Climate Sanity Search is Unveiled

Using Google or other general search engines to find reliable information on anything related to climate change has become almost impossible because the search results are dominated by alarmist nonsense. I estimate that the alarmist propaganda machine receives tens of billions of dollars annually. Our tax money at work! (As well as our pension savings, tuition payments, utility fees, etc.)

So, I created a modest Climate of Sanity and Freedom Search page to help everyone to find the needle of facts and reason in a haystack of con and nonsensus.

This is a work in progress.  Opinions and suggestions are welcome.

19 thoughts on “Climate Sanity Search is Unveiled

  1. Ari — Your search thingy worked perfectly the first time I tried it, the same dsay it was first mentioned over at WUWT.

    I’m not complaining, but just reporting that it is not working so well now, or still since my last report.

    My hubristic test is to search “Kip Hansen” with the quotes and look for the long, multi-page list of essay I have written at WIUWT and elsewhere. They do not current show, only a single page with a black square where the links to additional pages of returns might appear.

    1. Gee — My fingers are sleepier than usual….in order of appearance: same day, of essays, at WUWT, the multi-page list does not currently show….

      1. No, the search works better now than before. Because it covers more websites, the coverage may be slightly shallower. I continue working on it. Meanwhile, you can get more results from a specific site. Thus, a search for “Kip Hansen” returns more results than simply search for “Kip Hansen”.

    1. Sorry, the search page had problems, now fixed. David Evans appears many times. I do not know whether that specific claim is correct or not, but the general circulation models are crap anyway. I will email you with more details.

  2. Climate change deniers are fundamentally unserious. The adults among us are trying to squarely face an existential threat to our planet’s life support system. (Even as the unfolding catastrophe this year takes a clear turn towards hypercriticality.)

    Meanwhile, at the kids’ table can be found a shrinking, noisy, lavishly-funded group of people impervious to basic science, and blinded by an ideology that imagines that destroying a planet’s ecosystem somehow begets prosperity.

    1. Funny BLW, your last paragraph describes warmists to a T yet you can’t or won’t or are unable to see the irony in that.
      Project much?

  3. Terrific! In the past, I’ve gone just about nuts trying to find articles I knew I had read, in answer to my brother, who is firmly in the grips of the alarmist cult. Tonight the job was a breeze with ‘defyccc’ despite him having made many separate requests, false claims about Monckton, Curry and others. I am so thankful to have this resource.

  4. Thank you! My first few searches returned topped by references I know and trust. You are bookmarked.

  5. The problem is biased reporting of search results, not climate change or its lack. Is there no analysis of the Google search engine and its quirks? If it can report desired results perhaps it can be forced to report desired results.

    If it cannot report desired results then new search engines should be written or discovered. Perhaps truth minded programmers can write new front ends for the Google search engine to prune undesired word brush or write alternatives.

    The truthiness criterion suggests one could ask for all the known lies about a topic. Why not require separate reporting of positive and negative comment on a topic? Credentials, or lack of them, possessed by the author? Number and availability of other writings by the same author? Known affiliations? In short, it seems that there may be possible responses to search perversions embedded into the Google Search. Explore them.

  6. You need more than WUWT referrals. Climate4you presents original data on most climate topics. Also where is Judith Curry?

  7. Well done! Google do great things, despite their leader’s blindspot about the nature of climate alarmism. Your new service will help others who have the same problem.

    1. Yes that’s right John, Google do great things, and well this is one of them. This is merely a Google Custom Search, based on the Authors criteria, for inclusion, or rejecting Google Spider results. However as others point out, just like Google engine itself, we don’t know what the search exclusion and ranking parameters are in here.

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