C19 Vaccines are not for Immune Persons. Prophylaxis before C19 Vaccine? Mucosal Immunity?

C19 Vaccines were not formulated for people who have recovered from COVID-19

The clinical trials for the mRNA vaccines excluded participants who were seropositive for COVID-19. Thus, the trials safety and efficacy results are applicable only to individuals seronegative for COVID-19 antibodies. Seropositive persons already have antibodies to COVID-19 and are therefore likely immune.  Thus, they do not need the mRNA vaccine and they are likely to have stronger adverse effects from vaccination.

Based on the CDC’s own data, most people <65 who receive are now being vaccinated already have natural immunity.

Antiviral Prophylaxis with Vaccine?

2021-08-26. Vaccination decreases innate immunity for some time after the each shot. For COVID-19 in adults, this decrease in the innate immunity is likely compensated by the vaccine-elicited adaptive immunity. This compensation might become sufficiently effective as soon as 10 days after the first shot, although some estimates are longer.

COVID-19 vaccination is conducted in areas where the disease is present, and the person might be already infected in time of vaccination, or become infected within those 10 days. Notice that the vaccine elicited immunity is less effective against the Delta variant, and is likely to be even less effective against future variants.

That suggests that adults getting vaccinated against COVID-19 need to take prophylactic Ivermectin (~0.2 mg/kg) a week before the first jab. This measure would also slow down the coronavirus evolution toward vaccine immunity escape.

Ivermectin is an immuno-stimulant, as shown by studies on animals. It stimulates specific immune response, especially T-cells, to many pathogens (Sajid et al., 2006) (review), (Omer et al., 2012), (Marik, 2021).. At the same time, it is anti-inflammatory, moderating release of cytokines and preventing cytokine storm.

2021-07-16: It might be a good idea for fully vaccinated adults to (cautiously) expose themselves to COVID-19 within 2-3 months of becoming fully vaccinated. That might give them mucosal immunity. Some of the vaccine elicited antibodies are not effective against the Delta variant, but the very high titers of effective neutralizing antibodies should suffice to prevent severe COVID-19, except very vulnerable population. Of course, clinical trials are needed before recommending this to the public. IVM or HCQ + Zinc prophylaxis might be useful before the exposure.


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First published on 2021-07-08, then updated and corrected.

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