How Fake News Media Bluffs on Climate Change

Examples of the fakestream media bluff on climate change, headlines:

Did Michael Gove really try to stop teaching climate change? (BBC, June 12, 2017)

Merkel Issues Warning to Trump Ahead of G20 Summit (NY Times, June 29, 2017) – were we supposed to be afraid?

World Leaders Move Forward on Climate Change, Without U.S. (NY Times, July 8, 2017) – EU leaders twitch and jerk

Merkel before G20: Paris accord irreversible, not negotiable (WaPo, June 29, 2017)

At G-20 summit, it looks more and more like Trump against the world (WaPo, July 5, 2017) – this is what the fakestream media tries to achieve, not without some success.

And from the “Americans are stupid as sh*t” department.  These fake news and non-news pieces are oozing contempt to ordinary people:

Climate change could lower the quality of your coffee (CNN, June 21, 2017)


Climate change set to worsen inequality in US if greenhouse gases aren’t reduced (The Guardian, June 29, 2017).  

How climate scepticism turned into something more dangerous (The Guardian, July 7, 2017).  From the article:

“Not all climate sceptics are part of the “alt-right”. But everyone in the alt-right is now a climate sceptic.”

“Climate change is the defining political issue of our times …”

These politicians [the ‘Atari Democrats’] saw climate as a useful issue, as well as an urgent one. It was a way of appealing to moderate Republican voters, because the concerns it raised cut across party lines. In the words of another member of the group, Chuck Schumer, then a Brooklyn congressman, now Senate minority leader: “If you’re a Democrat, especially in a middle-class district or on the west coast, [climate] is a great issue … It is an issue with no downside.” – a rare glimpse of truth in The Guardian coverage.  But even within it, The Guardian is wrong on Al Gore.  His maniacal obsession with global warming / climate change was genuine.

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