exist for 22 hours, and Zuckerberg answered with contrite expression.[11]

The claims that the Stop the Steal group incited violence came later and were disingenuous. A conservative women’s organization started the group. Its website’s logo was a pink shoe. The organizers confirmed to the (un-)Select Committee that they did not make any calls for violence. Of course, somebody would make violent calls in a group of 300 thousand members. Still, the group organizers cannot be held accountable for that per the First Amendment. They cannot even be treated as speakers or publishers of these calls per Section 230.

Twitter’s conduct was even worse than Facebook’s. The original Stop the Steal movement website was Ali Alexander created the website Between November 5 and November 10, Twitter seemingly banned links to both. On November 10, Twitter unbanned Ali’s website![12] Thus, the impostor’s website became available and widely promoted, while the genuine website remained banned. Therefore, the web traffic, recognition, and donations went to Ali. For everybody using the Internet, Ali Alexander became the founder and the leader of the Stop the Steal movement, and he leveraged this stolen goodwill in the real world. The Women for America First were forced to deal with Ali on his terms.

Other tech companies joined Facebook and Twitter in attacking the real Stop the Steal movement and/or its website

Ali acknowledged in a deposition that he was just a one-man operation.[13] Also, he admitted a vast distance between himself and what he called the “Trump world”.[14]

Ali Alexander was neither arrested on Jan 6 nor prosecuted later, although many in the police thought him one of the main organizers of the riots, and he was a convicted felon. This is a shared characteristic among known J6 provocateurs.

Some Sources

Deposition of Ali Alexander by the (un-) Select Committee,[15] Dec 9, 2021

Interview of Kylie Kremer, WFAF, by the (un-) Select Committee,[16] January 12, 2022

Interview of Amy Kremer, WFAF, by the (un-) Select Committee,[17] February 18, 2022

Kylie Kremer is the daughter of Amy Kremer.

More Evidence of Selective Big Tech Censorship

Unless said otherwise, the data was obtained in Texas over April 19-21, 2023.

Non-negative mentions of

Between Nov 5, 2020, and Jan 5, 2021, Twitter deleted almost all tweets linking to and heavily restricted the distribution of the remaining few.[18] Only negative mentions and statements that this is an actual website, while Ali’s site is an impostor, were allowed.

Currently observed non-negative mentions of[19]

Nov 10 – Jan 5: ~40, almost all have 0 retweets and likes; none have more than 6 retweets and likes; almost all only state that is the actual site of the movement.

Nov 5 – 9: ~45, including some with hundreds of retweets and likes. Nothing before Nov 5.

Could a movement of 2M+ active participants make less than 100 tweets mentioning its website? No, it is not possible. Twitter deleted almost all of them without telling senders or recipients.

Currently observed are many thousands of mentions of Ali’s in the same period.[20] That shows that Twitter intentionally participated in hijacking Stop the Steal in favor of Ali Alexander.[21]

Big Tech Censorship Quotes

And I know that Facebook and the tech world has said they’ve never seen anything like it [the group’s growth] but it — they shut it down.” – the Interview of Amy Kremer, p. 10.

Q: Did Facebook ever explain to you why they shut the site down? A: No, they did not. But I’ve been told that — I’ve been told that it was because of threats of violence. And that obviously wasn’t coming from us. But I guess people were posting things in the comments and they just — they shut it down because for fear of violence that something would happen. That’s what I’ve been told.” – the Interview of Amy Kremer,  p. 11.

Facebook shut down the group because of the demands of Democrats and CCDHate, not because of “threats of violence”.

“… big tech was censoring everybody using Stop the Steal, the hashtag, creating new groups on Facebook. … they kept saying, you’re spreading election misinformation and inciting violence. So we said, that’s certainly not what we’re doing.” – the Interview of Kylie Kremer, p. 23.

In contrast, Ali Alexander did not report big tech censorship. Apparently, his personal account was banned by Twitter in late December after the Stop the Steal was already hijacked. Otherwise, he was almost censored by Big Tech on January 6.

Other Quotes

Trump Jr.: “Ali Akbar and Alex Jones are destructive to what the President is working toward”[22]

“[Ali]… kind of the devil that you know. You would rather keep him close than to have his target set on you because he has made many lives of many people very miserable, and I’ve watched that happen.” – the Interview of Kylie Kremer, p. 6.

But at one point he was, like, We need to occupy these State capitals 24-7. We need to have people there. And I was, like, Ali, are you crazy?” – the Interview of Amy Kremer, p. 17.

Some Tweets

There remain warning tweets on Twitter, saying that the true Stop the Steal movement, started by the Women for America First, is, and warning that Ali Alexander is an impostor, and “donations” on his website go to his pocket, with screenshots, etc. Sample tweets and a search results:[23]

1 , , 3


4 , 5 , a search


Ali damaged the reputation of President Trump and the real Stop the Steal movement. He falsely claimed the support of Trump and misled many people into believing him. domain is live. domain went dead, then was transferred to some dubious third party.

Millennial Millie

Twitter even suppressed criticism of Ali Alexander and his hijacking by the Women for America First. The link to, dated Feb 23, 2021, is shadow-banned and blocked by Twitter. The page is also absent from the Bing index. However, the page contains much important information:

Ali Akbar, or Ali Alexander, who has a longstanding reputation as a political dirty trickster and agent provocateur, sidelined the ‘Women For America First’ events, taking credit for being the organizer while mislead donors to give him money. … When you click the donate button, it directs you to Ali’s personal links for ‘donation’ which had no affiliation with the official events nor the event organizers…  Ali had another website, which has since been taken down – www.wildprotest[.]com… Ali never had an actual stage or event set up at the listed location… However, the “come here” location on the ‘Wild Protest’ map coincides with a nearby location where alleged ‘Proud Boys’ agent provocateurs gathered prior to storming the US Capitol.

On his website ‘Insurgence USA’ [John] Sullivan had an invitation for other agitators to disrupt the ‘March for Trump’ events.


[1] The Interview of Kylie Kremer, p. 10

[2] The NY Times: “In its short life span, it was one of the fastest growing groups in Facebook’s history |

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[4]… in 2007 when he pled guilty to a felony property theft charge out of Fort Worth, Texas. He was sentenced to 12 months probation, according to documents. Again, in 2008, Alexander pled guilty to a credit card abuse felony charge out of Texas.” —

[5] As described by an acquaintance,

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[11] See the video in a November 2020 tweet


[13]A I am the only officer, you know, at Stop the Steal, I’m a one-man shop, and I have volunteers that do work with me and stuff like that.”—the Deposition of Ali Alexander, p. 77

[14]What’s fair to say is that Caroline Wren [an independent fundraiser, working for Trump campaign in December 2020] represented greater access to the decision makers in Trump world, in Trump world it could be the RNC, it could be the Trump campaign, it could be the joint fund raising committee, with any number of entities.” – the Deposition of Ali Alexander, p. 16





[19] Checked on 4/21/2023. Substantively same tweets from one account counted as one.


[21] Current observations do not allow us to determine when the tweets were deleted. Also, some tweets were deleted together with accounts that posted them, and some of those accounts might have been restored. Nevertheless, it is known from the experience that Twitter mass deleted pro-Trump accounts over November – December 2020. Thus, these numbers match the real picture.

[22]  — (un-)Select Committee, INTERVIEW OF: DONALD JOHN TRUMP, JR., May 2022, p. 67


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