The Crimes of WHO Director Tedros Adhanom

(updated on 2022-10-20) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the darling of the MSM and Big Tech, was known as an international criminal even before his appointment as WHO Director General.

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The following are select quotes from

Opposition to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Candidacy for WHO

Director General Position, Amhara Professionals Union, 2017, USA

“Irrespective of the final outcome, the fact that an individual accused of systematic genocidal violence and human right violations by his opponents, who could even be subject to criminal investigations in the future at his own country or at International level, became one of the top three contenders for WHO Director General position is by itself an indication that the foundational principles in the recruitment policy for leadership role at International Public Health Organizations are violated. This paper details how the former Ethiopian Minister of Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and Foreign Affairs, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is accused by his political opponents for the role he played in systematic genocidal violence and gross human right violations including but not limited to arbitrary detentions and extrajudicial executions…” (emphasis is added)

  1. Discrimination/Marginalization: Dr. Ghebreyesus implemented preferential treatment of “Tigray region” at the expense of other “Regions” especially “Amhara region” resulting in significant disparities in health coverage and outcomes between “Tigray region” and “Amhara region”. …

  2. Crime against Humanity: Dr. Ghebreyesus and his government should be accountable for distributing iodine deficient salt to Ethiopians, affecting pediatric brain development permanently especially “Amhara region” children where the land is normally iodine deficient compared to other parts of the country.  …

  3. Systematic genocidal violence: The TPLF has historically labelled the Amharas as the historical enemy of the Tigray people. This is expressed in the TPLF manifesto published in 1975. When Dr. Ghebreyesus was Minister of Ethiopian FMOH, he used his Ministry to play a role in accomplishing the objectives of TPLF. … Dr. Ghebreyesus has served to accomplish agenda of TPLF to depopulate Amharas …

  4. Biased policies, inaction and impartiality: Though HIV/AIDS affected “Amhara region” than any other “Regions” in Ethiopia for reasons not yet known, appropriate measures should have been taken before, during and after Dr. Ghebreyesus era under TPLF led government to minimize the impact of the disease. Unfortunately, in “Amhara region” both HIV testing and HIV treatment achievement was by far less than “Tigray region”, a “Region” with less success on contraceptives use compared to “Amhara region”. …

  1. Disregard for Humanity: Dr. Ghebreyesus’s party, the TPLF, has often been accused of using aid as a weapon. Many International organizations brought evidence that the TPLF led Ethiopian government is using aid to suppress political dissent by conditioning access to essential government programs on support for the ruling party where many families of opposition members were barred from participation in the food-for-work or “safety net” program. …

  2. Incompetency/Inaction: Because of Dr. Ghebreyesus leadership incompetency, Ethiopia was affected by Cholera almost every year during his tenure and actually his refusal to declare epidemic actually caused the disease to be disseminated throughout the country. … In addition, when ISIS slit the throats of migrant Ethiopians in Libya, Dr. Ghebreyesus, who was the Foreign Minister at that time, took an embarrassingly long time before he identified the victims as Ethiopians and was unwilling to identify them individually to help the victims’ family. …

  3. Lack of accountability: Dr. Ghebreyesus is still proud of his role as a TPLF executive member and served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of TPLF/EPRDF led government making him accountable to each and every atrocity committed by TPLF on Ethiopians during his tenure, especially the ethnic cleansing and genocidal violence committed against the Amharas.

” (emphasis is either added or in the original)

“Ethiopia is an ancient country with a history more than 3000 years. It is one of the few African countries that have maintained its independence from Colonialism. Ethiopia was ruled by successive Emperors and Kings with a Semi-feudal government up until 1974.”

“Dr. Ghebreyesus has been the member of TPLF/EPRDF’s top leaders and has personally participated in decisions that claimed the lives of many innocent Ethiopians including the post 2005 election massacre of peaceful hundreds of demonstrators for which no one has been accountable to date.” (emphasis is added)

“Dr. Ghebreyesus is still proud of his role as TPLF Executive Member and served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of TPLF/EPRDF led government making him suspect for the atrocities committed by TPLF on Ethiopians and especially the systematic ethnic cleansing and genocide against Amharas.” (emphasis is added)

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(added on 2023-06-16) The UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim (1972-1981) was a Nazi War Criminal, too. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

More about Mr. Tedros, Director-General of WHO

“From 2005-2012, under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Tedros was the Minister of Health. During his tenure, he covered-up one of the worst outbreaks of cholera in Ethiopian history. Between 2012-2016, he was the Ethiopian foreign minister and was involved in the violent suppression and starvation of the rival Amhara clan. A little known biographical detail about Tedros is that he was the 3rd ranking member of the politburo of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) Terrorist Organization” [1]

“In 2008, under his watch at the Federal Ministry of Health (2005-2012) there was a major cholera outbreak in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region. As a result of the deliberate inaction of Dr. Adhanom, the preventable and treatable outbreak tragically claimed many lives.” [2]

2008 cholera outbreaks in Zimbabwe & Ethiopia “… the Zimbabwean government finally declared a cholera epidemic on December 4, 2008, and requested international assistance. This contrasts with events in Ethiopia, where the government, in disregard of International Health Regulations, continually refused to declare a cholera epidemic and largely declined international assistance.”[3]

“The State Department condemned Mugabe’s appointment as “clearly contradict[ing] the United Nations’ ideals of respect for human rights and human dignity.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau compared the choice to “a bad April Fool’s joke.”  Ireland’s health minister Simon Harris chafed at the nomination calling it “offensive and bizarre” and an “appointment [which] distracts from WHO’s very important work programme.”

Richard Horton, the editor of the leading medical journal The Lancet said, “WHO DG stands for Director-General, not Dictator-General. Tedros, my friend, retract your decision, consult with colleagues, and rethink.” ”[4]

See also 5 Shocking Facts About WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Breitbart, April 10).

Originally published on December 28, 2020. Updated (expanded) on January 5, 2021




[4] (backed up

2022/01/03 update: David Steinman, an economist nominated for the [Nobel] peace prize in 2020, filed a complaint with the so-called International Criminal Court, accusing Tedros of genocide.

2022/10/20: The hyperlink to the main document  Opposition to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Candidacy for WHO is fixed. The old hyperlink does not work. Neither does domain.

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