NASA Proselytizes Climate Change Cult

In case you missed it, the Obama administration made NASA a proselytizer of the Climate CultA special website,, exists solely for this purpose.  It peddles the usual climatism dogma and then adds some garbage of its own, such as “The sun is a giver of life“.  This pronouncement appears in an article attempting to play down the impact of solar activity on global temperatures (despite peer-reviewed publications of Willie Soon, Nir Shaviv, Sallie Baliunas, Henrik Svensmark and many others).  The dominant role of solar activity in the Earth’s temperature changes has been quietly accepted in recent years by both scientific and IPCC communities.

The Sun is a star of the G2V type, around which our Earth moves.  The Sun is unusual in its quietness.  Giver of Life is none of the government’s business.