Recursive Collusive Censorship by Big Tech

Recursive Censorship – Google, Facebook, or Twitter censor, ban, or otherwise prevent delivery of a message criticizing an earlier ban or another act of censorship by one of them.

Collusive Censorship – Google, Facebook, and/or Twitter collude with each other to censor, ban, or otherwise restrict the same speech or speaker in what looks like a criminal collusive monopolization.

The following screenshots show the first hand evidence of recursive and/or collusive censorship — my promoted tweets, criticizing censorship by Google or Facebook, and/or promoting my HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE SEARCH, and halted by Twitter.

Screenshot from the Twitter Ads Dashboard. A red dot next to the word Halted indicate promoted tweets, banned by Twitter for their content, usually after delivery has already started.

COVFEFE — Posted on September 17, 2019

Some subjects are banned more heavily than others. The COVFEFE incident is one one of the most heavily censored by Twitter topics.

COVFEFE recursive censorship on Twitter

The halted Tweets (pulled from Twitter, which might record that you visit this page):

Posted on August 6, 2019

Twitter Collusive Recursive Censorship


Exhibit 20190805-1

I noticed that reminding Twitter censors of individual liability helps for some time.

Exhibit 20190805-2

I routinely receive replies like this one. Apparently, the MSM and ASM (the anti-social media) have convinced a lot of people that the Russian government supports the US conservatives and/or Republicans.

Exhibit 20190805-4. This tweet was promoting my HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE SEARCH. Its delivery has been halted by Twitter because of criticism of Google, Twitter’s partner and a huge revenue source.

Updated. First published on August 6, 2019.

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