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Dominion Voting Systems Corp. (“Dominion”) is the company behind the voter tabulation software, linked to cases of switching votes from President Donald Trump to Joe Robinette Biden. Dominion was founded in 2002-2003 in Canada, and remained there until at least 2009, when it opened offices in the US. Its current domain DominionVoting[.]com has been saved in since 2006. Dominion has always been in the business of election manipulation in favor of the progressives. It was a wet dream of progressives – voting software which does not only count votes, but mobilizes voters. A familiar jargon, isn’t it? From the Dominion’s website in July 2009:

Turning constituents into voters [headline]

There are those who always vote, those who never vote and those who may or may not vote. Maximizing voter turnout in the third group is the holy grail of the electoral official.“

It is a holy grail of a leftist agitator. The US law recognizes a citizen’s freedom not to vote as equal to the voting for a candidate of his or her choosing. Some people do not vote because they do not care, some because they do not know which candidate to choose, and some because they are angry at the society. Abstractly speaking, reluctant voters are not helpful to democratic process, just like reluctant jurors are not helpful for court proceedings. Practically, voter mobilization (from the word ‘mob’) is a tactic of the Left. People who do not care, or lack knowledge, or are angry, can be easily convinced to vote for the Left. 

“There are two primary barriers: voter apathy and a lack of voter mobilization. There is no easy answer to the former, but there is a way to overcome the latter. Dominion Democracy™ takes voting to the voter.”

Yes, taking voting to the voter! It has been widely implemented by Democrats in the US. California sends ballots to everybody. In some places, a person who did not vote before the end of the election day, might be visited by Democrat thugs. I can only imagine: “Nice kids you have here. Would you mind filling in your ballot and giving it to us? You can even do that secretly, and to seal the envelope. We will see your vote at the precinct, when we open envelopes.

The text continues:

“Remote voting takes this idea a step further. Via traditional mail or the Internet, it takes polling right into the home or office, and across the globe.”

Vote over the Internet, across the globe! Vote from Pyongyang. Vote from Beijing. Vote from Moscow. Otherwise, prove you did not vote from Moscow, and that Moscow did not hack these internet votes. The Internet is everywhere; proxy servers, virtual machines, and VPNs allow anybody with minimal technical expertise to appear to be in any location. To be clear, voting over the Internet has not been implemented in the US. Also, the current Dominion software has little in common with one offered in 2009.

On its main page, Dominion described its software as:

“This [software] suite allows you to choose from a number of unique tools to custom build your perfect election. The tools are efficiently integrated into a simple system that you can run easily from one chair.”

Though incredulous sounding, apparently the offer “to custom build your own election” was accepted. This is when the ruling Democrat party took Dominion under its wings before the 2010 midterms elections. Before this, the company was a little schiffy outfit, like Crowdstrike in 2016. Then, suddenly, it had a meteoric rise, and the Democrats started winning elections in highly unlikely places. 

Dominion develops its software in many different places in the world. In 2016, it went on record stating that it had been developing its software in Serbia for the previous 10 years. The US was at war with Serbia in 1990’s, and there is no reason to expect its citizens to have a favorable attitude toward the US. Why then did Dominion select Serbia for software development? 

I would not trust Dominion to replace a lightbulb in my bathroom, much less with voting machines. Unfortunately, it is the biggest supplier of the voting software and hardware in the US, serving about 40% of the voters (according to the claims on its website).

Vote tabulation in all states using Dominion software should be reviewed, including those where Democrats appear to have a large margin. If its software can change 6,000 votes, as it did in one county in Michigan, it can change any number of votes in every place it was used. Dominion Voting Systems software is also used in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota and in Maricopa County, Arizona. Democrat officials responsible for conduct of elections have selected this untrustworthy and compromised voting systems vendor, probably because it is biased in their favor.  


P.S. I heard a story of “Hammer” and “Scorecard”, but saw no evidence confirming it. Thus, I suggest caution. There are progressive operatives who create and seed the Internet with decoy stories, designed similar to real ones, but untruthful, and designed to sow distrust about real ones. This time they might have gone further to their physical world and confused a well known attorney. This is just a word of caution. I have no knowledge of the facts behind the “Hammer” and “Scorecard” assertions.

P.P.S.: In 2022 we should use only mechanical computers for voting and vote computation, or not at all. This is NOT a joke.

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