#TechDemic: Big Tech & Big Dem Worsened COVID-19 to Seize Power

In hindsight, most of the COVID-19 pandemic was man-made, created by Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Apple) and the Democrat Party leadership – making this a TechDemic. They weaponized the Wuhan coronavirus and used it in an attempt to seize power, which is still ongoing. Remember Tom Steyer, a Presidential candidate in the 2020 Democrat primaries, who wanted a nuclear war to remove Trump? He meant what he said. It just proved easier to wage a biological war.

Why the Pandemic needed to continue

For years, the Democrat party wanted to pass universal vote by mail laws, allowing almost unlimited fraud and coercion. COVID-19 provided a good opportunity, which they started to exploit from early March. On March 16, the Washington Post published an opinion piece by top Democrat attorney, Marc Elias, with the gleeful headline “The virus means we’ll be voting by mail. But that won’t be easy.” The article became obsolete on the same day, when Dr. Didier Raoult announced his Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin treatment for COVID-19. Trump touted this treatment. Within a couple of weeks, the COVID-19 mortality trends outside of the US started to reverse. The markets reacted even sooner. They bottomed on March 16 – 23 and then started rising back up. COVID-19 became a treatable and preventable disease, requiring caution, control, and protection of elderly population, but not lockdowns.

But the Democrat leadership needed to extend the pandemic in order to prolong lockdowns and push through vote by mail. They also wanted to tank the economy – a sure-fire way to win against the incumbent President.

Without in-person meetings, most remaining communication channels were under Big Tech’s control. Doctors and scientists were no exception. Big Tech used this to ramp up panic and fear of COVID-19, and to restrict, deny, and counteract information about COVID-19 treatment and prevention. As fears of the pandemic and lockdowns spread, people had to depend more on the Big Tech products and services. While large segments of the economy were devastated, Big Tech revenues and stock prices went up.

These mutual benefits cemented the Big Tech – Big Dem axis. Big Tech and Democrat governors in many states kept the population locked down through the elections.

Thus, the attacks on Hydroxychloroquine started immediately after Trump mentioned it. Big Tech and its supported media caused a run on Hydroxychloroquine by its long term users. Then Rick Bright, then BARDA Director, illegally limited the use of HCQ from the Strategic National Stockpile to late stages of the COVID-19, when antivirals have no effect. For his part in the mass murder, he was rewarded with a position on Biden transition team.

Harmful Measures

Almost all measures, promoted by the Big Tech – Big Dem, since April until now, were harmful. Almost all useful proposals and criticism of these harmful measures were quickly muzzled by Big Tech.

The initial short-term shutdowns were justified by the state of emergency, the lack of knowledge about the novel pathogen, and the absence of reliable treatment and prophylaxis.

Long lockdowns and similar policies cannot be justified as public health policy, as the Great Barrington Declaration stressed. Such measures were unprecedented and conceived in bad faith. They were accomplished by Democrat governors issuing anti-Constitutional orders and combining forces with Big Tech.

They banned peaceable assemblies, but allowed burning, looting, and murder.

General masking is useless for protection (except in very cold conditions, when a mask might help to keep the wearer warm) but discourage in-person communication. Masks also dehumanize people. The only ones benefiting from general masking are Antifa/BLM.

Voluntary PCR testing of asymptomatic people is useless or harmful. Most of the positives are false (the “casedemic”).

Unlike the flu, the Wuhan coronavirus is only dangerous for the elderly and those with certain known medical conditions. Big Tech worked hard to obscure this fact.

Adaptive immunity to a pathogen upon infection or even exposure is well known. Big Tech cast doubt on this fact as well and demanded a special proof for  coronavirus immunity.

No Treatment, No Prophylaxis

The most devastating action by Big Tech – Big Dem was to tirelessly declare that there is no cure and no prophylaxis for COVID-19. They misinformed and intimidated doctors into not providing HCQ based treatment or prophylaxis for COVID-19, or any other treatment for that matter.

To provide support for such murderous policies, the perpetrators elevated the self-proclaimed COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel, clandestinely created by Dr. Fauci. Another chosen “authority” was WHO, led by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Mr. Tedros is not a doctor, but a former minister in Ethiopian government (2005 – 2016), where Mr. Tedros took part in genocide against Amhari. Everybody knew.

The NIH Panel has spent 8 months advising against any COVID-19 treatment or prophylaxis that has shown any promise. After defaming HCQ, the NIH Panel advised against convalescent plasma. As soon as Ivermectin was shown effective, the NIH Panel advised against it as well, not even bothering to find a pretext.

Clearly, they wanted to maintain the “no treatment, no prophylaxis” situation at any cost.


COVID-19 vaccine candidates were designed within weeks after publication of the coronavirus genome by at least two companies – BioNTech, which partnered with Pfizer, and Moderna. It could have passed trials, authorized, and manufactured in volumes by October 2020. They have been manufactured in volumes. The bottleneck was the emergency authorization. FDA spent almost a month reviewing the Pfizer application after the huge Phase 3 trial have been completed and shown 95% effectiveness. Compare that to the emergency authorization of Remdesivir before the completion of the trial and despite uncertainty in the available data.

Democrat leader announced they would not trust “Trump’s vaccine,” demanded excessive reviews, and succeeded to delay the authorization until December.  More than 100,000 have died.

This is the timeline of the Moderna vaccine mRNA-1273.

Big Tech – Big Dem Coordination

There are many clear examples of a collaboration or merging of Big Tech and Big Dem, resulting in weaponizing the Wuhan coronavirus.

One example was Democrat staffer Andy Stone (formerly DCCC and Democrat’s House Majority PAC), who is now Facebook Policy Communications Director. He is the face behind restricting the NY Post article about Hunter Biden three weeks before the elections and removing the video of the American Frontline Doctors in late July. Facebook could have at least appointed an MD to plausibly claim removal of medical misinformation, but they did not. They appointed a democrat staffer for this because they see COVID-19 treatments and Bidens’ shenanigans as belonging to the same domain – elections. In late July, Twitter also started removing the President’s tweets, using a tweet about Hydroxychloroquine to make a precedent. There are many more examples.


One possible motivation behind such horrendous behavior is that the perpetrators had a “great cause” – saving the world – from climate catastrophe, from Trump, from America, etc. For some, such a cause justifies the means. Hundreds of thousands of lives are simply collateral damage for them.

Those who think this is too far-fetched, forgot the history of the XX century.

Imagine what would happen if the treason succeeds and Joe Biden becomes President.

Originally published on 2020-12-28. Minor updates on 2021-1-1 , 2021-1-6, and 2021-1-11.

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