How many Lies can one New York Times Article Contain?

Listed below are 15 lies in this NYT article .  This is after the article was corrected on March 4, 2017, two days after it was originally published.

The article’s title is: “Top Trump Advisers Are Split on Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Lie #1. Trump advisors are not split on the Paris agreement.  The U.S. is not a part of the Paris agreement because this agreement has not been ratified by the Senate.  All parties of the Paris agreement knew that Obama’s signature did not bind the U.S.  Whether the Trump administration repudiates or just ignores that agreement is hairsplitting.  Besides, having different opinions is normal.  Only Obama’s administration was a single-opinion government.  Next:

NYT: “The White House is fiercely divided over President Trump’s campaign promise to ‘cancel’ the Paris agreement, the 2015 accord that binds nearly every country to curb global warming, with more moderate voices maintaining that he should stick with the agreement despite his campaign pledge.”

Lie #2. The Paris agreement binds no country to do anything of substance.  The article acknowledges this a few paragraphs later.  Certainly, no agreement binds or even enables any country to control planet temperatures.  The Paris agreement just provides an excuse for the few Western governments that want to damage their economies to do just that.

Lie #3. The U.S. could not stick (or be stuck) with the Paris agreement because the Senate has not ratified it.  The U.S. is not a part of this agreement.  Next:

NYT: “While the president cannot, as Mr. Trump suggested, unilaterally undo a 194-nation accord that has already been legally ratified, he could initiate the four-year process to withdraw the world’s largest economy and second-largest climate polluter from the first worldwide deal to tackle global warming.”

Lie #4. President Trump can undo the “194-accord” but he does not need to do that.  He needs to protect the U.S. from the consequences of that “accord.”  Other countries can proceed as they wish.

Lie #5. The claim that the Paris agreement has been ratified is false.  It has not been ratified by the U.S.

Lie #6. The U.S. is not the world’s largest economy, unfortunately. China is.

Lie #7. The U.S. is not a “climate polluter.”  Carbon dioxide release improves climate for humans. Next:

NYT: “Former Vice President Al Gore met with her during the Trump transition, and was ushered in by the “first daughter” to see the president-elect. The actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio even slipped her a DVD copy of his climate-change documentary.”

Lie #8. Al Gore’s movie is a fakeumentary, not a documentary. Next:

NYT: “Under the Paris agreement, every nation has formally submitted plans detailing how it expects to lower its planet-warming pollution

Lie #9. Planet-warming pollution is abracadabra. The article seems to call emissions of carbon dioxide and other infrared active gases by this phrase.  Contrary to the article, China and other countries announced their intent to increase such emissions. Next:

NYT: “It would be possible for the Trump administration to stay in the deal and submit a less ambitious target.

Lie #10. It is not possible for Trump’s administration to “stay in the deal.”  The U.S. is not in the deal.  The options are to stay out, or to enter in. Of course, the Trump administration will stay out of such “deal.” Next:

NYT: “Foreign policy experts say withdrawing from Paris would have far greater diplomatic consequences than President George W. Bush’s withdrawal from the world’s first global climate-change accord, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

Lie #11. President George W. Bush did not withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol because the U.S. had not entered it even under Clinton.  The Senate did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol and Bill Clinton didn’t even submit it for ratification. Today’s lies about the Paris agreement are a repetition of the long running lies about the Kyoto protocol. Next:

NYT: “the Paris agreement includes commitments from every nation, rich and poor, to cut emissions, including China and India, the world’s largest and third-largest polluters.

Lie #12. This statement isn’t true and is contradicted in the article itself.

NYT: “Also, the science of climate change has become far more certain and the impact more visible in the 20 years since Kyoto.”

Lie #13. Another lie.  On the contrary, the fraud of climate alarmism became obvious and the term “climate science” became pejorative.

NYT: “Each of the last three years has surpassed the previous one as the hottest on record.”

Lie #14. Not true.

NYT : “As Mr. Trump and his advisers weigh their Paris options, one proposal is gaining traction, according to participants in the debate: Mr. Trump could declare that the Paris agreement is a treaty that requires ratification by the Senate.”

Lie #15. This is a treaty and has no force without ratification by the Senate.  President Trump doesn’t need to declare it a treaty.

NYT:” The pact was designed not to have the legal force of a treaty specifically so that it would not have to go before the United States Senate, which would have assuredly failed to ratify it.”

The is a rare true admission.  During the Paris agreement, negotiations, and signing, the Obama administration colluded with foreign governments to undermine the Constitution and to circumvent the laws of the U.S.


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