Do Obama Tech Holdovers Sabotage Congressional Websites?

Speaking of alternative realities. The HPSCI website is apparently operated in a malicious way: hiding and disrupting access to Committee reports and other documents from when it had a Republican majority and content that reflected the views of Republican members. The website readily shows only documents expressing views of the Democrats. This was happening even before the House majority changed from Republicans to Democrats.

As of June 2019, all the 2018 documents, found on the site, express the views and agendas of HPSCI Democrats. More than 95% of the list are statements by Adam Schiff, then ranking member, occasionally together with his comrades. Examples:

  • Schiff Statement on Manafort Guilty Verdict and Cohen Guilty Plea
  • Schiff Statement on Khashoggi Announcement

The name of the Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is mentioned only when he is smeared, for example:

  • House Intelligence Committee Minority Response to Release of Chairman Nunes’ Misleading Memo
  • Chairman Nunes Made Material Changes to Memo Before Transmitting to White House, Without Knowledge of Committee Members

Another example of suspected malfeasance or sabotage is the disappearance of the Report on Russian Active Measures from the HPSCI website. The report was published on April 27, and it was immediately posted on the and websites. But by May 7, it was deleted from both websites! An error message (see Appendix A) is shown when a user attempts to access this report on either site!

It was probably the most important Committee report in 2018, and it became inaccessible to the public! It was widely discussed and linked to from many media websites. All those links became broken 10 days after publication. When the Report on Russian Active Measures is found in a Google search, the link leads to an error message. Even when a visitor finds a reference to it from, the reference points to an error message!

Another version of the document was posted on by May 5, but that version is not linked to anything, and it is very hard to find. However, the Democratic “minority report,” intended as a rebuttal to the Committee report and published on the same day, was neither deleted nor moved. This rebuttal is more likely to show up in a search than the Committee report, and an ordinary citizen is easily confused between the two. Furthermore, people using the internet have limited patience. After encountering a couple of broken links to the Committee report, we move on to what seems to be the closest thing, and that might be the “minority report”.

Notice that if there is a reason to delete a report and to post the same or another version of it on a different URL, a routine webmaster action is to create a re-direct from the old URL to the new one, or to create a placeholder page linking to the new document.

Not necessarily responsible for Congressional website and computer operations, the Obama administration created departments responsible for computer services in the government from scratch and filled them with extremely politicized and dishonest personnel. For example, the former head of the US Digital Service Mikey Dickerson co-founded and/or led several corporations (including American Engagement Technologies and New Data Project) that

    1. Ran a false flag operation against the Republican candidate Roy Moore in the Alabama special Senate elections; they created tens of thousands of fake Russian accounts on Facebook that followed Roy Moore, and then they announced that it was Putin’s support for him.
    2. Used fake accounts to run ads suppressing the Republican vote in the 2018 midterms.

Other members of the former administration participating in these projects were Sara Hudson, a former Department of Justice employee, Jonathan Morgan, and Renée DiResta. Morgan and DiResta are both former State Department advisers and co-founders of politicized and dishonest pseudo-cybersecurity company New Knowledge.

These operations were financially supported and rewarded by Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley’s enthusiasm for #Resistance created unprecedented incentives for computer professionals to violate professional norms and to abuse positions of trust for partisan ends.

Many Democratic lawmakers seem to be encouraging their employees and supporters to commit computer crimes. An example is Imran Awan, former computer technician for several Democratic Congressmen, a thief and likely spy for Pakistan. Based on my random observations, this malfeasance (possibly even sabotage) might affect other House and Senate websites. It cannot be excluded that other digital infrastructure of Congress might be vulnerable to insiders’ sabotage.

See Malfeasance on the House Intelligence Committee Website with Appendices.

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